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Be the hero the kingdom seeks: set the fairies of earth, air, fire and water free, and restore the book of magic!




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Misfortune has befallen the magic kingdom again! A careless charm made the formerly wondrous ancient world overcast, beset with darkness and despair. Four fairies of the elements were deprived of their magic power. Be the hero the kingdom seeks: set the fairies of earth, air, fire and water free, and restore the book of magic in the sequel to the renowned puzzler by Playrix!

The collector's edition includes:
  • Exclusive soundtrack
  • Screensaves
  • Wallpapers
    • 4 adorable fairies of the elements to set free
    • 16 magic cards to collect
    • 64 unique match-3 levels+32 bonus levels
    • 4 exciting quests to complete
    • Tons of brain-teasers
    • iSpy, spot-the-difference and other types of mini-games
    • Exclusive soundtrack, screensaver and wallpapers
    • Various achievements to get
    • Set the fairies free!


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    64bit SupportNo
    CPU TypeIntel Mac Only
    CPU CoresAny
    CPU Speed1.8 GHz
    System RAM256 MB
    Drive SpaceUnknown
    Video RAM64 MB
    Video CardAny

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    1. Even More Perfect
      by ooakPlayer, USA - Mar 20th 2016

      I have been enthralled with the standard edition of this game from the moment of download but was disappointed that I couldn't find the Collector's Edition at that time. I am so glad to have found it here at the Mac Game Store. I have written a stellar review of the standard version of 4 Elements II on this very site (entitled "Perfect") where I talked a lot about how the game works. So I won't repeat myself here as the bulk of this game is the same as the standard version. However, the bonus section in the Collector's Edition is supplemental and completely in and of itself worth the full price of admission! Bonus Levels can be accessed on the intro page under "Challenges" but they are not unlocked until you have completed the entire 4 Chapters and 64 Levels of the "standard" game. And to be sure, these bonus Levels are exactly that: CHALLENGES! They are significantly more difficult, mainly because the Timer is really, really stingy in the Challenges. True, I could play "Relaxed" and not have to deal with that, but I love racing against the clock. It is rather the point for me. I had to do almost all of the Challenges several times and even when I successfully made my way to the Altar, it was always just barely and to the sound of the gong!! The Challenge fields are gloriously long and convoluted! In addition, there are so many Beacons, Mines and Magic Arrows that must be released in order to make your way to the Altar and they are usually tucked in alcoves or behind frozen cells or double cells. And then there are often fields of rocks on cells... just plain rocks... rocks, rocks and more rocks... interspersed with a seemingly minuscule number of chips to match and clear. The first one of those I encountered I figured there had to be a trick to get through it and sure enough there is. Some of the Challenge scenarios were never presented in the first 64 so even though it's familiar, it's different at the same time. It all adds to the excitement and challenge of the game for me. It's like a new game. I am experiencing the excitement that I felt when I played the standard version for the first time. I absolutely LOVE this game. My favorite for sure. So if you're going to get 4 Elements II, get THIS version, the Collector's version. For less than the price of a movie outing with popcorn, you could have this game, which has entertained me for hours and hours. And hours.

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    2. Relaxingly addictive - Novel take on the Match 3 Genre
      by josiejay, United Kingdom - Mar 8th 2016

      This is a novel take on the match 3 genre. Instead of the normal static screen, where blocks drop into your field of view, you are racing along the brightly coloured blocks trying to explode or remove them so that a liquid or gas (steam, water, larva, sap) can travel along the same route. Lots of bombs and magic arrows create satisfying explosions, The game sounds are ptiched just right; the sound of the rushing liquids, the crunch of dropping blocks, whizz of arrows and explosive pops all add to the movement of the game. The liquids also need to be divereted through mazes of pipes and blocks which add a slower paced but slightly more challenging aspect to the game. Would have given it a 5, but the Fairy interludes just annoyed me. They should make an adult version of this game. However, even though I am an adult, I enjoyed it and found it relaxing and slightly addictive.

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    3. Try it
      by rosemary jean dyer, United Kingdom - Feb 10th 2014

      Not the hardest game but an ideal one to dip in and out of - as long as you don't mind fairies!

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    4. Addictive is the right word for this game!
      by azgoddess, USA - Jun 7th 2012

      Just like the first game, this one is great. Love the graphics and puzzles. Can't wait for number 3.

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    5. More content than in the original
      by RRS Artist, USA - Jun 1st 2012

      For anyone who remembers how tough the last 2 levels of 4 Elements 1 were (they took me months to beat!), this game was basically equally as easy. A few restarts, but no big deal.

      This is a chaining M3. Wide screen. LION friendly. Timer is not optional.

      Achievements - I missed some - like play a level where all moves chain 5 or more - uh huh, sure.

      Bonus challenges - The game boards appear to be new with the same game play style as in the core game, but there is less time. I replayed and lost the very first one 3 times in a row and gave up - for today, maybe forever.

      All in all, it is a sequel - how different was it going to be. The artwork and animations are quite charming and colorful. The addition of pipe and slider puzzles within the match 3 levels adds variety from the first game. More variety of puzzles in the chapter pages as well, but they are very, very simple. The FROG portions, simple as well.

      I would say the core game is almost relaxing except for the fact that I really did not want to play boards over again, so I was stressed to finish them. The first game was addictive; if you had to replay a board it was with an "I'll get you this time" attitude. For me in 4 E 2, it was "please let me get through it this time."

      I would still say, if you never played the first one, you might want to pick this one up. You will have fun with it. And, unlike the first one, it won't beat you up. I am quite confident you will finish it.

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