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Atlantic Quest Icon
Way too easy
by zoomball, USA - Oct 14th 2018

Played all the way through this in a few hours. No challenge at the higher levels. Perhaps OK for people who are just starting t play match 3 games.

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Rescue Team 8 Collector’s Edition Icon
by lomo, Switzerland - Oct 14th 2018

Level 18, heli freezes and no way to play. the profile is always corrupted and i have to start from the beginning (level 1). all the other games 1 - 7 do not have this problems. the problems should be solved!

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Stellaris: Humanoids Species Pack Icon
Cosmetic only
by Air Whick, USA - Oct 14th 2018

Cosmetic DLC that while it does add great looking ships to the humanoid races....It doesn't add much else of value if you're short on cash.

Can be safely avoided and still get full game play value from base game.

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True Detective Solitaire Icon
True Detective Solitaire
by Laurette T.1, Canada - Oct 14th 2018

I enjoy playing this game. I can play it for hours.

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Europa Universalis IV: Rule Britannia Icon
Absolute must have!
by Daniel S.6, Spain - Oct 13th 2018

This DLC focuses primarily in completely revamping the entire british islands, adds a ton of new missions and events for Ireland/Scotland/England/Wales but specially for England.

If you like playing as England or haven't in a while, this DLC will make it worth your time. Overall, exceptionally good for the price and content.

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Whispered Secrets: Everburning Candle Collector's Edition Icon
Whispered Secrets Burning Candle CE
by deaun Welch, USA - Oct 12th 2018

I liked this game. It's really different and there is a lot of game to play.

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Lost Lands: The Golden Curse Collector's Edition Icon
Un lungo fantastico viaggio - A long fantastic journey
by Roberto Guarchi, Italy - Oct 12th 2018

Delle molte qualità e dei pochissimi difetti delle produzioni Five-Bn ho già scritto. Di questo gioco (qui, purtroppo, solo in inglese) vorrei prima di tutto mettere in risalto le illustrazioni ed i filmati realistici, di alta qualità e molto curati nei particolari (ad esempio, all'inizio del gioco si osservi il "tocco" favoloso della nuvola in movimento riflessa nella pozzanghera mentre parla Maaron). Passiamo alla storia: come sempre, è un racconto molto denso e pieno di spunti narrativi, che parte da una ben strana maledizione: l'azione di un cuore puro che scatena il male. Così si spiega il filmato iniziale e da qui inizia il nostro lungo viaggio che ci porterà in fantastici scenari dove incontreremo favolosi personaggi e mille sorprese. Dal punto di vista della tecnica e delle azioni di gioco, si conferma tutta la "ricchezza" di Five-Bn, con in più la necessità di raccogliere gli oggetti moderni caduti dalla borsa di Susan per compiere alcune azioni! Ps: lunga vita ha chi ha inventato il sistema della mappa e la guida strategica. Quattro stelle, consiglio di acquistarlo!

[I have already written about the many qualities and the very few defects of the Five-Bn productions. Of this game (here, unfortunately, only in English) I would like first of all to highlight the realistic illustrations and movies, high quality and very accurate in detail (for example, at the beginning of the game you observe the "touch" fabulous of the moving cloud reflected in the puddle while talking Maaron). Let's move on to the story: as always, it is a story very dense and full of narrative cues, which starts from a very strange curse: the action of a pure heart that triggers evil. This explains the initial film and from here begins our long journey that will take us to fantastic scenarios where we will meet fabulous characters and a thousand surprises. From the point of view of technique and game actions, all the "wealth" of Five-Bn is confirmed, plus the need to collect modern objects fallen from Susan's purse to perform some actions! Ps: long life has who invented the map system and strategic guidance. Four stars, I recommend buying it!]

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Fright Collector's Edition Icon
Fright CE
by deaun Welch, USA - Oct 12th 2018

This is one of my favorite games. I love the stark realism. Would like to see more of this type.

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The Escapists 2 Icon
Better than the first!
by Dylan K.6, United Kingdom - Oct 11th 2018

In many ways Escapists 2 is better than the original. It gets far more challenging and has local coop and online multiplayer! I found the transit prisons a nice new feature where you have to escape a moving train. Boat etc.

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Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization Icon
Can't but recommend
by Daniel S.6, Spain - Oct 9th 2018

If you're a big fan of EUIV this is a must have expansion. It introduces many new things that you can do in peace time and during war time.

It has a lot of small improvements that in my opinion make each nation unique on its own with a major focus on army professionalism where a new layer of strategy is added to the overall gameplay of conquering and warfare and also a lot of improvements to nations that follow Islam with new schools and faith modifiers depending on how religious/secular your ruler is.

