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Unity of Command is an innovative and refreshing operational-level wargame that covers the entire 1942/43 Stalingrad Campaign on the Eastern Front.





Unity of Command is an innovative and refreshing operational-level wargame that covers the entire 1942/43 Stalingrad Campaign on the Eastern Front. Playable from both the Axis and Soviet perspective, it strives to recreate the strategy, the forces involved and the general tension of that crucial period in World War II.

Experience the highly fluid, enormously large battles of maneuver in a turn-based strategy setting. Take command in this mobile, back-and-forth sort of war where logistics and poor weather are often the decider, and defeat and victory are sometimes just a mile, or a day, apart.
  • Easy to learn and intuitive, with fast and flowing gameplay
  • Historically accurate operational-level units (Axis divisions, Soviet corps)
  • 17 single player scenarios, Axis and Soviet, at the scale of 20km per hex, 4 days per turn
  • Campaign mode that puts historical and what-if scenarios in strategic context
  • Sophisticated weather model, with realistic per-hex weather
  • Novel supply system, providing for exciting battles of encirclement and breakout
  • Belligerent and aggressive AI that knows how to counterattack and threaten supply lines
  • Integrated “History Mode” for after-action replays
  • Multiplayer via the Internet


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CPU CoresAny
CPU Speed1.6 GHz
System RAM1 GB
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  • Optional Steam Key provided with purchase. Not required.

Downloadable Content For This Game (DLC)

DLCUnity of Command - Red Turn DLCReleased 1/7/2013$9.99
DLCUnity of Command - Black Turn DLCReleased 12/11/2013$9.99

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  1. Fantastic Value
    by Jason Fischer, USA - Jan 15th 2018

    I've spent endless hours playing this simple/yet complex game. 5 stars.

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  2. Fun for a while
    by Dubbs09, USA - Nov 17th 2016

    Gets repetitive fast and doesn't provide the satisfaction of bigger more developed strategy games

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    by Wilford, United Kingdom - Jan 17th 2016

    I love staergy games, but this one sent me nuts. With no option for skill level one is set almost impossible & hugely annoying tasks. for instance one is asked to capture three cities, as not capturing & holding all three means you loose & try again. Here is the kicker, you only get seven moves, yes seven moves! This is against what I feel is a stratergy game, rush in, make bold sweeping moves only to see the computer do the same, you loose, so start over yet again. Just absurd, & as I say wholly annoying.

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  4. Surprisingly interesting !
    by Nicolas I, Canada - May 27th 2015

    As a grand strategy games player I thought this game would be too simple to be interesting. I was wrong. The scope is certainly limited and it's mainly a good entry level game for beginners. But, surprisingly, the game offer challenges and hours of play/replay. I would say it's better that it looks.

    I would have rated the game 4 or 5 if it had a difficulty level setting. It's hardly understandable this feature is lacking as it would have been really easy to implement using the existing game mechanics of prestige points. Prestige points can be used to "buy" (request from high command) more divisions or specialized brigades, so why not give more or less starting prestige as a difficulty level ?

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  5. Don't miss out
    by PACKATK, USA - Jul 10th 2014

    Probably one of the most approachable, easy to get into, complex strategy game I've played. One of the few strategy games I own where the AI actually thinks like a human player might. It also, has just enough of a challenge to make the normal victories rewarding and the desire to get a perfect score seem just out of reach but attainable.

    If you pass this little gem up you'll regret it.

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  6. Armchair Generals will love this...
    by ack5ter, United Kingdom - Jun 23rd 2014

    Bought this plus all the DLC in one of the sales just thinking I'll give it a go, cheap game and all that. Can't put it down! It looks quite simplistic as turn-based games go but the devil is in the detail. I see that other reviewers on this site keep trying to compare it to other past games they have played or seem to want this game to be like, but I have taken the attitude that it is what it is.

    It's really easy to get into and the more I played the more depth there was, easy to learn hard to master! The people behind this game obviously know their World War II history as all the units and battles seem to be present and correct. Think of this as chess with a lot more moves...

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  7. Good WWII strategy game
    by owsleyiii, USA - Jun 22nd 2014

    As Unity of Command lacks persistent units that gain experience and abilities as you play through a campaign, Panzer General it is not. However, it is a good division level take on the war in Russia from '42-'43; using mostly predeployed units [you can purchase some units with prestige earned by achieving victory conditions] you attack at weak points in the enemy line and attempt to encircle and destroy the enemy while advancing to key cities/strategic locations. The graphics & sounds are good and gameplay is quite strong: the AI is pretty tough and the movement of units, combat dynamics/combat resolution and victory conditions seem to be relatively realistic and historically authentic. The old Atari Eastern Front (1941) by Chris Crawford seems like the inspiration for this one; if you enjoyed that back in the day or are looking for a solid if fairly simple WWII strategic challenge, give Unity of Command a try.

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  8. An excellent game
    by mfpaterno, USA - Jan 9th 2014

    This game reproduces the feel of old-fashioned board and cardboard counter games, while taking advantage of the ease of play possibilities inherent in a well-designed user interface. It is the most fun game of its type I have encounted since "V for Victory", many years ago.

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  9. Panzer General it isn't
    by Brendan Doyle, USA - Jun 22nd 2013

    If you are looking for a turn based world war two strategy game with hexagons like you used to play...keep looking. This game only looks like what you want, it doesn't play like it. Very limited scope, limited map size and little to no customization.

    I had fun for about a day and then I forgot all about this game. I gave it 3 stars because it is a smooth well thought out game, but it deserves 2 stars because it has the depth of video game pinball. You start each scenario with a tiny map and troops already deployed. Now you get to attack, thats it. Next scenario, small map, pre deployed units, with little to no customization. I'm sure someone can find all the tactical glory they are looking for here, for a day or two. In the end a nice polished game that lacks depth, not worth the price.

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  10. Nice Game
    by Oliver Denker, Germany - Feb 20th 2013

    Really nice looking graphics, plays well too. Just a bit limited in its scope, but an expansion pack is already under way.

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  11. This is a great game
    by Shawn Connor, USA - Feb 5th 2013

    Panzergeneral type of game focusing on the Stalingrad campaign. Turn based, very accurate unit designations, realistic reinforcements and the limited ability to purchase units with prestige. A bit confusing at first but quickly becomes second nature. And already an expansion pack. I dig.

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