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A young Indian girl, Anusha, is snatched from the streets of New Delhi under the eyes of her love, Fred who she has been promised in marriage.




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  • Adventure  
  • 4/26/2013
  • English
Fred, a young American student, arrives in India for the first time to meet Anusha's parents, and can think of nothing but to rescue his beloved from her kidnappers, members of a Thug sect dedicated to the worship of the godess Khali.

The mystery and adventure takes place over the course of three days.
Each day is broken up into two parts: reality and dream. The hero must achieve the same goal in dream as in reality. In solving the mystery you will discover both the world of traditional and contemporary India.
  • A total freedom of vision to 360° in subjective sight: the player is in the middle of the action.
  • Richness and beauty of the 3D decorations.
  • Characters with whom the player can interact in real time.
  • 3 environments (day, night, dream), 2 scenarios for a history of most original.


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  1. AARGH
    by schnooz, USA - May 9th 2013

    The most horrible game I've ever encountered. I think it was made in India by a telephone tech support person while he was sitting on the street dropping customer calls! Do not waste your money! Get a top and some string. You will be more amused.

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  2. Another dumbed-down PC "adventure" game
    by NorthernSpruce, Canada - May 7th 2013

    This is one of those games made for PC that are lousy when adapted for Mac - many of the original puzzles must have been removed because there are strange gaps in the story and the gameplay. The puzzles don't make a lot of sense and you kind of have to flail around clicking on everything. On the other hand, even though the puzzles aren't logical, there is very little challenge in them because a huge hand or gear icon makes it clear what you have to click on. Unchallenging, not fun, embarrassing "Indian" accents…and if you insist on buying the game, try to get through the Lotus Maze and tell me you don't hate it too.

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