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Bullet Candy is very fun, retro-cool
by Michael Montalto, USA - Apr 26th 2008

This game is very fun.
The graphics can be set to lower resolution
for G4's with lower-end graphics cards and still perform great. (Mine is a ATI 9200 32MB) The lower OS requirements
worked for me too. (I still run Mac OS 10.3.9)
This makes me happy to find fun games from MGS that work great on my system.
If you have a higher end system it should work even nicer. For 4 bucks I can't complain.
It's like a hybrid of Tempest, Asteroids, and Robotron all mixed together.
The techno music makes it even funner and the
sound effects are very cool.
Very fun old-school gaming- Likely the best I've played on my Mac. Great eye-candy.

Only problem I've experienced is firing won't
stop since I've bought and played the Full version. I'm sure I'll find a solution or fix to it soon.

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Build-a-lot Icon
Strategy in Mind - Addictive
by Nathan Cunningham, USA - Apr 26th 2008

Its been awhile since I have played simulation type games. What makes this game addictive are the different stages of houses; their upgrades, their building values, etc. You start off with mostly $100k and 1000 supplies in each goal stage (career mode with 36 levels). Theres about 3-4 levels within a goal stage. These levels include, building 3 or 4 star homes (mansion, castles, etc) on premier lots. The game introduces new house or building type in each stage so you get a feel for the game. I recommend building one colonial and one tudor home in the beginning to get quick cash when you sell them.
Look out for house taxes and building repairs. Thats why you build a sawmill, a bank, and hire more workers to keep your cashflow going.
I could imagine different building expansions to the game or a sequel.
I didn't think this was like sim city 2000 and I am glad it didn't turn out that way!
Nathan C, Portland, Oregon.

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Kudos Rock Legend Icon
Better than the first KUDOS
by KATHY KEELER, Canada - Apr 26th 2008

Rock Legends is a much tighter games than the first Kudos. Many avatars to pick from and up to 6 members in your band. Your goal is straight forwart "To Become A Rock Legend. It is still a sims game so that type must appeal to you to enjoy. Each band member has their own personality and traits which are fun. Instead of mini games you have the Songs Creation portion which is quite fun. Get more challenging as the band grows e.g. the expense of rehersal space and the band sounding off. I am still playing and having fun!

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Hoyle Card Games 2008 Icon
Ok game, but...
by tominco, USA - Apr 26th 2008

Both this game and the Hoyle Board and Puzzle Game are ok games. Nothing too exciting, but if you want a wide collections of card games and/or board games these are good. Beware that only the user who installs the game can play it. It is not possible for other logins to play. This is why I gave the game a "bad" overall rating.

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Penumbra: Overture Icon
Bad,bad graphics
by Christopher Chandler, USA - Apr 26th 2008

I agree that the graphics are quite bad. Most objects that you need to use are only half visible. I honestly wouldn't recommend this game.

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Cake Mania
by Kamyo, USA - Apr 26th 2008

This is a fun game. It gets really challenging when you have to add decorations and the customer wants more layers. Some customers are fussy, and some are patient. It's a lot of fun trying to make your baker goal.

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Diner Dash: Hometown Hero Icon
Diner Dash - Hometown Hero
by Kamyo, USA - Apr 26th 2008

This one is fun, but it gets really hard too fast. I can't get past the 2nd level. I haven't tried the other diner dash games, but this one is very challenging. However, I'm going to keep trying.

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Ricochet Lost Worlds Icon
by Jeanne Dower, USA - Apr 21st 2008

This is FUN! The previous shopper sold me and I'm hooked as well. Even got my husband into this one. I usually like adventure or hidden objects but this takes agility and it's extremely clever and fast! You'll never get bored with this.


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The Hidden Object Show Icon
Long but really bad
by Jeanne Dower, USA - Apr 20th 2008

The graphics were the worst yet in a hidden object game and the format was obnoxious. I wanted to strangle the guy who keeps saying "you rock". There were even misspellings of the objects. Some you couldn't recognize at all and even when the "hint" showed the item you still couldn't tell what it was. There are a lot of hints however and the game is long. So if you have nothing to do at all at night buy this until another Dream Chronicles or similar comes out.

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Dream Chronicles 2 Icon
Beautiful Place To Be
by Jeanne Dower, USA - Apr 20th 2008

The puzzles were great! Some easy and some very hard but that's what makes it fun...and you can always get help from walkthroughs. Along with the clever puzzles my favorite aspect of the game are the incredible graphics and sound. The creators did an extraordinary job of making this a pleasant place to relax and use our brain. I almost hated to leave some of the scenes. So it's excellent to replay and also increase your score. Brilliant game! Make more like this especially for us forgotten Mac users.


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Dream Chronicles 2 Icon
Great Game
by Ásdís Baldvinsdóttir, Iceland - Apr 20th 2008

I too, bought both games together and they are very enjoyable! I wait for the 3rd!! Greetings sds

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Betty's Beer Bar Icon
Don't waist your time
by Erica Smith, USA - Apr 19th 2008

Awful! Has to be the most boring game I have EVER played!!

