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Conquest of Elysium 3 is an old school turn based fantasy strategy game.




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Conquest of Elysium 3 is an old school turn based fantasy strategy game. You start by choosing one of 17 different characters, e.g. Necromancer, Demonologist, Dwarf Queen, Troll King or maybe a High Priestess of Ba'al. The different character classes vary wildly in what special abilities they have and what parts of the world they should focus on conquering. E.g. the Demonologist needs sacrifices that you gain from towns and villages, but the Druid want special herbs that are found in forests. But of course gold is always good to have, so all classes can make use of a gold or silver mine, but only the Enchanter can make a Gold Golem out of it.

The Witch can use fungus to summon a Catoblepas whose gaze can annihilate an entire row of enemies per turn. The Demonologist can summon powerful demon lords, but only if he is reckless because the likelihood of a demon lord attacking his summoner is quite high. Careful Demonologists make use of the lesser summoning that are also powerful when compared to mortal men. The Warlock can summon an immortal Phoenix. The Phoenix explodes when it dies and then swiftly reforms in the home citadel of its owner. In short the main thing about this game is the amount of features and special abilities that can be used.

Someone described the game as a strategy roguelike and I think that is a quite good description. It plays fast and you can die quickly if you are unlucky. Worlds are randomly generated, so no two games are the same. It is also an unfair game, random events can wreak havoc upon the world and game changing monsters or locations can be encountered.
  • Many monsters and many special abilities. Some examples right below.
  • Assassins that make an assassination attack before combat starts.
  • Catapults, Hill Giants and Rocs that can throw or drop boulders during sieges.
  • Immortal Liches and Vampires.
  • Regenerating trolls rise from the dead if they haven't been killed too badly or their side lost.
  • Large worms that can swallow smaller enemies whole. Swallowed units take a few points of damage from digestion each round until they are freed.
  • And many many more monsters....
  • New weapon system, attacks are divided into pierce, slash or blunt damage (magic attacks have other types too). Skeletons are difficult to injure with piercing weapons and you should preferably use slashing weapons against treemen, etc.
  • Hotseat and network support for multiplayer games.
  • Team play, you can be 2 players against the AI for example.
  • Random maps.
  • 17 different classes to choose from. And they are quite different from each other, both in what resources they need and what kind of rituals or special abilities they have.
  • Spell system with currently 42 magic paths.
  • Magic items.
  • Permanent battle afflictions.
  • Horrors.
  • Stealth and invisibility. Scouts needed to detect stealthy troops, something better (a star spawn or a beast bat will work) needed to detect the invisible ones.
  • Shape changers that looks like something else when seen by the enemies.


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  1. Unique fantasy strategy game
    by David McCalvin, USA - Apr 11th 2015

    At its heart this is more a war game, not a 4x empire builder. There is a lot of depth to the various nations you get to choose from to play. Combat is simplified but works with the game structure, you don't control your armies directly in battle and strategy is ultimately ased on how you build your army. Your goal is to build the ultimate army stack of soldiers and heroes and eliminate the enemy.

    There is a high replay value with the differnet races. the AI isn't terrible. In more than one game I thought I was doing well only to run into multiple stacks of enemy armies that eventually wore me out.

    Highly recommended for those who like turn-based strategy in a fantasy setting. But don't go in if you are looking for Heroes of Might and Magic. Other than being a turn based strategy game in a fantasy setting, the mechanics are very different

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