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Fight off pirates, survive and protect an entire tribe in this epic adventure!




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  • Simulation  
  • Youda Games
  • 10/8/2010
  • 1.9.10
  • English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese
Ever dreamed of living on your own little island, being a real Robinson Crusoe? Now here is your chance! In Youda Survivor you end up on the funniest and most mysterious island with only some minimal tools to survive. What will it take to get you of this island? It’s up to you to get it all together and finally get back to the main land again!

Fight off pirates, survive and protect an entire tribe in this epic adventure!
Use all your skills to survive the scorching sun and unordinary conditions on this mysterious island and find your way back home... or better: to your next adventure. Win over the hearts of the native tribe by proving that you are the one person that can save them from the cunning pirates. Obtain mystical tribal items with magical powers; learn rituals which you can use to control the weather and use special machines to advance in your quest. Learn the secrets of tribal diets and boil powerful potions to make you stronger. Prove that you have what it takes to survive anywhere and under any circumstances.

Bring your adventurous spirit to life and take part in this wild journey. Lit a fire to signal ships passing by, provide yourself of some food to keep the energy going, build rafts to get to the next island and conquer the enemies surrounding your island! Meet the most exotic animals, try to find out what makes them happy and be graciously rewarded. Dive to the inner depths of the sea to find hidden tribal artifacts.
Watch out for pirates, octopuses, crabs and other animals that will try to obstruct. Help the tribe when they need you the most and provide them with food while the island is being sieged by your enemies.
Experience the tropical atmosphere in a completely different setting and stand up to the challenge of becoming the prophesized savior of the island tribe.

The further you get the more obstacles will be in your way and the harder it gets to survive. But extra points, bonuses and upgrades make it easier for you to prepare your food and build that what’s needed to get to the next island.

At certain times nature will help you in difficult situations, but we are positive you can cope with these all by yourself, just trust on your own urge to survive! You are the Survivor!
  • 80 levels
  • Explosive battle levels
  • Under-Siege levels
  • Many allies and cunning enemies
  • Scary and tough Pirates
  • Many exotic animals
  • A way to hone your survival skills without harming anyone (or anything)
  • And above all… a tropical atmosphere the way you have never experienced it before


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64bit SupportNo
CPU TypeUniversal
CPU CoresAny
CPU Speed800 MHz
System RAM256 MB
Drive SpaceUnknown
Video RAMAny
Video CardAny

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  1. Cool!
    by Anna B, Lithuania - Aug 6th 2015

    It's cool timekiller :) becomes pretty hard to play, as for me

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  2. Fantastic game
    by Millner, USA - Dec 18th 2010

    All around great game. Fast, paced and challenging but still really fun. The levels get progressively harder as they should. Do yourself a favor and download.

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  3. G R E A T
    by jomary, USA - Nov 13th 2010

    Fast-moving fun! A game you can play for hours and not get bored. I loved it!

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