Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time

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Enjoy building crazy contraptions? Time travel? Munching on toasted sandwiches? Well, you've come to the right place!





Fallen off a cliff? Burning in lava? Just had your latest invention crushed by a frozen polar bear? Avoid all this with Doc Clock's amazing Time Slider. Enjoy the first Doc Clock time travelling adventure! Invent almost anything out of everything you find, from catapults to incredible flying machines. Travel through time as Doc Clock battles mad, misguided robots to save his beloved cat and invent the perfect toasted sandwich machine.

- Tierra Gamer - 8.5/10
"I am an inventor!"
- GameZebo
"Doc Clock is really clever stuff, bursting with personality and neat ideas"
- MMGN / N4G
"There's nothing quite as satisfying as speeding down a hill in a vehicle built out of a bathtub and launching yourself tens of metres into the air"
- Totalbiscuit / Cynical Brit
"I feel smart now, thanks to this game"
- GameVortex - 89%
"Definitely worth checking out"
  • Build amazing contraptions from scattered objects
  • Rewind time with the Doc’s incredible Timeslider
  • Harbour Sack’s sarcastic wit as he helps the Doc on his journey
  • Complete all the achievements of varying difficulties in order to master the game


Mac Requirements Minimum Supported Will It Run?
Mac OS X10.5.8Download the MacGameStore App to compare your Mac's information in real-time.

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64bit SupportNo
CPU TypeUniversal
CPU CoresAny
CPU SpeedAny
System RAM256 MB
Drive SpaceUnknown
Video RAM64 MB
Video CardAny

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  1. Strange
    by lokababy, Spain - Apr 17th 2014

    I expected more from the reviews. It's a strange game, not very entertaining.

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  2. Lots of fun
    by NorthernSpruce, Canada - Dec 15th 2012

    The basic premise is the same at every level: a little dude is traveling in time with his smart-aleck backpack and needs to build vehicles out of odds and ends. Despite the simple structure, it is very enjoyable and the physics of the game are very impressive - small changes really make a difference in the way vehicles perform. The scenes and challenges are good. The ability to re-do puzzles using a time-traveling feature (very easy to use) is great.

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