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Enjoy the Weird Park saga from beginning to end when you play this extraordinary bundle of mind-bending adventure games!




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Enjoy the Weird Park saga from beginning to end when you play this extraordinary bundle of mind-bending adventure games! In Weird Park: Broken Tune, take the role of a private detective hired to investigate a rash of accidental deaths that befell those who worked at the park before the city shut it down. In Weird Park: Scary Tales, join Louis the Clown and Mr. Dudley in a fantastical journey through the dark corners of history's most famous fairytales to rescue children trapped in a frightening netherworld. Finally, in Weird Park: Final Showdown, step into the shoes of an investigative reporter to save a child held captive in an alternate dimension, and bring an end to Mr. Dudley's reign of terror!

Use your powers of observation to find hidden objects, solve well-crafted puzzles, and explore strange worlds born in the warped recesses of a twisted mind as you make your way through three captivating stories, all of which lead up to a climactic showdown that stunned fans of the series. With its spellbinding stories, memorable characters, and spectacular cinematics, the Weird Park Trilogy is a landmark experience you won't want to miss!
  • Three complete adventures!
  • Visually stunning game worlds!
  • Captivating story and characters!
  • Challenging puzzles!
  • Mini-games galore!


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  1. Average
    by Roa, USA - Jan 5th 2018

    I bought this on sale and that's about what it's worth. Pretty standard HO play with nothing out of the norm.

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  2. Hidden Object at its best
    by crystal reynolds, USA - May 28th 2017

    Challenging and surprising, this game is an adventure. Going through the trilogy was great fun.

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  3. Hidden Objects
    by Hazel Brewster, Canada - Sep 12th 2016

    I like this one. I play it quite often.

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  4. The whole story about the clown and the jester and some kidnappings.
    by Siluette, Sweden - Feb 1st 2016

    It was a bit hard to rate this trilogy.

    The first, Broken Tune, is the creepiest. Not really scary for most people, but it was different from the other. In this game the HOS are both fragments and standard lists and if I remember correctly they are interactive. The bad thing about this one is that there is no map and it felt like an eternity for the hint to recharge. Thankfully the hint doesn't discharge when it shows the direction, which I really needed help with. I've never used a strategy guide before, but at one point I had to look to be able to solve a puzzle. (It wasn't a mini game that could be skipped.) Reading the guide, I realised that I had done a lot of things in the wrong order. There is a bonus game.

    The second, Scary Tales, I think had the best story. because it wasn't just an ordinary kidnapping like in the other two. The kidnappers had done something to the children. I don't want to spoil. The HOS are interactive lists. Like in the first, there is no map and the hint charges slowly. About an hour into the game I took a break and when I returned the day after I was totally lost. The inventory was full of stuff and I had no idea what to do or where to go. I used the hint for directions like never before. I think that the real world in this game is pretty dull and it took forever to reach the much more attractive and exciting parallel world. It felt easier to keep track on things over there, even though there was a lot more scenes to visit. This one has no bonus game.

    The third, The Final Show, was the easiest, probably because it has a jump map that shows the activity. The HOS are interactive lists. This one has a bonus game and also around 70 candy canes to collect.

    All of the games are well done. Beside from the map and hint issues and that the inventory bar could get a bit annoying when it jumped up when I didn't want it to. Otherwise, the graphics, sound and voice-over were great and mostly it was fun to play. For me the length is important, still I always forget to keep track on my time. Though I can say that these games didn't feel short at all.

    I've noticed that some people appreciate to be informed about games that contain certain animals. The second game has both snakes and a spider that you have to pick up and move to a different location. None of them are there to attack or seem to be dangerous. The first game has an attacking robot snake (I think it's a snake). I can't recall anything else, but I could be wrong.

    If you are good at keeping track on things, are patient with the hints and don't mind running around, I can recommend this trilogy.

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