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Escape from Paradise
by Susan Hanley, Australia - Aug 9th 2007

I think this game could benefit from a few additions, such as an overall map to see exactly where everyone is at a given time. Moving around the site is clumsy. Some of the games - such as Firewalk - are slow moving and appear to be aimed at children. The games are not always succint in their instructions (take Bridge Battle for instance). I found all the games slow and would have liked a bit more excitement in them.

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Performance increase?
by Lewis, England - Aug 9th 2007

OK, so I like almost everyone, I love Halo, and own the PPC version of it. I have an Intel Dual Core MacBook 2 GHz, 1 GB RAM, etc. with the infamous Intel GMA 950 integrated graphics chip. And I know that I'm not 'supposed' to play this game as you need a good ATI/nVidia one, but that's wrong. You don't. I play the PPC one very happily (I haven't tried multiplayer yet though - will this evening) with all the settings at max! Even on the biggest environments it's smooth. Looks gorgeous. Anyway, as soon as I buy this Universal edition (luckily I kept the PPC version) and run it, all is wrong. With all settings high and the timedemo on, it unexpectedly quits. It works without the timedemo. But - sometimes - scratch that - often NPC models (Master Chief too actually) just change colour! Or sometimes, are just black! It's awful. And, if you turn all the settings down, it works... but why play would you want to play it with the settings down (so it looks *awful* - and MC's visor is still black) when you have a PPC version that works with them at max! Oh, and lastly, the PPC saves aren't compatible with the UB version, so you have to start again - it wouldn't be a chore if the graphics were any good... So, in conclusion, a word of caution: Only download this if you have a MacBook Pro. It will not give you the performance boost you are looking for on a MacBook. Stick with the PPC version. It looks great, and most importantly, works.

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Buggy piece of rubbish
by Andrew Ian Dodge, USA - Aug 9th 2007

Downloaded this game and it can't even get through the tutorial without crashing. I downloaded the update and the game is still rubbish. I am playing on a MacBook with max RAM.

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Way too short!!
by Carol Hintermeier, USA - Aug 9th 2007

While I thoroughly enjoyed the puzzles this game provided, I was really surprised to see that I was near the end after a few hours total playtime. The puzzles are great! Graphics are great! I just don't think I got my money's worth on this one.

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Dream Chronicles
by Amanda, USA - Aug 4th 2007

Really like the Game, but it is way too short.

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Crash bug
by Frank Pryor, USA - Aug 4th 2007

Halo UB crashes, will not allow you to continue a game where you left of and requires that you start again from scratch. Contact with Destineer revealed that this is a KNOWN bug, possibly a conflict with QT 7.2. When asked, they gave me a Byzantine recipe to force installation of QT 7.1.6.

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Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 2 Icon
Excellent Game For The Whole Family!
by KATHY KEELER, Canada - Aug 2nd 2007

I usually play the mystery games but decided to try super collapse for a change. I was instantly hooked. I am ususally the only one in the family playing games on computer. The others us wii and xbox. They started watching me and then the wanted to try it. There are so many levels and galleries, so there is the right difficulty for everyone. They are short nice hopefully quick games so that you can stop and play one for a 10 min. break and go back to something else. GREAT GAME!

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Aloha Solitaire Icon
by John LaCroix Crocker, USA - Jul 29th 2007

I still enjoy it the morning with Hawwainn music, sorry if I mispelt that, and may days go by better when I've played a little. It's a great early in the morning late at night bed game, for us who like a leisurely life.

Have a good one,


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Puzzles for hours!
by Lisa M. Anderson, USA - Jul 28th 2007

This is one of the best puzzle games I've ever played. Good variety of types of puzzles, and a good progression of difficulty as the game progresses.

The first time I played it, I was hooked. The demo wasn't enough! Once I had purchased the game, I actually played it for three and a half hours straight-until I got stuck on a puzzle and realized it was late.

The fact that you can go back and re-play any of the puzzles makes it a keeper; they continue to provide me with hours of brain-twisters even after finishing the game narrative.

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by Jeanena Spencer, USA - Jul 26th 2007

I had Scrabble for my old system and played it a lot as a break or while waiting for revisions. With OSX, I got the "Deluxe" version on CD from another company and HATED it! You had to have the CD in and it took over your screen and was too flashy.

The dictionary and hint functions in this version are easy to use, intuitive and much better (and more up to date) than the high priced verson from elsewhere.

If you're looking for a flashy game with lots of (useless) bells and whistles this may not be for you. But if you're interested in just enjoying a basic game of Scrabble this is the answer.

