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Fun and fast paced new time management game of running a tavern in an imaginary location up in the sky..





Up in the sky in the fantasy world, two friends Cid and Markus decided to bring an old tavern back to life. Playing as Cid, you will experience fast paced and fun gameplay by serving magical potions, entertaining guests and earning tips in order to add new fancy features to the tavern and build new ones in the future. During the game you will meet cute and surprising characters,each with their own unique personality, emotions and behaviour! Total of 50 levels and 5 different locations will provide you with magic power ups, achievements and addicting mini games!
  • 50 fast-paced levels
  • 3D animated characters
  • Addicting Match 3 mini-games
  • Magical power-ups
  • Beautiful fantasy backgrounds
  • 5 different restaurants


Mac Requirements Minimum Supported Will It Run?
Mac OS X10.6.8Download the MacGameStore App to compare your Mac's information in real-time.

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64bit SupportNo
CPU TypeIntel Mac Only
CPU Cores2
CPU Speed1.6 GHz
System RAM512 MB
Drive Space100 MB
Video RAM64 MB
Video CardAny

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  1. Among the Heavens Game
    by Angelee Holbrook, USA - Dec 7th 2015

    Bought the game and downloaded it but it crashes before it will even open.. Waste of time and money but luckily it was cheap but you get what you pay for..

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  2. Not my favorite, but okay
    by Amanda Howard, USA - Oct 3rd 2015

    Not my favorite, but it was okay. The price was right.

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  3. Make it faster :-(
    by Angela Harrison, New Zealand - Sep 13th 2015

    Game to slow and frustrating that no matter how fast you can click on task your character can never keep up. Even with boosters you can never get him to more fast enough to catch up on orders. Even the mini games are so slow i end up just skipping them.

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  4. It could be great but…
    by Angora13, France - Apr 26th 2015

    This could be an great game but it's not.
    The main character moves too slowly and there's no progression of his skills during the game. You can buy some of them but only for one level and I don't see them. Really, he's supposed to walk faster ? I'm still waiting for him to do so.
    So, there are many level where it doesn't matter how hard you try and and how many times, you never manage to get the 3 stars.
    The mini game is always the same and too slow too, and with many bugs (like two symbols getting stuck in the same square).
    I like a game a little bit difficult, where you have to try hard to be at your best in every levels, but in the games, the character and the environnement improve level after level, which allow you to get the 3 stars after a while. In this game, I just gave up. It's always the same, it doesn't move fast enough, and you can't build a strategy to be better…

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  5. Crashes repeatedly, riddled with bugs
    by Moo, France - Dec 16th 2014

    What appears to be an interesting game ruined by repeated crashing. It can crash at start-up, during a level (annoying) at start of a level. Within 10 minutes of gameplay it will crash anywhere between 2 and 10 times. This is by far its biggest fault. As this appears to be the makers' only game hopefully this means they'll address this issue.

    Otherwise - a bit more open-endedness in terms of upgrades in game might have made the gameplay more interesting, being able to upgrade characters / shop would have been good at any level not just at predermined level half-way through. Movement feels clunky at times, characters move oh so slowly, even with speed upgrade no noticeable difference. Annoyingly if you try and replay a level to get a better score it wipes the next level's result so you have to play that again as well and so on, and at the more difficult levels this is very off-putting.

    Positives are nice graphics and interesting take on time management/dash style games. Bought on sale otherwise probably would not have bothered. Needs a few more elements to make it truly interesting.

    But at least they have a demo.

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