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Join the brave dwarves, a Wizard and a Warrior, as they collect treasure and vanquish enemies in their quest to restore peace to their land! You'll travel through 100 fantastic levels and more.




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Join the brave dwarves, a Wizard and a Warrior, as they collect treasure and vanquish enemies in their quest to restore peace to their land! You'll travel through 100 fantastic levels as you explore the subterranean world that has been taken over by evil. Play as the Wizard or the Warrior, each with his own special skills and weapons. Make your choice and start your journey. Remember, the fate of many worlds depends on you... This is a non violent game for all ages.

Full version features 100 levels, all available game bonuses and enemies.

Trial version offers 10 levels, 1 hour of play.
  • 100 levels
  • All available game bonuses and enemies
  • Saved games option
  • Non violent game for all ages


Mac Requirements Minimum Supported Will It Run?
Mac OS X10.5.8 *Download the MacGameStore App to compare your Mac's information in real-time.

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* Not compatible with: 10.7.x, 10.8.x, 10.9.x, 10.10.x
64bit SupportNo
CPU TypeUniversal
CPU CoresAny
CPU Speed800 MHz
System RAMAny
Drive SpaceUnknown
Video RAM32 MB
Video CardAny
Important Notes:
  • Not compatible with OS X 10.7 Lion and later OSX/macOS.

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  1. Demo only that was enough
    by Moo, France - Aug 1st 2014

    I thought i'd give the demo a go, before coughing up $20. Absolutely terrible, what are they thinking charging that much? I've played games that cost $5 and they beat it hands down. 2d side scrolling has certainly been done oh so much better, it's like something from the 80s.

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  2. They picked Dopey to get the treasure?
    by Sheila Greenberg, USA - Sep 13th 2008

    The other dwarves are too smart to waste their time in this "adventure" because they realize that the they'll die of boredom long before they can get out of the mine with the treasures. So, Dopey must be the poor sap stuck in this game. Dopey and, of course, us. The keyboard interaction is clumsy and awkward, causing you to die (a lot!) from fumbled fingers. The monster movement is jerky, which only adds to your character's death rate because your weapon is equally erratic. And, of course, when you die, you appear at the start of the level, very frustrating as the levels get longer. So, when you finally realize that you don't care if Dopey is stuck in the mine forever, give yourself a break and quit out of the game.

    It's too late for me but save yourselves from this torture. It's not worth wasting your bandwidth on.

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  3. Needs a LOT of work!!
    by Randy Spurlock, M.D., USA - Apr 3rd 2008

    I'm generally forgiving when games don't come across as "my cup of tea". However, I suspect the other 5 dwarves left the job rather than being associated with this effort that falls way too short.

    Although they do mention that a gamepad/joystick isn't implemented, it's one glaring omission from the old 8-bit games that this game presumes to pay homage to. Too often you get killed because the keys don't work as responsely as they should. For some reason, the 1st level bad guys are just a square masking out the shape of a crocodile?/lizard?/who knows since you can't distinguish them. The instructions seem easy to understand, until you start the game.

    Usually, I'd suggest some more work on the game but it seems that the programmer doesn't have the knowledge/desire to complete this unfinished program. Overall, a total embaressment for all involved who put out even this demo. Come to think of it, I still recall typing in by hand and saving on cassette tape (on my old Atari 400/800) games that looked worse but I can't recall any with this bad of playability.Better luck next time!

    Doc Randy

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  4. Worse than Bad
    by Kieran William Culff Najita, USA - Dec 18th 2006

    This game is a miserable failure in all accounts. While it claims to be "nonviolent family fun for all ages," it has age appeal similar to Bob the Builder: You need to be in that golden pocket where you're smart enough to navigate the awful levels, but dumb enough not to know that it sucks. The gameplay consists of shooting obscure blobs of light into worms, which turn into a puff of smoke. Each level is only one screen long, but it is long enough to make you die continually due to the confusingly simple controls, and the nightmarish design.

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