This version is perfect for me. I play against the computer so networking doesn't interest me. I like being able to pause it, do something else and come back to play on the next break. I've already gotten well more than my money's worth in enjoyment.

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Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Icon
Eccentric and engaging
by Cynkee, USA - Jul 23rd 2007

I did this backwards, as I purchased Ravenhearst first and then worked my way backwards through the Mystery Case Files. For better or worse, this one is my favorite.

I loved the storyline and the whole otherworldly atmosphere of the game. The hand-drawn puzzles were beautiful and in keeping with the mood. The door puzzles were challenging,but not overly frustrating, and a lot of fun.

The game was visually stunning and the music and eerie voice urging me on were perfect accompaniments to an already engrossing experience.

If you like searching games and appreciate a good puzzle wrapped in a mystery, this is the game for you.

I can't wait for the next installment!

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Dream Chronicles is an excellent choice
by Rita Hanley, Canada - Jul 21st 2007

I felt quite alone in that place of "Wish". On a mission to find my husband and break the spell. Wondering just how many jewels there were...was I finding them all. The Music Room has taught me how to play a bit on the piano. The graphics are glorious. So far I have played this game 5 times to try to get all the jewels and remember the sequences at the stairway. The puzzles are great. In have a winner with Dream Chronicles.

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Azada Icon
by KATHY KEELER, Canada - Jul 20th 2007

I like hide and seek games but tend to get bored with all the similar ones out there. This game has more to offer. It has enough hide and seek to keep you happy, plus a variety of other puzzles to mix it up and keep it interesting. One of the better puzzle games recently out. There is even a strategy guide online for those who get stuck.

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Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery Icon
by Carol Hintermeier, USA - Jul 20th 2007

This version improves upon the original-the undo feature is really great! The new "tools" the professor has to use really make the puzzle solving even more intriguing. If you like puzzles, this is the one!

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Azada Icon
by Derek Eaton, England - Jul 20th 2007

What a fantastic game, the puzzles are great and very stimulating I am 68 and yes I managed to get to the end but what fun I just could hnot stop going back and trying over and over wntil I completed every puzzle, I was determined not to pass on any of the games, brain teasers everything. Sorry I enjoyed this sooo much just hope I can find something 1/2 as good to keep me occupied. Boy was this great or what. You may have guessed this was the first game I have really got into that I just could not put down, Thanks everyone who helped make it when is the next one coming??????

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Beautiful Puzzles!
by Jennifer Vail, USA - Jul 16th 2007

I enjoy puzzle games with a bit of a plot, and I'm not sure what I was expecting when I downloaded the Demo, but I was quite impressed with it right off the bat. The game itself doesn't explain much about the "plot" but the puzzles more than make up for it. They are puzzles of differing levels and variations from around the world. Most of them you have probably encountered in one form or another usually in a stretch your mind setting at school.

The refreshing thing about this game is that it makes no bones about being a puzzle game. The first thing you do is click on a desk and the the puzzles are off and running. The plot is light and begins to get intriguing around the third "chapter" (set of puzzles) or so.

I downloaded the demo and played for nearly three hours after the demo expired. I am only about half way through. Definitely worth it.

Wish there were more pretty puzzles like this out there (but the ones I do have all came from here, so thanks Mac Game Store!).

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Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection Icon
Cool, awesome!
by jonas dunlap, USA - Jul 15th 2007

cool,awsome,and tons of fun..........................

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Azada Icon
by Lynne Leonowicz, England - Jul 15th 2007

I love puzzles and this game had me hooked right from the start.Unlike other puzzle games I have tried, this had a good selection of puzzles, from matching 3 to solving mysteries!

This would also be a good game for parents to play with children - has a lot of educational possibilities - number, matching, literacy, cause and effect etc.

Overall Ithoroughly enjoyed it, and can't wait to find out why I needed to learn the code on the last page!

Many thanks

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A good "5 Minute Break" game
by James Yee, USA - Jul 12th 2007

If you want a Roman tactical game but you don't have the time to devote to the bigger games like Age of Empires or Rome Total War, then Legion Arena is right up your alley.

Featuring quick (I think 10 minutes was my longest fight) battles, units that improve over time, and true army development and customization this game does a lot in a limited amount of space.

The game isn't very flashy, or very detailed, but it gets the point across nicely. Good for the general on the go, who doesn't have the hours he wants to spend runing an entire empire.

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Adventure Inlay Safari Edition Icon
Great Game!
by KATHY KEELER, Canada - Jul 12th 2007

Kept me busy for hours.......still stuck on one puzzle. Puzzles range from easy to difficult. Just as you think they are a breeze a difficult one comes along that can stump you. esp. in the strategy mode.

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