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Fight and survive through 8 unique story-based scenarios, and try your hand at 40 individually designed turn-based combat missions.





Welcome to the Wild West like you’ve never seen it before. When a tragic turn of events sets one man down a path of supernatural chaos and revenge, he must brutally hunt down all those whom wronged him. Follow Warren on his descent into the darkest recesses of the human soul, and try to survive in a world full of hard choices and even harder consequences. Because in this world, death is a constant presence and the black pacts which you make with forces beyond human comprehension will forever haunt all those around you.

Fight and survive through 8 unique story-based scenarios, and try your hand at 40 individually designed turn-based combat missions. Journey deeper into the world of Hard West and meet a colorful cast of playable characters whose fates are intimately intertwined with yours. Together you will need to make divisive choices to uncover the ultimate plans of the ancient powers at play, as you unravel a deep narrative storyline featuring multiple endings depending on the choices you make during the game.
  • A Unique “Weird” West World: Explore a world where Western legends meet demons, arcane rituals and satanic cults and where the dead can walk the Earth again. For a price.
  • Compelling Turn-based Combat: Control 1-4 squad members in thrilling turn-based combat encounters and master a range of powerful western-inspired special abilities, from feats of gunslinging to survivability against all odds, to take out your opponents in a series of original tactical maps with unique story-based objectives.
  • Collect and Combine Special Abilities: Obtain new special abilities by collecting and equipping unique cards which are earned throughout the game by completing main- and optional objectives, exploration , bartering, treasure hunting and more. These cards can be combined to create even more powerful combos, and provide additional options in combat.
  • Choice and Fate: Experience a deep story where decisions made during and between combat scenarios will resonate through future events and change the ultimate fates of a divisive group of colorful characters
  • Luck of the Draw: Use a combat system that goes far beyond pure probability by featuring luck as a unique guardian of engaging and challenging combat
  • Dynamic Cover: Change the flow of combat thanks to an extensive cover system which allows for the creation of effective cover from objects in the environment, making flanking and maneuvering during battles a truly powerful tactic
  • Shadow Spotting: Exploit the Blazing western sun to Locate out of sight enemies by the shadows that they cast, along with the sounds they make
  • Ricochets: Utilize Metal objects to allow master gunslingers to shoot beyond the line of sight for increased tactical combat options, and diversified planning
  • 40 Historically Inspired Weapons: Equip and employ an eclectic collection of deadly shotguns, rifles, pistols and sniper rifles, all based upon real outlandish prototypes, designs and ideas from the era


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64bit SupportYes
CPU TypeIntel Mac Only
CPU Cores2
CPU Speed2.5 GHz
System RAM4 GB
Drive Space6 GB
Video RAM256 MB
Video CardAny
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  • Optional Steam Key provided with purchase. Not required.

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  1. Good atmoshpere, otherwise generic
    by Vincent D.4, Belgium - Mar 18th 2018

    The western setting for an xcom-like is original, the art is okay but kind of generic,with not many details (weapons almost look all the same for example), and the game is surprisingly graphically demanding on ressources for such unimpressive graphics.

    Gameplay wise it's just like xcom with no base management but you can personnalize your characters with cards giving bonus and skills, also there's a special mechanic that prevents too much rng,everytime a guy dodge a shot, he loses luck making easier to hit the next time you shoot him.

    The game is divided in many small campaigns whith separated story (which are okay but a bit cliche and forgettable) and different special mechanic on the world map for each campaing

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  2. Starts off fun, but buggy
    by Tana Pigeon, USA - Jan 21st 2018

    I found the game interesting, even if at times unintuitive in how to make it all work. The visuals and gameplay are good and it was initially engrossing for me, but I would hit the occasional bug in the game that whittled away my enjoyment of it. This seems like a game that could have used more playtesting. On that level, it feels a little amateurish to me. I eventually put it down before completing it since the flaws kept drawing me out of the drama of the game.

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  3. Hostile Environment
    by green_knight, United Kingdom - Nov 23rd 2017

    (I own this game elsewhere)

    Any game unintuitive enough that I can only play by going online to work out the mechanics will never be my favourite. The harshness and gore I was somewhat prepared for (though they are not favourite features in any game), but what turned me off completely was the female NPC being fridged in the very first scene. You don't want me to enjoy this? Fine. I'm not enjoying it. Goodbye.

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  4. Old West tactical rpg with a twist, what?
    by Tapiwa N., Canada - Sep 4th 2017

    Simply put, it's cowboys-and-Indians-and-demons-and-zombies X-Com 2. It's hard, if fun and it's got it's own flair that I thoroughly enjoy.

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  5. Not for the easily frustrated
    by JRespaldiza, USA - Apr 18th 2017

    Hard West is a brutally difficult, but mostly fair tactical strategy game with a wild west theme. The storyline is decent, though the characters could use a little more fleshing out. The world building is great, as the strategic sections paint a picture of a bleak wild west, populated by outlaws, demons, and ordinary people just trying to get by.

    The combat is where the game shines. With good tactics you can get through most battles with little to no wounds, though the luck system can be punishing when there are a lot more enemies than your characters. Which is all the time. Still, once you get the hang of it, it's a very engaging turn based tactics game.

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  6. A great game at a great price!
    by Brian McComb, USA - Mar 19th 2017

    Reminds me a bit of the (original) Fallout games. Solid storyline too.

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  7. The Most Visceral Turn-Based Game Out There
    by Daniel Steven Oles, USA - Dec 2nd 2016

    The only major issue I take with this game is how difficult it is, but the title makes it clear this game is HARD. And it is: often unfair in randomness, unforgiving in it's tactical necessisity to survive superior odds.

    But everything is great: the story, the artstyle, the music, the gameplay...all fantastic!

    You cannot save between missions which gives an 'all or nothing' feel to things some might not like, but at least for me I found myself going back to the same missions over and over to use new abilites, take different approaches, try and beat my time or solve optional objectives.

    This is the meatiest and grittiest turn-based game I've ever played. Shadowrun and XCom are comparisons, but nothing compares to how brutal this game feels with bullets zipping zig-zags of smoke and punching through walls. Enemies struck stagger and bleed and blood is a big gameplay feature such as stalking retreating wounded enemies or even canibalizing the dead.

    If you like the wierd west genre, satisfying as hell battle, and light roleplaying this is your game. It's hard but it's so much fun you'll barely notice!

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  8. XCOM in west
    by todgal, Bulgaria - Nov 27th 2016

    Great for XCOM fans. Removed overwach makes game even better, no more easy cheating ;)

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  9. XCOM is back
    by Migol, Poland - Nov 23rd 2016

    Now in Wild West theme and with some twist like in Darkest Dungeon. Really good game while you wait for XCOM 2 price to drop.

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  10. Fine game
    by RafaGuti, USA - Nov 11th 2016

    This is the kind of game that I don't usually play but is weirdly addictive. The game catches you with is estrange background and history. And it is very very fun to play but a little bit slower for my taste.

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  11. Cool game
    by Veegen, Denmark - May 29th 2016

    That game is pretty cool if you are into this kind of dark, moody western like world.
    Worth playing!

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  12. Similar to XCOM in weird western setting
    by BlackJuice, Poland - Feb 23rd 2016

    It's a great tactical game like XCOM, but I find it much harder and likable because of the weird wild western setting. It has some nteresting mechanics like cards system. It has a fun factor, too.

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