Empire: Total War™ - Gold Edition

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Command the seas, conquer the land, build an Empire.





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Command the seas, conquer the land, build an Empire.

An epic game of real-time tactics which combines turn-based empire building with massive 3D real-time battles on land and at sea. Charged with the fortunes of a nation, you must use diplomacy, trade and military force to establish it as the dominant power of the 18th Century.

Decide the strategy behind the development and expansion of your empire. Expand your borders through conquest or diplomatic cunning. Conquer overseas territories to establish colonies and profitable trade networks. Take command of the battlefield and patrol the open seas to defeat your enemies and shape the contours of history.
  • Empire: Total War - Gold Edition contains all game updates, improvements and downloadable content, including The Warpath Campaign and four unit packs: the Special Forces Units and the Elite Units of the East, West and America.
  • Rule one of 12 nations from Europe, America and the Indian subcontinent, and govern your fledgling empire across a massive campaign map.
  • Set the strategy, dictate the tactics and command your troops during battles involving thousands of soldiers.
  • Take to the high seas and lead war fleets bristling with cannon in superb recreations of 18th Century naval warfare.
  • Experience combat in astonishing detail using full camera control to zoom in on accurate character animations.
  • Forge alliances, share knowledge and negotiate trade routes as you engage in diplomacy with other nations.
  • Research new technologies to make your enterprises more profitable and improve your armaments.
  • Play as George Washington in the revolutionary campaign Road to Independence and lead the Continental army against the might of the British Empire.
  • Recreate landmark battles from one of the most turbulent periods of world history, including Bunker Hill, Fontenoy and Rossbach.
© SEGA. The Creative Assembly, Total War, Empire: Total War and the Total War logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Creative Assembly Limited. SEGA and the SEGA logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Corporation. All rights reserved. Uses Miles Sound System. Copyright ©1991-2012 by RAD Game Tools, Inc. Portions of this software utilize SpeedTree® technology (©2003-2007 Interactive Data Visualization, Inc.). SpeedTree® is a registered trademark of Interactive Data Visualization, Inc. All rights reserved. Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Feral and the Feral logo are trademarks of Feral Interactive Ltd.


Mac Requirements Minimum Supported Will It Run?
Mac OS X10.7.4 *Download the MacGameStore App to compare your Mac's information in real-time.

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* Not compatible with: 10.13.x, 10.12.x
64bit SupportNo
CPU TypeIntel Mac Only
CPU CoresAny
CPU Speed2 GHz
System RAM4 GB
Drive Space28 GB
Video RAM256 MB
Video (ati)ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT *
* Unsupported Video Cards: ATI Radeon X1300, ATI Radeon X1600, ATI Radeon X1900 XT
Video (nvidia)NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT *
* Unsupported Video Cards: NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500, NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600, NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300, NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT
Video (intel)Intel HD Graphics *
* Unsupported Video Cards: Intel GMA 900, Intel GMA 950, Intel GMA X3100
Important Notes:
  • Not compatible with macOS 10.12 Sierra and later macOS.
  • Requires 28GB to download and finish install (13GB download + 15GB installed).

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  1. Noice
    by Carl V., Denmark - Jul 20th 2018

    Seems to run alright thoug I wish for the Total War 2

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  2. Good
    by ItchyNutZack, USA - Nov 28th 2016

    It takes awhile to beat it which is something i like

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  3. New 'gun' style not as fun
    by Dubbs09, USA - Nov 24th 2016

    Really love the Total War series and was excited to try this one out. Just not as fun or satisfying as the old ones (Romes and Medievals). Units too similar and not as much variety as the old style melee and archer types.

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  4. Sick
    by deniz94, Denmark - Jul 2nd 2015

    I love this game, and i cant get enough. Both me and my boyfriend play it all the time

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  5. Excellent
    by ronaldo S. Ortiz, Philippines - Mar 31st 2015

    The game is very excellent although not as good as Rome Total War which to me is the best strategy game I've played.This could have been as good as RTW but Creative Assembly deviated from the graphic style and gameplay of RTW though not as much.The rest of the TW series I'm having second thoughts about purchasing after the very disappointing Rome 2.I hope Creative Assembly would return to making games with the RTW style graphics and game play.After all it would not look the same if it is a different historical period like,say,about the crusades or world war 1 or 2 or the medieval period.

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  6. BEST
    by Leo Games, USA - Sep 19th 2014


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  7. Not as great as i've hoped
    by belvedere, Singapore - Aug 22nd 2014

    Didnt lived up to expectation. the naval battle is pretty lame

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  8. Love It
    by LenDuce, USA - Jul 15th 2014

    Great game and concept. Not as glorious as Rome or Napoleon but still a great game.

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  9. Total war
    by Diogene2317, Mexico - May 6th 2014

    I love this game so much and i am so glad that it runs on my mac book air which i thouhg ti t would not. I would really recommend this for any other total war fan or any person who likes strategy and war

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  10. Excellent
    by Seasond, United Kingdom - Apr 10th 2014

    I first began playing Rome: Total War before I jumped straight to Empire: Total War and Napoleon: Total War. I have not been disappointed. It's an excellent game that simply cannot be improved. You can essentially rule the entire world now! Having pirates is an excellent idea, too, as when I play a naval power (Spain, Great Britain, France) I have to dedicate resources towards fighting the silly pirates in the Caribbean. Gettof my islands!!

    If you are interested in colonial strategy, naval/land warfare, trade and diplomacy, buy this game. You will not be disappointed!

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  11. Epic!!
    by hunkster, Australia - Jan 9th 2014

    One of the best Total Wars ever, it looks and plays better than ever. If you are looking for an immersion into the 18th century then look no further.

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  12. Empire Total War
    by mike54, USA - Dec 7th 2013

    Love it, played medevel total war, this is far better. runs great on my macbook pro.

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  13. Total War is total fun
    by Jesper Larsen, Afghanistan - Nov 20th 2013

    I used to love playing ROME, and this version takes Total War to a new level. The joys of massed artillery gouging holes in closed formations… What's not to like?

    Awesome, with bells and whistles!

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  14. Empire: Total War
    by szer, Philippines - Jul 17th 2013

    This game is something you would enjoy with realistic turn-based strategy tactics, quite realistic combat maneuvers, including a very awesome ai system that will challenging and is quite tough in the beginning, but keep playing, because it is worth it.

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  15. Fairly good, enjoyable.
    by daisyborat, USA - May 6th 2013

    Intro movie -8/10 Got me excited and made me want to play
    Rain Animation -6/10
    Drawings -7/10
    Character Anim. -6/10
    Battle control -8/10 Faily good but hard to get the characters where you want them when you want them there.. Only becomes issue when in a 1-1 ratio, evenly balanced fight when control becomes the key factor to winning. I feel they could have made the characters a bit more intelligent, easier to control, and easier to tell what is what on the field.

    originality -7/10
    Sounds -7/10 A lot of the guns, ships, etc sound the same, needs more variety
    Length of play 7/10, lots of add ons and other missions, but the main game isnt that long

    Buy it on sale, it isnt worth 40 bucks. 30 dollars its a solid game, under 30 you definitley need to buy it, under 20 you are nuts to not give it a try. Thanks for reading.

    10 out of 12 shoppers found this helpful.Was this helpful? Yes No

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