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Master Reboot is a haunting first person sci-fi adventure horror game set inside the Soul Cloud.





Imagine a world where death is no longer final, where precious memories are saved to enjoy forever, where your soul is immortal, welcome to the Soul Cloud. Upload your soul to our dedicated servers and relax knowing that a part of you will live on for eternity. That favorite holiday, happy moments from your childhood, meeting that special someone for the first time. All these memories saved for your digital soul for your family to revisit again and again. The Soul Cloud - saving your past to secure your future.

Master Reboot is a haunting first person sci-fi adventure horror game set inside the Soul Cloud. It's an exploration game with action and puzzle elements set across 34 unique environments. In the not-too-distant future exists the Soul Cloud, a giant server that holds the data of your soul and your memories when you die. The Soul Cloud is filled with floating islands, each island looks like a town, village or city filled with rooms, skyscrapers and houses that hold people’s memories. To house your Soul, a family member (or you before you die) must purchase an island on the Soul Cloud where the server will generate rooms, houses or skyscrapers that hold each and every memory from the deceased’s past.

The game features a distinctive visual style, intriguing story-line, psychological adventure-game action and a dynamic atmospheric soundtrack. Get prepared for upload......Where am I?.....Who am I?......It's time to piece your life......and death back together.
  • Gorgeous visual style
  • Intriguing story-line
  • 34 explorable environments
  • Dynamic atmospheric soundtrack
  • Supports the Welsh Language
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Mac Requirements Minimum Supported Will It Run?
Mac OS X10.6.8Download the MacGameStore App to compare your Mac's information in real-time.

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64bit SupportUnknown
CPU TypeIntel Mac Only
CPU Cores2
CPU Speed2 MHz
System RAM2 MB
Drive Space1.4 GB
Video RAMAny
Video CardAny
Important Notes:
  • Optional Steam Key provided with purchase. Not required.

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  1. Digital heaven
    by Hermit64, Spain - Sep 11th 2015

    This is one of those games in which you are "inside a computer". In this case the graphics represent memories of a person. It's divided into different areas (different memories) and you have to solve simple puzzles (most) or do simple arcade actions in order to complete each area. The structure of the game is original (reminds me of "Psychonauts") and some of the areas are graphically amazing! (but few). Issues? Well, it's short, the story is confusing (I admit I couldn't understand it) and the gameplay is somewhat "cheap". But it's worth just for looking at the graphics, believe me.

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