Tiny & Big in GrandPa's Leftovers

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Tiny & Big, a comic styled jump and slice platformer, gives you the unique ability to shape a whole world at your will.





  • Action  Indie  
  • CrimsonCow
  • 7/12/2012
  • English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
Set in land where common physics apply, but everything else looks different. You are Tiny, a technophile guy with a ray cutter, a gripping-device and a fine attitude towards the world. But now your nemesis Big again stole the only heritage your grandpa left you: A nice pair of white, fine rib underpants! And he‘s surely up to no good, why else would he take them to that forsaken desert… Where noone goes! So load up that selfmade raygun and rope device (snitched from the local hardware store) and take your annoying and jabbering backpack to accompany you. It‘s always been good use to your gramps. Besides, the robot taxi to the desert is waiting! Run, jump, drag, shove and laser your way through the ultimately ancient scenery, gain back those underpants!
  • Unique Hand-drawn Look – all hand-crafted textures, primo Hatch Shading, and dynamic Sound Words puts you right into a graphic novel!
  • Creative Jump ‘n’ Slice Gameplay – use grappling rope, rocket science and laser surgery to slice the whole world, overcoming all obstacles in your very own way. Enjoy unlimited slicing freedom and unique sandbox gameplay!
  • Better than Life Physics – experience believable physics in a completely destructible, immersive environment that has been built to be cleaved into beautiful, multi-core-simulated pieces of art!
  • Character-driven Story Line – follow Tiny into a weird and humorous story drenched in peculiarity: get back grandpa’s underpants, by all means necessary. Defeat Big, your old arch enemy in the process!
  • Buckets full of Indie Music – collect more than 15 songs from hardly known but genuine indie bands. Discover new songs from the underground, and show off to your friends!


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Mac OS X10.5.8Download the MacGameStore App to compare your Mac's information in real-time.

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64bit SupportUnknown
CPU TypeIntel Mac Only
CPU CoresAny
CPU SpeedAny
System RAM2 GB
Drive Space1.5 GB
Video RAMAny
Video (ati)ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT *
* Unsupported Video Cards: ATI Radeon X1300, ATI Radeon X1600, ATI Radeon X1900 XT
Video (nvidia)NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT *
* Unsupported Video Cards: NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500, NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600, NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300, NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT
Video (intel)Intel HD Graphics *
* Unsupported Video Cards: Intel GMA 900, Intel GMA 950, Intel GMA X3100
Important Notes:
  • 3 button mouse or Xbox 360 controller recommended.

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  1. Innovative, unique, and off the wall...
    by Frigidman™, USA - Feb 23rd 2013

    I had played this game's development piece on the PC before they turned the physics/slicing engine into a full game. I was actually surprised they made a Mac version.

    This game is inspired, oh, and really wacky (oddball humor). Think back to the days of MDK and Giants Kabuto! But even that analogy doesn't fit because of what you can do in this game. I think I wasted a few hours just slicing stuff up to see what secret may lay beyond. Slicing up boulders to fall just right so they stack up to this high ledge which looks like it had a goody or something, if not just to climb up to admire the view.

    Then there is the story. Well, a ridiculous one. Guy robs you of some underpants (ooookay), but the authors coulda used any item. It may not have been as unique though as underpants. The story progresses, and ends, but has a lot of interesting things along the way to do and mess with.

    Wasn't much a fan of the neon blue/black levels. Those areas got a bit boring. The desert ones were great, and the stone roads/pyramids. Oh, and the game even has a mini-game of wack-a-mole in it! Drop boulders on the heads of these groundhog/mole/rat things! YEAH!

    My only beef with the game... it ended. I wanted more. I wanted a sandbox area to just fool around in with the physics engine and slicing/pull/grav guns. But oh well, it was cheap, and they have sequels coming!

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