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Call of Duty Deluxe Edition contains Call of Duty and its expansion pack, Call of Duty: United Offensive.





Call of Duty Deluxe Edition contains Call of Duty and its expansion pack, Call of Duty: United Offensive.

In the war that changed the world, no one fought alone. Experience the cinematic intensity of World War II’s epic battles including D-Day, the Russian Charge at Stalingrad and the Battle for Berlin.

Call of Duty Features:
• Play through 24 epic single-player missions on four interconnected campaigns, or go online for Axis versus Allies team-based multiplayer action.
Intense battlefield moments put you in the heat of the action, capturing the chaos of battle like never before.
• Together with your squad, take on Nazi forces through a variety of authentic combat missions.
• Move through the ranks, taking on more dangerous missions such as sniper missions and ambushes until you are promoted to tank commander.

Call of Duty: United Offensive Features:
• 13 new Single-Player missions!
• 11 new Multiplayer maps and 3 new modes, with vehicles including tanks and jeeps!
• Fight in tanks, jeeps, motorcycles, even a bomber.
• Work with your squad through snow and rain, using new weapons including flamethrowers and deployable machine guns, or by calling in artillery strikes.
Join the 101st Airborne for the climactic moments of the Battle of the Bulge.
• Fight as a British airman shooting down German ME-109’s from the gunner position of a B-17 bomber, before transferring to Churchill’s elite S.O.E. and clearing the way for the invasion of Sicily.
• Finally, follow your Russian comrades into the Battle of Kursk, one of the greatest tank battles of all time.


Mac Requirements Minimum Supported Will It Run?
Mac OS X10.5.8 *Download the MacGameStore App to compare your Mac's information in real-time.

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* Not compatible with: 10.7.x, 10.8.x, 10.9.x, 10.10.x, 10.11.x, 10.12.x, 10.13.x
CPU TypeUniversal
CPU CoresAny
CPU Speed1.6 GHz
System RAM256 MB
Drive Space2.5 GB
Video RAM64 MB
Video (ati)ATI Radeon X1600 *
* Unsupported Video Cards: ATI Radeon X1300
Video (nvidia)NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 *
* Unsupported Video Cards: NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500
Video (intel)Not Supported
Important Notes:
  • Not compatible with OS X 10.7 Lion and later OSX/macOS.
  • NOTICE: This game is not supported on volumes formatted as Mac OS Extended (Case Sensitive).
  • NOTICE: Apple original CPU's only. CPU upgrades are not supported.

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  1. Its a classic... why not update it for a modern OS???!!!!
    by KillerCarroot, USA - Apr 15th 2018

    This game is a prime reason that I dont toss out my old computers... some apps and games are just too dame good to let go of! I dusted off a 10 year old Mac runing 10.6 just so that I could play this classic game. The game play (and even graphics) hold up well even today. I still play COD2 (on a modern OS, go figure) and I actually feel that the orginal COD is not only more fun to play, but has equal grafics.

    No feedback given on this review.Was this helpful? Yes No
  2. Call of Duty Deluxe Edition
    by Aleksandar Okos, Croatia - Oct 29th 2015

    Its great game,Mising some historical battles, but overall great game.

    No feedback given on this review.Was this helpful? Yes No
  3. The original at it's best
    by Alleycat, France - Aug 11th 2015

    The first and biggest 'Call of Duty' is by far the best in the series. Relive the battles of WWII in an epic Campaign from the shores of Normandy to Russia fighting against the Nazis with all the allies. Despite a few bugs (mostly on the DLC when you play like a wimp) the over 30 missions with the DLC will keep you busy for as long as the war itself!

    No feedback given on this review.Was this helpful? Yes No
  4. Tragically lazy work!
    by DoktorSulten, Norway - Jun 22nd 2014

    The game is a classic! BUT why doesn´t the developer or whoever controls the game, get off their lazy butts and adapt it to the newest Mac OS??

    My recommendeation is do not buy this game unless they do their job and change it. Because this is just bad work.

    18 out of 20 shoppers found this helpful.Was this helpful? Yes No
  5. Good game
    by Jason Ey, USA - Nov 5th 2013

    The original. A really fun game, does not have the usual health system they adopted later on, so be careful with your health. It is old, so some of the gameplay moments may seem next to impossible at harder difficulties.

    4 shoppers found this helpful.Was this helpful? Yes No
  6. A classic!
    by MadsFuhr, Denmark - Feb 7th 2012

    Yes, I've played this one more than once and I still love it...

    Great features, excellent settings and atmospheres.

    20 out of 25 shoppers found this helpful.Was this helpful? Yes No

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