Overall, a great addition. If you can't stop playing EUIV, this is a must have.

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Jumpman Forever Icon
Love it!
by Froggie, USA - Oct 9th 2018

Played the original on the coleco flashback, happy to find one I can play on my Mac. Fun as ever, has some interesting improvements/modifications. Visuals are nice, has interesting menu music. Levels get complicated pretty quick. Overall a great game to pass the time.

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1,000 Heads Among the Trees Icon
Not a Great Game
by Froggie, USA - Oct 9th 2018

Eh, not a very good game. Visuals are dated, audio seems random. Has some weird stuff in it. Those shadows are spooky! Played about an hour, but it never got interesting, just weird. Not my cup of tea; probably will shelf this one.

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Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Icon
by Froggie, USA - Oct 9th 2018

Fun game, though sometimes hard. Doesn't have native gamepad support, but using steam's key mapper, it can be done. Story's pretty interesting. Don't get to use a lightsaber til late in the game, but it's still fun to blast your way through the missions.

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Rescue Team 8 Collector’s Edition Icon
Love this series, but I can't get past level 18...
by Lenora Young, USA - Oct 8th 2018

I was able to "work around" some of the lower level "bugs." But no matter what I do, I cannot get beyond level 18. And yes, I downloaded the "update." Too bad, because there's something soothing about playing these games.

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Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's Lenore Collector's Edition Icon
by rosemary jean dyer, United Kingdom - Oct 8th 2018

Played loads of HO games and many from this storyline but this one is the best value yet!

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Crusader Kings II: Jade Dragon Icon
Interesting DLC if you play on the far east
by João Costa, Portugal - Oct 7th 2018

THere are 3 interesting features in this DLC:
1) china - you can interact with it in the east part of the map; it is interesting trying to make sure china doesn't see you ripe for conquering at the same time trying to gain soemthing from thr relationship
2) The new artifacts and portraits increase the immersion a lot. When playing as a western catholic power and during your crusade you steal some sort of artifact it makes you wonder how far it has travveled; it makes the world feel more alive.
3) The new casus belli are very useful to the early- mid game

IMO it is a DLC worth buying if you play at the far east like tibet and india. If you only play with western powers this DLC does very little that will affect you.

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Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet Edition Icon
by Caleb H.4, USA - Oct 7th 2018

It is pretty great. very hard though, need to watch many videos to understand

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Life is Strange: Before the Storm Deluxe Edition Icon
A Memorizing Game!
by Kellina G., USA - Oct 6th 2018

This memorable game really tugged at my heartstrings. It was undoubtedly an emotional gameplay since I knew the fate of Rachel Amber and Chloe Price. In the first game, Life is Strange, we didn't get to see the complex nature of Rachel's and Chloe's friendship at all. However, in this prequel, you begin to really understand how deep their friendship ran. Even though her unique personality can be self-involved at times, I am a true Rachel Amber fan! I'm so delighted the developers decided to showcase her wild personality and bond with Chloe in this prequel. The gameplay mimics the first Life is Strange game, however, there are no superpowers involved. Once you have made a decision, it cannot be undone. The storyline is rich and filled with twists that keep you in suspense. The characters are well developed and have great dialogue with one another. The soundtrack is amazing! The soundtrack compelled me to look on Spotify for certain songs. In total, it took me 13 hours to complete the entirety of the three episodes. With that said, this game will keep you busy for a while. I have yet to play the bonus episode, but I am sure I will love it. Overall, I appreciate this game more so than the first game. The bond between Chloe and Rachel really intrigued me and it was nice being able to stick with a decision without the pressure of using powers. This game is one of the few that achieves a nostalgic, melancholy, and wondrous feeling when playing.

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Max Payne 3: Complete Pack Icon
by Tommy J.1, USA - Oct 6th 2018

Best Max Payne Game.
I highly recommend you guys to try it out!!

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SteamWorld Dig Icon
Wonderful game
by T'hain Esh Kelch, Denmark - Oct 6th 2018

If you are looking for a simple, yet somewhat challeging game, oosing with charm, then this is the one you go for.

You play a robot who arrives in a small town in a desert, looking for his uncle. You start digging below the city, and find all kinds of wonders! Armed with only a pickaxe, you have to work your way through minor puzzles, easy enemies, and dig to find gems and other treasures. Along the way you'll get various upgrades and other stuff.

Graphics are really well done, cute, bot not too cutesy, and really fits the world. It is oosing with charm! Gameplay is great, with an emphasis on platforming and minor puzzle solving. Game is quick to load, and easy to learn. Story is not the important part here, but it does the trick.

Highly recommended!

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