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A revolutionary interactive novel based on John Buchan's 1914 espionage thriller that sets a new benchmark in digital storytelling.




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  • Adventure  
  • KISS
  • 3/15/2013
  • English
Prepare to experience the original man-on-the-run thriller in a completely new way. Set in 1914 London and Scotland, this ground-breaking interactive novel finds war veteran Richard Hannay framed for a murder he didn't commit. Now he must flee the Capital and stay alive long enough to solve the riddle of The 39 Steps.
  • A new form of entertainment, merging the worlds of literature, gaming and film into one visually stunning storyline.
  • Faithfully constructed using the original - and best-selling - John Buchan text, first published in 1915.
  • Hundreds of hand-painted digital environments, and authentic materials from 1910s Britain.
  • 8 different storytelling mechanics, 25 collectible items and 16 awards to be unlocked.
  • An original soundtrack by Si Begg and theatrical voice performances, including Ian Hanmore, Greg Hemphill and Benny Young
  • Created in Unity4, with a playtime of 6-8 hours.
(c) 2013 The Story Mechanics


Mac Requirements Minimum Supported Will It Run?
Mac OS X10.6.8 *Download the MacGameStore App to compare your Mac's information in real-time.

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* Not compatible with: 10.13.x
64bit SupportNo
CPU TypeIntel Mac Only
CPU Cores2
CPU Speed2.2 GHz
System RAM2 GB
Drive Space2 GB
Video RAM128 MB
Video CardAny
Important Notes:
  • Not compatible with macOS 10.13 High Sierra and later macOS.
  • Optional Steam Key provided with purchase. Not required.

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  1. Linear and somewhat dull
    by Yvette Masullo, USA - Feb 26th 2018

    I purchased this because I'm not very quick thinking when it comes to games where you must shoot, jump, and so on. However, this game was pretty dull and linear. You make absolutely no decisions so it is really just good for passing the time.

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  2. Classic still hold mystery
    by Karl F. Davie Burgdorf, USA - Nov 26th 2017

    This was a re-buy of this game from way back. It still is enjoyable to play and offers a flashback to the "old way" of doing things ... and that's not a bad thing!

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  3. The best game I have ever played.
    by Catherine W.1, United Kingdom - Nov 23rd 2017

    Absolutely brilliant. The writing, sound, artwork...probably the best game I have ever played.

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  4. Great story, where┬┤s the game?
    by barbara gilbert, Germany - Dec 31st 2016

    I liked the game, because it tells the story quite well and is painted beautifully, but you have to sit patiently and can do barely anything, so you sort of have to wait through the story....

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  5. Greate IF piece...
    by cemxavier, Turkey - Apr 24th 2015

    This is a great interactive fiction adventure game... Don't try if you don't like visual novels/if games.. But if you like this genre you will love this one...

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  6. Graphics acceptable almost and a weird unnecessary cumbersome interface
    by Captain Skurvy, Australia - Apr 22nd 2013

    I gave it 2 stars because of the amount of work that went into this . . . exercise

    I think reading the book or listening to an audio version would be better than wading though this version.

    The controls are unusual to take a kind view of them for example to open some doors it takes 4 mouse actions and nothing is achieved except you enter the space beyond the door. to read text your move your mouse in clockwise or counter clockwise rotation often having to rotate in the opposite direction as you have over shoot what you wish to read.

    Most of the animation/films are shadow images like the first image above.

    Clicking on newspapers if allowed brings up an old type newspaper but most items you cant click on and if you do they only show a blown up view.

    Being able to blow up zoom views is done well and needed in some cases to read text letters etc.

    There are No puzzles as far as i can tell and awards are given as you advance though the book and for no other reason as far as i can tell.

    Sadly the amount of work spent on the art work and voice acting to tell the story is wasted due to the cumbersome interface

    This could have been a MUCH MUCH better Application but was let down by the interface design and implementation

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  7. Not a puzzle or adventure game
    by NorthernSpruce, Canada - Mar 23rd 2013

    This is not a game at all but a kind of interactive cartoon adaptation of Buchan's book; it's quite well done but there aren't actual puzzles to solve, just fixed steps to take to advance the story. If you wish to be entertained by Buchan's story and participate in it very slightly, you will enjoy this; if you are looking for a challenge or a diverting puzzle, stay away.

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  8. An extremely worthwhile experience !
    by Fuzzleberry, United Kingdom - Mar 21st 2013

    Its new and fantastically engaging. As faithful to the book as it is possible to be and has a wonderful pace to it. The tone of the writing is beautifully brought forward through the illustration and it feels like the novel should. It is a casual experience and I wouldn't call it a game, it is a strong narrative lead experience that brings a page of written words to life in a smooth easy to use and atmospheric fashion.

    Give it a try, worth the investment !

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  9. 39 Steps
    by Anne Lorraine Briggs, Australia - Mar 19th 2013

    Interesting, smooth running & seamless graphic novel/adventure game - excellent value!

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