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A classic point-and-click comic adventure created and directed by Bill Tiller.





Deep within the walls of a gloomy castle in the equally gloomy land of Draxsylvania, the young, gifted opera singer Mona De Lafitte is held captive by her tormentor, vampire Baron Shrowdy von Kiefer. Ever since she was transformed into a vampire by Shrowdy and whisked off to Draxsylvania, her greatest wish has been to return to Paris, continue her singing career, and one day become a star at the Paris Opera.

When Shrowdy fails to return from a nightly foray, she at last sees an opportunity to flee. Together with her only friend and confidant, a cheeky bat named Froderick, she escapes from her prison and tries to find her way back to Paris. During her flight through Draxsylvania, where she encounters some strange inhabitants and some even stranger challenges, Mona must learn not only to accept her vampire nature, but also to use the abilities she has acquired to her advantage.

The classic adventure "A Vampyre Story" is penned by Bill Tiller, who was involved in the creation of such milestones of the genre as "The Dig" and "The Curse of Monkey Island". Players use a point-and-click interface to direct Mona and Froderick through a richly detailed world consisting of more than 30 beautifully hand-painted locations that utilizes real time 'Multiplane' camera technology, that entice the viewer to examine and explore. On her puzzle-filled journey to Paris, Mona meets more than 20 3D-characters, ranging from the just plane silly to the very strange, in over 15 hours of brain-teasing fun.
  • A classic point-and-click comic adventure created and directed by Bill Tiller
  • More than 30 hand-drawn locations in 2D
  • rendered using a real time 3d 'multi-plane' camera
  • More than 25 characters
  • Mona's vampire abilities and restrictions create interesting gameplay


Mac Requirements Minimum Supported Will It Run?
Mac OS X10.6.8 *Download the MacGameStore App to compare your Mac's information in real-time.

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* Not compatible with: 10.10.x, 10.11.x, 10.12.x
CPU TypeIntel Mac Only
CPU CoresAny
CPU Speed1.3 GHz
System RAM512 MB
Drive Space3 GB
Video RAM64 MB
Video CardAny
Important Notes:
  • Not compatible with OS X 10.10 Yosemite and later OSX/macOS.

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  1. Love this game
    by Sonny101, United Kingdom - Jun 2nd 2014

    Very good game. Funny and easy to play. The graphics are great and they are lots of different locations to explore.

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  2. Why can't excellent games be produced?
    by Paola Di Bello, Italy - Jan 4th 2014

    I loved this game: the story, the riddles, the puzzles, not mentioning the character design and the dialogues... I thought I finally found a gold mine of point and click games. However, I was very disappointed when I found out they won't be producing the sequel of the game. Too good to be true, as usual.
    Nonetheless, the game is awesome and deserves your attention, all of you point and click geeks out there! Really funny and intelligent!

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  3. I love Mona and Froderick!!
    by Simona, Italy - Dec 14th 2013

    Great artwork and great gameplay, it's a really enjoyable adventure game, I'm still awaiting for the sequel...!!

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  4. Nice effort
    by NorthernSpruce, Canada - Nov 3rd 2013

    A lot of effort went into this game but there is *so* much talking and the puzzles are are not that interesting. Bugs throughout: at points it is impossible to save or quit so you have force quit and lose any progress, and at points there is no way to fast forward the lengthy speeches with the space bar. The humour was pretty vulgar, and torture is often used as a comic theme, which I find offensive. I regret wasting money on this since I don't enjoy it at all.

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  5. really nice
    by ruxxa, Romania - Nov 26th 2010

    it was fun and exciting... funny characters and good jokes:)

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  6. Pretty Good
    by Lucas Haley, USA - Nov 5th 2010

    I agree with most of these other reviews - the game is fun, maybe a little too much talking. The most annoying thing are well-reported crashes that are unaddressed by the developer.

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  7. yawn
    by Naomi Smits, Netherlands - Apr 5th 2010

    I had no patience to finish this game. it looks nice and has a lot of humor, but the system to play it is terrible.

    I resent that I coulnd't try out this game (no demo version) and paid way too many $$ while I don't even like it anough to finish it. grmbl.

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  8. Fun game, with technical difficultues, and bad support.
    by Andre Wehe, USA - Jan 11th 2010

    First about the game design:
    The best in this game are funny dialogs and the strange characters like a vampyre lady neglecting she is a vampire - hilarious.

    Technical difficulties:
    The game runs nice under Leopard, but struggles in Snow Leopard with occasional crashes or even forcing you to cold-restart your computer. It is a bummer that one cannot switch between applications when running game.

    Company's support:
    Beware, if one reinstalls the game more than twice one gets locked out of the game with the error message "This registration code is already registered on two machines. Please contact support@vpltd.com.com for assistance.". Unfortunately, the company does not respond to this email address quickly, if at all, at least I am still waiting for a response for several days.

    Nice game, but I expected higher quality from a Mac software.

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  9. Kinda stupid
    by Angela Whittington, USA - Mar 3rd 2009

    Not worth the 29.99 it costs. No guidance in the game. Good graphics, but to much yapping.

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  10. funny Vampires
    by K.Baillie, Canada - Mar 1st 2009

    I agree with Julie, the game was great, not too difficult but enough to be amusing. Only complaint as well is the LENGTH! I am hoping for a sequel and a longer one. I think there is a lot they could do to this game to take it to a great to fanatastic game. Nice little bout of ESCAPISM!

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  11. Amusing but questionable
    by Jeanne Dower, USA - Mar 1st 2009

    I wrote a very negative review at first and I'll try and be more helpful. The graphics and idea are good but the humor is childish (and offensive for young players) and hard to find the right age group for this game. With the cleverness of the game I would have liked more involvement for the player. I felt like I was just watching and listening to a very good effort by the writers but not enough to do as a player. A lot of $$ for this.

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  12. Fun and Amusing
    by Jennie Morgan, USA - Feb 28th 2009

    Beautiful game with not too difficult play. The conversations can be very funny, and the surrroundings are engrossing. Not long enough, but there is a sequel coming. Enjoy!

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  13. A Vampyre Story
    by Seth Foreman, USA - Feb 18th 2009

    Love the whole environment! Gameplay is simple enough, you go around the castle and pick up useful items and figure out ways to use them that will help you escape.

    My biggest problem is that the game crashes from time to time. Hopefully this will be fixed. In the mean time, remember to save your game.

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