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Syberia is a pure adventure game, where the player will discover a magical world of automatons and meet amazing and intriguing characters.





  • Adventure  
  • Plug In Digital
  • 3/4/2014
  • English, French, Italian, Spanish and German
Kate Walker, a young ambitious lawyer from New York, is handed what seems a fairly straightforward assignment - a quick stopover to handle the sale of an old automaton factory hidden in the Alpine valleys, then straight back home to the US.

Little did she imagine when embarking on this task that her life would be turned upside down. On her expedition across Europe, traveling from Western Europe to the far reaches of Eastern Russia, she encounters a host of incredible characters and locations in her attempt to track down Hans, the genius inventor - the final key to unlocking the secret of Syberia.

Her voyage across land and time throws all she values into question, while the deal she sets out to sign turns into a pact with destiny.
  • A gripping script that goes beyond your imagination
  • Rich and intriguing characters
  • Film-like camera angles, movements and framing
  • Original and creative puzzles
  • An incomparable and unique atmosphere


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64bit SupportYes
CPU TypeIntel Mac Only
CPU CoresAny
CPU SpeedAny
System RAMAny
Drive SpaceUnknown
Video RAMAny
Video CardAny
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  • Optional Steam Key provided with purchase. Not required.

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  1. Absolute classic
    by Prince Leo, Denmark - Sep 30th 2017

    An absolute classis of adventure gaming. The graphics are really nice, even if dated by today´s standards, but the true gem is the design: characters, towns, the wonderful automatons toys are a real delight thanks to Sokal´s beautiful art. The story is of high quality as well. A wonderful journey. Note: Buy this with Syberia II to complete the story.

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  2. Good with walkthru
    by KerSha, Australia - Jul 23rd 2017

    Finding this game fairly frustrating. There are not enough hints to guide hwo to do certain tasks. Lucky with have walkthru online

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  3. Interesting story
    by wobbleboxx, Germany - Mar 19th 2017

    The story is interesting and new stuff is discovered throughout the journey. Unique setting.

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  4. Syberia
    by barbara gilbert, Germany - Dec 31st 2016

    Beautiful game, lots of things to do, and even with the hints still plenty left to do and puzzles to solve! I enjoyed it a lot!

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  5. Good game, problems with installation
    by sankun, United Kingdom - Dec 28th 2016

    Good game and pretty much a timeless classic. The only problem I had was with the distribution of this game by wingamestore. The game barfs mid-play through with an error "please insert CD".

    After looking at the game logs, which look something like this:

    Starting cinematic playback 'C2_HansAnnaB.syb'...User has task switched: deactivating.
    Insert CD dialog box: Please insert the DVD entitled 'Syberia'
    Looking for file 'VideoANC2_HansAnnaB.syb'User pressed CANCEL: aborting application.

    It seems to be looking for a file "VideoAN\C2_HansAnnaB.syb" which doesn't exist! Of course, the file itself exists at VideoANC2_HansAnnaB.syb (notice the difference in file name). I got around this by creating the said directory and copying the relevant files but wasn't really expecting this sort of workaround to be done.

    So basically full stars for the game and 1 star for the installation issues!

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  6. Best game ever
    by JT&LB, USA - Nov 7th 2015

    We played this game back in 2002 on a PC and thought it was the best game ever. Good story, humor, great graphics (for the time), voice acting, etc. We hold every game we play up to this standard. Don't know what the Mac version is like, and with the passage of time and new tech, it may be dated. But being that we started in 1986 playing text adventures, this was an outstanding game!

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  7. Good-quality nostalgia
    by NorthernSpruce, Canada - May 24th 2014

    The steampunk aesthetic of this game is terrific; the voice-acting can be grating and the movements are a little stilted, reflecting the style of older games. The story is fun. The puzzles are pretty good although occasionally don't make much sense, and I found the biggest flaw to be the standard flaw of Anuman games for Mac that were originally made for PC: you can clearly see what you need to do in each scene because the gear or hand icon is prominently displayed by default. There is no investigating or searching to do, which makes for pretty easy puzzles. But those gorgeous scenes make it worthwhile!

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  8. Syberia is OK, but a bit too linear
    by Hilde Dekesel, Belgium - Mar 25th 2014

    Played Syberia and thought it was OK : Storyline is very well thought out, nice graphics but the gameplay was a bit too linear for me. Sometimes you are stuck & there is only the 1 option/action to play on. I prefer games with multiple possible actions and several threads at once (but this is a personal preference)

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  9. Great adventure game
    by Unclejace237, USA - Mar 23rd 2014

    I played this game 12 years ago on a PC and just recently again on the Mac. Great story and artwork. The interface is a little clunky. Kate's movements, particularly when running are rough. There is also no option to scroll quickly through dialogue or video. Other than those minor issues, it's a great gaming experience. The artwork and story are worth any and all minor issues the game may have.

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  10. Not Perfect but a Beautiful experience.
    by Oliver Norton, United Kingdom - Mar 11th 2014

    The premise behind Syberia is bizarre, you play Kate Walker who has been assigned the task of obtaining a signature for the completion of a Automoton factory buy out. Unfortunatley this goes far from smoothly and an adventure ensues. This adventure takes you through some stunning locales that have more imagination packed into a square inch than many modern games have in their entire length.

    There are annoyances though. Kates Boss, who is supposedly a high powered lawyer in New York, comes across as some sleazy night club owner, blarring how he wants results not excuses. In fact very charachter that phones kate along the way are either just plain rude or deeply flawed human beings. Most of the puzzles are fairly straight forward and it's unlikely you will get stuck, which helps the game flow, but at the same time robs it of any real challenge.

    So why 5 stars if I have these gripes? Well quite frankly it is a one of a kind world and if you enjoy point and click adventures it absolutley must be played.

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