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Explore a vast, war-torn world, create and mold your own army of strange, powerful monsters and more.




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The final chapter in this fantasy epic. Return to the world of the Shapers one final time. Explore a vast, war-torn world, create and mold your own army of strange, powerful monsters, and choose a side to help lead to final victory.
  • Enormous world, with over 80 areas to explore.
  • Choose among five different factions, each with its own beliefs, cities, and quests. Help the rebels or fight them. Your choices will shape the world.
  • Dozens of different endings. Choose for yourself how the saga will finally end.
  • Many paths to victory. Slay your enemies or use stealth and diplomacy to outwit them. Become engrossed in the storyline or just go out and wreak havoc.
  • Lots of replay value.
  • Prior experience with the Geneforge series is completely unnecessary.


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  1. I personally enjoyed it.
    by The Pickle, USA - Feb 3rd 2016

    If you want magnificent graphics and fascinating movie cutscenes, never mind this game. It has neither. What it DOES have is excellent replay value; customizable skill points; a huge, open world with plenty of stuff to steal and locks to pick; different conversation options at certain points that can affect your character's reputation; many, MANY spells to learn and creatures to upgrade; many groups of monsters to conquer and loot to sell; and a compelling main storyline. It's a little difficult at times, but if you're a wimp you can change the difficulty setting at any time from the Pause menu. (I'm kidding about the wimp part.)

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  2. Not worth it
    by Jesper Larsen, Afghanistan - Feb 10th 2014

    The game is simply not worth the money.. Felt like a game from the 80's

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  3. Great RPG
    by The Count, Italy - Aug 29th 2013

    Another wonderful RPG from Spiderweb with a very good story and a long game play. Buy it!

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  4. It's still got some life
    by Shaitan, USA - Oct 9th 2010

    I think I've played all the Geneforge games; some not to completion due to their length. This is one is balanced and challenging. If you can overlook the dated graphics you'll be rewarded with a great RPG. That said, I'd really love to see Spiderware Software reinvent their UI - it's so 1990s!

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  5. Another great Spiderweb game
    by Jennie Morgan, USA - Aug 30th 2009

    Jeff Vogel continues to write great games that take time, have good story line, and can give hours of immersive fun. The graphics are simple, but timeless. Well worth the price. Enjoy.

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  6. Not Very Satisfied
    by Stephen Rinehart, Germany - Apr 3rd 2009

    Im not really into "beautiful" graphics but this the graphics in this game are horrible. Not only are the graphics outdated, the gameplay will make you feel old very fast. In other words its a very slow game. The layout of the game is ok. I think I got grey hair from playing 45 minutes. The pricing is outrageous as well. I wouldnt even pay 10 USD for this game.

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  7. Proof that an interesting story trumps the latest graphics
    by Jan Nedelka, USA - Feb 12th 2009

    All the Geneforge games are a pleasure to play, and Geneforge 5 is no different. Gameplay is long, and the side quests can get complicated, adding to the depth of play. The player has some liberty with choices, and they are more complex than Angelic/Pure Evil. While players can jump straight to Geneforge 5, they will enjoy some of the backstory and cameos from earlier games if they have played 1-4. Highly recommended!

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  8. Absolutely wonderful game
    by istara, Australia - Jan 12th 2009

    Like all Spiderweb Software titles, Geneforge 5 has amazing gameplay and a really interesting, vivid storyline.

    It is really complete as an RPG in every aspect, from character development - class, levelling, equipment and so on - to varied and interesting quests and a lot of significant moral choices.

    You can play very much as a single character, or you can raise a little army of different creatures to help you fight. After a while they become like pets - even though you should probably reabsorb them and build stronger ones later on, you can get really attached to your starting creations.

    Best of all is how original the storyline is. You don't need to have played any previous Spiderweb games, or even any previous Geneforge ones. Geneforge 5 has a completely stand-alone, original and unique plot. But if you do enjoy this you will almost certainly want to go and play earlier games in the series, as well as Spiderweb's brilliant Avernum series.

    Geneforge 5 will give you dozens of hours of gameplay even if you rush through it. And if you take your time - exploring every nook and cranny - you are likely to get well over 100 hours of enjoyment from it. The game is also very replayable as there are so many factions and plotlines, it is really like getting a game and a half, rather than just one game. Whole areas, quests and NPCs will be quite different depending on who your allies are.

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  9. Absolutely Spellbinding...
    by Justin Ancheta, Canada - Jan 9th 2009

    As expected from a Spiderweb title, GF5 merges not-so-stellar graphics and sound with a truly stellar plot and character development. The graphics themselves, as limited as they are, are a welcome improvement over past Spiderweb games - the engine now supports widescreen resolutions, which is a long-overdue feature. The morally ambiguous progression of both the PC and the plot are still here, which may leave people crossing over from Spiderweb's Avernum series (like myself) a little frustrated. There's plenty to see, do, and kill, though the combat may prove too overwhelming in some areas for the less-hardcore crowd.

    Overall, I highly recommend it - the immersivity of the plot and gameworld, not to mention the depth of the characters and the choices they are faced with more than outweighs the graphics and sound deficiencies. At least this means that this game is still quite playable on older hardware, and is great for MacBook or Mac mini users with Intel GMA graphics.

    At the very least, it's worth trying out the demo, which for a demo is huge and gives you a very good feel for the game's tone and playing style.

    Notably, I would have given this game five stars but for a rather pesky bug which on my system limits sounds to one channel (other users have reported no problems with the sound, but others have on the Spiderweb forums).

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