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1849 is a city management game set during the California Gold Rush. Your task is to build towns, populate them with workers, and make sure that they are housed, fed, and entertained.





The year is 1849, and gold has just been discovered in California. You decide to head out west, to seek fame and wealth in the approaching Gold Rush.

Will you strike gold and become an overnight mining magnate? Or will you build your fortune bit by bit by supplying 49ers with pickaxes and blue jeans?

1849 is a city management game set during the California Gold Rush. Your task is to build towns, populate them with workers, and make sure that they are housed, fed, and entertained. You’ll have to manage and coordinate extensive production and trade networks to make sure your towns thrive.
  • A campaign mode that traces the development of the Gold Rush from mining camps to bustling cities. Each city scenario presents players with unique starting conditions, victory goals, and obstacle events.
  • Sandbox mode with a procedurally-generated map for your location, based on geography (from the Pacific coast to the Sierra Nevada mountains), precipitation, resource availability, and starting lot size.
  • Vivid old west towns with buildings lining the streets directly inspired by California’s Gold Country.
  • Over 50 resources that players can dig up, farm, refine or manufacture as they build complex towns and cities.
  • Developed by SomaSim, a new studio dedicated to producing deep simulation games for today’s players.


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  1. Real nice, but not perfect
    by Lennart Larsson, Sweden - Sep 8th 2016

    I have only played the campain mode. So this review cover only that part.
    I love this kind of game. You create different kind of facillities like a fire station, or an iron mine. In some cases you need two or thee kind of facilities to get a usefull output, like a smelt that take raw iron, and creat steel, then a smithy that crete pick-axes from steel.

    There are a set of different scenarios, each modelling a new town, and each with it's own goals (victory conditions). What differs this game from similar is that for each scenario you have a selected set of facilities to build. Something that is introduced in one town, may not be possible to use in another.

    I give it 4 stars, since the usability could be a little better. E.g. there is a window that list what goods you have. It has a fixed limited rise, and if you have to manny goods you must change page. You cannit scroll, nor make that page bigger.

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  2. A Fun Little City Sim Game
    by Fretless, Australia - Aug 6th 2016

    A great period-style city sim game from a small independent developer. I agree that this game can be a little repetitive at times but that's the nature of city sim games. Still, I enjoyed playing it and it's well worth the money.

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  3. I always finish games…. but not this one
    by Linda Forster Bielicki, Poland - Mar 5th 2015

    Boring and repetetive, preedictable and boring… bla bla bla.

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  4. Impossible to play
    by biancaruth, Australia - Feb 3rd 2015

    Your buildings don't show up when you build them, the town just looks like empty lots. It makes it impossible to play because everything is invisible.

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  5. Fun, simple game!
    by Wondering About That, USA - Jan 4th 2015

    A nice game to pass the time. It gets repetitive after a while but it's still worth it if you enjoy town-building games.

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  6. The Wild West
    by Vidalia, USA - Sep 9th 2014

    A fun sim game based on the wild west. Be sure to have plenty of saloons, sheriffs and jails. Once your initial community is established you can come back in a couple days and look at the cash your raking in.

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  7. 1849
    by Nickie, Canada - May 11th 2014

    I like this game but wish there was a 'hint' button. I find it difficult to add buildings like the 'Placer' buildings, they won't let me put them down. The icon for them remains red. This is tedious but I am a new player to this type of game. I'll have to stay away from this in the future.

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  8. Excellent intentions, good game, but still lots of room for improvement
    by m3adi3c, Romania - Apr 29th 2014

    The game comes to fill a great gap for city building games in the style of good-ol' Caesar, with "campaigns" rather than "levels" which one could finish very quickly. Instead, the missions in 1849 take considerably long time to complete, so one can really develop its town from scratch rather than getting an almost-built-up map which one has to manage a little and then the achievements are met. So for me, at least, given that I've been looking for a city-building games with long gameplay time, lots of building and developing of your city from scratch, not just brief time-management levels, it's really great.

