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Help Lilly through a variety of enchanting environments, as she seeks to rewrite the past, change the present, and unlock the ultimate mystery. An animated point-and-click adventure for all ages.





  • Adventure  Puzzle  
  • Geeta Games
  • 11/1/2013
  • 1.1
  • English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Dutch, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Portuguese
What Lilly sees is about to change her life forever…

On a particularly cool and misty summer night, Lilly is visited by an enchanted red scarf that sends her on an incredible adventure as she seeks to rescue her little brother Row. Soon into her quest, Lilly discovers a special pair of goggles that allow her to solve many navigational challenges by rewriting the past and changing the present. Step into a world filled with magic, puzzles, and marvelous machines that celebrate a sense of wonder as you help Lilly save her brother and discover the ultimate mystery.

The indie studio Geeta Games presents Lilly Looking Through, an animated point-and-click adventure game that is appropriate for all ages. Lilly’s story is set in a fictional fantasy world and told almost completely by the universal language of pantomime, and can be enjoyed at many levels by the whole family. Guide our heroine Lilly through a land filled with enchanting environments brimming with wonder. The world Lilly lives in is lovingly hand painted, and filled with awe inspiring visuals. The cinematic multi-plane camera system, fluid character animation, and compelling original musical soundtrack make the whole experience come to life and feel like you are playing inside an animated movie. Lilly Looking Through’s charming animated story can be just as fun to watch as it is to play.

Immerse, engage, and explore together as you assist Lilly on this captivating journey. Lilly Looking Through contains a whole variety of unique puzzles. Quite a few of the puzzles will require keen observation and challenge even the most experienced adventure veterans. Many of the challenges in Lilly Looking Through will often build on each other, and the skills you learn earlier will help you and Lilly solve puzzles later found in the game. If you are ever in need of help and would like a hint, a built in help system will also give clues as to what to do next to continue the journey. With an easy to learn interface, players of all ages will easily immerse themselves into Lilly’s world, and start playing with the click of a button.

"Lilly has me mesmerized! What a lusciously charming and mysterious adventure, so ingeniously and elegantly crafted." -Rand Miller co-creator of Myst and Riven
  • Enchanting hand-painted environments.
  • Delightful and charming animation.
  • Cinematic 2.5 D multi-plane experience.
  • A puzzling adventure for all ages.
Copyright © 2012-2013 Geeta Games LLC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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64bit SupportNo
CPU TypeIntel Mac Only
CPU Cores2
CPU Speed2 GHz
System RAM2 GB
Drive Space420 MB
Video RAMAny
Video CardAny

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  1. Cute, but not as fun as...
    by BorisBee, USA - Mar 3rd 2018

    Game is cute and I enjoyed the idea of present and future enviros, but it wasn't as enjoyable to me as Machinarium or The Tiny Bang Story, which are similar in terms of play.

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  2. Disappointing
    by Hilde Dekesel, Belgium - Jan 13th 2018

    I also thought this game would be fun like the tiny bang story but it wasn't as good.

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  3. Adorable but short
    by kyrq, USA - Nov 2nd 2017

    This game was quite enjoyable to play, with the cute characters and the ability to switch between worlds to solve problems. Unfortunately the game ends rather abruptly to the point that it left me feeling unsatisfied. I guess it feels like they had more in mind with the game, but was unable to complete it.

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  4. Very nice game
    by Malou, Germany - Jun 1st 2016

    Is a very good nice game with a special second view, which you need to solve the puzzles. I like it. :)

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  5. Best adventure game I've played!
    by Juanita705, Canada - Jul 5th 2015

    I loved this game! The graphics are beautiful, the storyline intriguing, the puzzles just the right difficulty (made me think but not frustrated). The last chapter's puzzle takes a little more perseverence than the others but the only way I would change my rating to a lower one is if Geeta Games didn't come out with the sequel (There is a cliffhanger ending and I'd love to see more of the story unfold and how it ends.)! Of all the puzzleventure games I've played, this one is my favourite. It'll be hard to top!

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  6. Just delightful
    by Toni Pogue, USA - Dec 29th 2013

    Wonderful graphics and simple enough play that it was a relaxing, beautiful time playing this.

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  7. Only Part 1
    by Scott Henderson, USA - Dec 27th 2013

    Really enjoyed the game and discovering what I needed to do to move on to the next level. The hint system just shows you what can be clicked on at the moment, so not enough if you get really stuck. I was a little disappointed in the ending as one is left very up in the air (pun not intended) as to what is going to happen next. Knowing how much work is entailed for such a game, the $10 price tag is a bargain. This is an excellent point and click adventure game and I look forward to the sequel.

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  8. Too short!
    by LB_, Canada - Nov 14th 2013

    Great game! Clever, enchanting, unique and challenging but WAY TOO SHORT. Finished in a day. Probably 30 mins to 1hr of actual game time, obviously not including the time it takes to figure out all the puzzles, but it's maybe 8 -9 scenes of puzzles then leaves you hanging in mid-air…literally. Hopefully there is a sequel and hopefully it is a longer or less than $9.

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    by NorthernSpruce, Canada - Nov 3rd 2013

    I love it. It is sweet and quirky and challenging and beautiful, and it is about the only game I have played where I did not want to mute the music after three minutes. It's perfect for all ages - nothing vulgar or violent, but enough adventure and puzzlement to keep anyone busy and entertained.

    Big downside: Much too short. Geeta Games, give us more!

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