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A young researcher discovers a book that could change the balance of power.




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What started out as a casual obsession over the world’s most sought after legends becomes reality when a young researcher discoveries a book that could change the balance of power in a centuries old struggle. A book so important that in the wrong hands could be devastating. Follow Zoe and Charleston Black as they unravel a mystery contained within a long forgotten book about one of the world’s most mysterious legend of all, Excalibur.
  • Travel 5 Countries
  • Puzzle and Hidden object combined
  • Captivating story


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  1. Pretty good for an older game...
    by LunaNik, USA - May 11th 2018

    Similar to The DaVinci Code, follow clues from one historical site to another to find Excalibur. To fund your journey, people will send you requests for items and photos at the sites you visit (HO scenes which are much more challenging than today's pro forma games). There's quite a lot of dialogue, but you can click through it as fast as you can read.
    Storyline = 5 stars
    Gameplay = 4 stars
    Level of Challenge = 4 stars
    Graphics/Animation = 3 stars (only because it's outdated in 2018)
    Sound = 3 stars (a bit repetitive)

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  2. Way too much dialogue
    by Jennie Morgan, USA - Feb 17th 2009

    The story is simple and so are the puzzles.The conversations between brother and sister are irritating and waste time. Not worth the money.

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  3. Book of duds...don't bother!
    by Alyse Laing, USA - Jan 7th 2009

    It is way to easy and simplistic. It ends abruptly and is not worth the money. I am very dissappointed in this purchase.

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  4. Book of Legends
    by Robin Khan, England - Nov 30th 2008

    I was very disappointed by this game. It is so boring and simplistic. All objects are easy to find. Dialogue is childish. Graphics are poor quality. Can't think of a good reason to buy this.

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  5. Fun for beginner but slow for pro
    by April Ward, USA - Nov 26th 2008

    If you are looking for a fast challenging game this one will not be for you, the dialogue is to slow and the game gets boring way to fast. I will pass on this dog.

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  6. Not a keeper...
    by Linda Rosenfield, USA - Nov 26th 2008

    I found the game to be story heavy. There's a fine line between too much story and just enough. This was way too talky and the puzzles weren't exactly puzzles since you are told what to look for and exactly what to do with it all through the game. So not great as a puzzler but decent as an HO. The mini-games are actually different versions on the HO theme.

    If you like challenging casuals this probably wouldn't fit the bill but if you just want a variation of the standard HO then this works well for super casual players.

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  7. 8 out 10...Good Game
    by K.Baillie, Canada - Nov 21st 2008

    A good HO game with nearly 100 levels. The grahics are great and there are many different kinds of puzzles. There are some mini games. You get time off for frequent wrong clicking and bonus for speed clicking. At first you must find hidden objects the usual way from a list. As the game progresses you find the objects from word clues. i.e. (read + mornin + daily = newspaper) There are approx. 12 mini games which are average games. I have seen better one. The game is very long and enjoyable because of it's story driven plot and good graphics.

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