    I only gave it 4 stars and mentioned that there is still lots of room for improvement because of the following reasons.
    - It's somehow annoying to click everytime on the icon for road or house (or whatever) building. I'd prefer the ability to build "lots", like click and drag over an area and fill that area with houses (or roads or whatever).
    - I'd like to see bigger maps, huge cities, like Caesar used to offer from the very first level. Of course, the area that 1849 provides is enough to complete the tasks, but still, it would be much more entertaining (for me at least) to see a huge city, spread across many displays.
    - It's somehow awkward that in some missions only the "required" buildings are available. As such, it's funny how, for example, a mission which has the main task to mine and sell gold, has no bakeries available for building and the only food that is available is via a trade, to buy as canned meat. So it would be nice for any mission to have the buildings from the previous one available + what is needed now.
    - Continuing my previous point, the most important improvement that I suggest and which I think would make the game AWESOME is to have a "continuity" mode. What I mean is to have only one town and a "mission" to be just a set of goals *added to this map*. For example, you start with a plain field. The first mission is to get 30 inhabitants, the second to feed them and get at least 60% employment rate, the third to make 50 units of wine and make sure that all the houses have access to a Saloon and so forth. I know, there's Sandbox mode, but still, it would be more challenging to have it like I exemplified. In my opinion at least.

    Other than that, as I said, the game is extremely well intended, well built and I foresee a great future for it! Go get it if you loved Caesar! Thanks and congrats to SomaSim!

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  9. Love that game
    by axelblackmare, France - Mar 31st 2014

    Great game, the universe is great and i love the little workers

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  10. Great!
    by DamonK, USA - Mar 20th 2014

    Great game that is pretty addictive. I'm still working on the first scenario, can't wait to see more!

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  11. Great foundation, needs lots of work
    by daisyborat, USA - Mar 15th 2014

    1st, the upgrades are silly on almost all the buildings. Cheaper to build a free house and start a new farm, ranch, etc than it is to pay the enourmous fees to upgrade for only 15 increase in productivity. now later on it may be beneficial, but in the first 10 scenarios the upgrades are useless and pointless.

    -Why dont the buildings look different when i upgrade them??? If i build a forman house on a wheat farm, show me a building with a black roof so i dont have to click on every stupid farm to see if i did upgrade it or not. It isn that hard, an upgraded building/farm/ structure needs to have a definitive visual que to quickly show you.
    -WHY DO I HAVE TO SIT AND CLICK ON EVERY ITEM TO SELL IT!! SO ANNOYING, just let me set a weekly sale, or even better keep only 50 in stock, sell rest at end of week, etc. So annoying when you have 3 items to sell and you have to click 5-10 times on each item to sell it every week or so… PLEASE FIX THIS.

    -I like the idea, its got a lot of great ideas, but righ now it is to simplistic. This isnt a free facebook game, its a purchased game and the features need to be there, like, why cant i close a structure and manually move the workers to another building when i want?

    Its worth a purchase, but hopefully they keep the updates and upgrades coming or its pointless and you can just play a facebook game for free. Also, needs a few more songs and music, gets reall boring listening to the same track on repeat if you play for more than 10-15 minutes at a time.

    IM VERY GLAD I BOUGHT IT< its been fun, and im hopeful the inprovements will be made as they make more sales. its worth 4-10 bucks as it is now, if the keep the upgrades coming its easily a 10-15 dollar game.

    Revision— Let me turn and alter my view of my town as well as turn the buildings to make more appealing cities/towns. Also, why do i have to go to MAP to save, just let me save or have and AUTO save feature.

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  12. What fun!
    by Colleen B Walsh, USA - Mar 11th 2014

    I am really enjoying this game! I love the strategy involved and trying different choices to get better outcomes. I would like to be able to set up weekly recurring purchases and be able to turn my buildings for a more appealing town but those are minor issues.

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  13. Great so far
    by Balduin Berger, Switzerland - Mar 9th 2014

    I really like this game so far. Playing the campaign is really cool. What I would like to see is, that you can set a monthly trade so you dont always have to buy/sell manually.

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  14. Great game
    by Rene Buenger, Germany - Mar 9th 2014

    This game is a mixture between some of the greatest strategy/simulation games from the past. I really love strategy games like Anno1604, Age Of… series or Rise of Nations but sadly such games aren't produced anymore. This game combining elements of these old hits. After years this is the first new game I love to play again - and it is still beta :-)

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