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Explore the underbelly of Oz as Emerald City’s most cunning detective.




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Work with the world's most cunning detective in the shadowy underbelly of the Emerald City of Oz! As Petra, you'll be lured deep into mysteries involving new foes and familiar faces; Scarecrow, Lion, and Toto included. This is Oz as you’ve never seen it before! Solve your detective's quest and unravel a conspiracy of magic and intrigue! Follow a case through five chapters full of puzzles, witnesses, suspects, and allies.
  • Over 50 beautiful and detailed environments to explore
  • First PlayFirst game with full voiceover – 36 characters and over 6,000 lines of spoken dialog
  • A new story and twist on the timeless world and classic characters of Oz


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64bit SupportNo
CPU TypeUniversal
CPU CoresAny
CPU Speed800 MHz
System RAM256 MB
Drive SpaceUnknown
Video RAMAny
Video CardAny

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  1. Well done fun!
    by Juanita705, Canada - Jan 31st 2016

    The film noir style was well done, the diversity of Oz characters from the original series was impressive and made me nostalgic (nice tribute to Frank Baum and his books!), and the game play was not too easy but not too hard, either. It had a good story line and I was sad when I finished the game. I'd love to see more games like this one!

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  2. Love it
    by deebeefairy, Australia - Apr 14th 2014

    Love this game, not a difficult game overall. Great graphics

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  3. Not so good...
    by casual gamer, USA - Oct 4th 2010

    I was intrigued by the story (dark side of Oz) but didn't enjoy this one. Too many visual glitches (Mac 10.6) and unintuitive game play.

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    by Delia Gardner-Price, USA - May 7th 2009

    can't wait for the sequel

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  5. Refreshingly Fun
    by Fred Wayne Cole Jr, USA - Apr 7th 2009

    I just finished Emerald City Confidential and I had a blast! It took me under 10 hours but I do not regret buying it at all. This game really takes me back to the heyday of point and click adventures. The puzzles are NOT overly difficult at all (there is a built in hint system for each puzzle that will ultimately reveals the answer if you get stuck) and while you won't find yourself combining items or combing over every screen looking for useful inventory pieces what you will find is well-written and executed dialog, interesting characters and a fun story with an interesting, twist ending. There is also an interesting magic system to this game that definitely adds some depth. I am not a huge fan of the Oz books or movie(s) but I still found myself getting wrapped up in the story and there were plenty of characters I recognized from my child. The funny thing is that I didnot even realize this was an Oz game... shows how little I know about the the Ozian Mythos.

    If you are a fan of the old-school Sierra or Lucasarts point and click games, enjoy a funny story with some easy puzzles, or are a fan of Oz check out this game. Just do not go in expecting the depth of a Broken Sword, Monkey Island, Beneath a Steel Sky, Sam and Max, etc. (You'll still have fun!) I'm hoping for a sequel or something in the same vein.

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  6. A great deal at that price.
    by RichardIII, Canada - Mar 31st 2009

    I really enjoyed this game. It is quite easy to play with puzzles that will not even slow you down,and if they do, the game has a built-in hint system that allows you to choose how much of a hint you need/want. The story was good (not great but good) and the graphics were also very good. It was fun to play.

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  7. Lots of fun
    by Jennie Morgan, USA - Mar 28th 2009

    This is a great game, good dialogue and story, terrific grafics and fun to play. Loved it, hope for more from these folks. Well worth the money.

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    by Jeanne Dower, USA - Mar 28th 2009

    It's definitely a cute and very clever story but that's all it is. It's just like reading a book with almost nothing to do as a player. You have a few choices to point in the right direction and the rest is done for you.

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  9. Loved this Game!!
    by KEVIN BRIAN, Canada - Mar 24th 2009

    I found this to be one of the most refreshing, original and hilarious games I have played in ages. It is not the most difficult game in the world, but definitely one of the most entertaining!!!

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