Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween

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Evil Pumpkin is a Casual Adventure game, with options to choose between point-and-click and hidden-object game. Challenging puzzles, RPG elements, ludicrous comments and 10+ hours of gameplay.





Meet Lemuel Barnabas. He is not a protagonist in our story, but just look at him - he’s scrappy and funny, talks to himself, likes music and long walks behind the bar. In a word - he is quite mad, but as mad as he is, he’s the one you come to for help. Help? What happened? You didn’t hear? Apparently there is this thing called Halloween. I know, I know, it sounds stupid. But there’s candy involved! Now I have your attention. The city of Dern is ostracized from the Halloween community. Everyone around you seem to know something about it, but you’re a boy, nobody is going to tell you. In this step away from the classic HO gaming take things into your own hands and find out whatever happened to Halloween.
  • Adventure and Casual mode, option to choose between point-and-click and hidden-object game
  • 10+ hours of gameplay
  • 6 chapters
  • Double inventory contains 3 types of objects: regular everyday stuff, the interactive objects which can be modified, and the Giztruments, tools that can be upgraded
  • RPG elements
  • Challenging puzzles/mini-games
  • Ludicrous comments
  • Imaginative characters
  • Unlockable achievements
  • Special collectable candies
  • Backyard enhancement project: side-quest, option to use candies and purchase Backyard elements


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64bit SupportYes
CPU TypeUniversal
CPU CoresAny
CPU Speed2 GHz
System RAM512 MB
Drive Space1 GB
Video RAMAny
Video CardAny

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  1. Tentativo non riuscito
    by Roberto Guarchi, Italy - Jul 27th 2018

    Nella prima parte di questo gioco resterete spesso frustrati e spiazzati (colpa anche dell'assenza di una mappa), ma quando con tanta pazienza troverete la strada (e la mappa) inizierete un lungo viaggio per andare alla scoperta di un grande segreto grazie alla curiosità di Van Hallows, un ragazzo molto particolare. Lo sviluppatore Two Desperados (che ha firmato anche il buon "La macchina dei sogni del Dottor Magnus 2") prova a coinvolgerci in tutto questo, però ci riesce a fatica: la storia ha una sua linearità ma finisce per essere appesantita da citazioni "storpiate" di titoli famosi, funambolismi letterari e rime baciate di basso livello, mentre le scene con oggetti nascosti sono in stile classico (inutilmente piene) ed i mini-giochi peccano di originalità (con istruzioni non sempre chiare). Sarete chiamati a individuare nelle scene i "pipistrelli" (utili, perché ricaricano l'aiuto) e vari oggetti necessari per decorare un negozio ed un cortile/giardino: una "fatica", quest'ultima, di cui non si vede la necessità e che rallenta l'azione. Anche il doppio inventario risulta essere solo un ostacolo nella progressione fluida dell'avventura. Si salvano le immagini ben realizzate, e le musiche non banali. Il tentativo sembra essere quello di proporre un game surreale, ironico e un po' pazzo (e questo ci sta, considerato il tema "Halloween"), purtroppo il risultato non è dei migliori. Il consiglio è di giocarlo unicamente se lo trovate ad un prezzo super-scontato. Giocato con iMac OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan.

    [In the first part of this game you will often remain frustrated and displaced (also due to the absence of a map), but when you will find the road (and the map) you will begin a long journey to discover a great secret thanks to curiosity by Van Hallows, a very particular boy. The developer Two Desperados (who also signed the good "The Dream Machine of Doctor Magnus 2") tries to involve us in all this, but we can hardly: the story has its linearity but ends up being burdened by quotes "crippled" "of famous titles, literary funambulism and low-level kissed rhymes, while the scenes with hidden objects are in classic style (uselessly full) and the mini-games sin of originality (with instructions not always clear). You will be asked to identify in the scenes the "bats" (useful, because they reload the help) and various objects needed to decorate a shop and a courtyard / garden: a "fatigue", the latter, which you do not see the need and which slows down the action. Even the double inventory turns out to be only an obstacle in the smooth progression of the adventure. The well-made images and the non-trivial music are saved. The attempt seems to be to propose a game surreal, ironic and a bit 'crazy (and this is there, considering the theme "Halloween"), unfortunately the result is not the best. The advice is to play it only if you find it at a super-discounted price. Played with iMac OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan.]

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