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RPG/Adventure with more than 30 characters to upgrade.





Dungeon Gate is different. You can not equip your character. You must drain the DNA of creatures to use their equipment, power or capacity.

Why do you shapeshift? Because it will take you deep in the game. You're too weak to fight or you want infiltrate an enemy camp, drain the DNA of one of them and you turn them. Beings too tall to access a passage, drain the DNA of a small creature to pass. You must transform into different creatures through the adventure. You can drain the DNA of all living things in the game, even dungeon bosses.

Open World, you can walk as you want in a large valley, visiting several houses and villages. You will pass through five dungeons in the game dungeons with five different environments and different gameplay.


Once Upon a time…

The story takes place in the besieged world of Barrilian, which is being devastated by the dragon hordes. In small village, pillaged and left to burn, not one soul was spared except for two babies; one recovered by the dragons and the other by a mysterious mage…

20 years later, a vicious tyrant has taken over the people of Barrilian, forcing them into slavery by using the influence he has over the dragons.
By making the people extract precious stones from mines which enhance his magical skills, the citizens are unwillingly witnessing the gain of magical
strength in the dictator. A young man named Dysan will perhaps change everything…
  • RPG/Adventure with more than 30 characters to upgrade
  • Huge open world to explore + 5 Dungeons with traps, puzzles and challengig fights
  • 30 characters to drain, play with and upgrade and more
  • 30 customizable levels per character
  • 25 hours of gameplay and more
  • Mini Games


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64bit SupportUnknown
CPU TypeIntel Mac Only
CPU CoresAny
CPU SpeedAny
System RAM1 GB
Drive Space1.5 GB
Video RAMAny
Video CardAny

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  1. Horrible input Lag
    by Burnum, Canada - Apr 14th 2014

    Horrible input Lag, makes it completely unplayble, I tried reinstalling, to no effect. My system is higher then needed to play it, and even with all graphics at it's lowest it lag horribly.

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  2. Aweful!
    by John Galbraith, USA - Dec 18th 2013

    This game really needs to be polished up. So far, it is a super clunky version of Fable. Movement is horrible. It is difficult to get a grip on where you are or what is going on.

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