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The Count of Monte Cristo Icon
count of monte cristo
by Jose Mari M. Suico, Philippines - Apr 19th 2008

I bought this game just two days ago after I tested the demo product. Have I read the reviews first, I should have not bought this game coz all the reviews I read, I experience them too. Sadly, my sisters also bought the game. I just hope that the author/creator of this game could find ways to help us who have bought this one. I'm sure he has enough profit already to use to fix this problem in any way he/they can.

hope they could refresh the product and will notify us after they fix the problem coz my wife loves the game very much.

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Kudos Icon
If you want to play, never sleep.
by Tamara Murdock, USA - Apr 19th 2008

This game could be lots of fun if you could save your progress. Unfortunately, you can't. This is what happens: the next time you load the game, you're told that your character needs to sleep, BUT the sleep icon does not work, and so you cannot progress to the next day. I even tried to stop and save the game when my character still had (according to the game) two other activities to participate in, but when I opened that game, those activities were no longer available, it was time to sleep, AND the sleep icon did not work.
The result is that your character remains miserable, never progresses to "fulfill" his/her dreams, and you can only play one character-that is, if you wish to play eternally.
Very disappointing, because otherwise I would have really enjoyed this.

I have also downloaded this game from other sites, and encountered the exact same problem: it's a problem with the game, and not with the download site.

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Burger Shop Icon
by Brian Cole, USA - Apr 14th 2008

I downloaded the demo because the graphics looked great. The gameplay is fast-paced and fun, and the story and addition of different food items as you progress keeps it interesting. The only drawback is it's nearly impossible to score a perfect rating after the first couple of levels, and there's an awful lot of wrist action as you scramble to fill orders as quickly as possible. Despite that, this addictive little game is incredibly fun!

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Fairway Solitaire Icon
Lots of fun, but some problems
by Jan St. John, USA - Apr 14th 2008

Downloaded this game on April 1st (may have been a clue there!) and played until I had to purchase. I purchased and continued, then after about an hour the sound died, then about 10 minutes later, the program quit. I uninstalled and downloaded again, same thing. The game is fun and has lots of levels and good play as long as you don't play too long. Once you restart, it works for.... around an hour. If it wasn't so much fun - the hour at a time - there wouldn't be a problem, but it is fun. I would recommend buying this game, maybe you won't have the same problems I do.


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Jeopardy! Deluxe Icon
Multi-player vs real opponents doesn't work!
by Michael P. Campana, USA - Apr 10th 2008

I loved this game right up until I tried to play against two real (i.e. human) opponents. Each player has an assigned key on the computer for "buzzing in", specifically: the "control" key on the left side of the computer for player 1, the space bar for player 2, and the "control" key on the right side of the computer for player 3. That's fine- except that neither control key responded at all! Only the middle player could buzz in because only the space bar caused the computer to respond! On top of that, the three "buzz in" keys are not customizable, meaning there's no way to assign a different key for players 1 and 3! Not being able to play live opponents just kills the whole thing. Playing solo is far too easy, and even playing against two "hard" computer opponents means I'll only win maybe 98% of the time.

If you are *only* interested in playing in the "solo" or "computer opponents" modes, then this is a fantastic game and the best computer version of Jeopardy! ever (the total absence of Alex Trebek's likeness and voice notwithstanding). However, if you want to play aginst "live" opponents, this is a waste of money until such time as there is a bug fix for the "human opponents" mode.

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The History Channel Lost Worlds Icon
Not worth $19.99
by Bonnie Oberg, USA - Apr 10th 2008

Game is too short, paid full price and received half of the game. This game states more parts of the world will be added later? This puzzle could have been so much more. Very disappointed.

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Kult: Heretic Kingdoms Icon
Way better then reviews will let you think.
by Helge Becker, Germany - Apr 10th 2008

First of I was not considering the game due its bad reviews. Glad I did give it a chance some months later.

The game use a 2d map for play with 3d for character, mobs, npcs and effects. As a devoted Lineage player I need to point out 3d isn't everything. The maps are well designed and still detailed even when zoomed close. Like Diablo 2 and Lineage the game use a 3rd person isometric view. As for the musical scores I have to mention that they are well composed and fit always to the storyline. The storyline itself is interesting and got me emotional involved.

From the gaming experience Kult is comparable to Diablo 2 and Lineage. For me it was very addictive. I played it on a Sawtooth PowerMac G4 with 2GHz CPU upgrade, Radeon 9800 and maxed RAM. Cant complain about any bugs.

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Dream Chronicles 2 Icon
Worth the Wait!
by KEVIN BRIAN, Canada - Apr 8th 2008

The Eternal Maze picks up where the first Dream Chronicles left off. (read about first one for story) There are many logic puzzles, some memory puzzles and mazes mixed in with the story of helping Lilith rescue her family. It can be quite challenging finding all 138 gems. It will certainly keep you entertained. The only real con is that it is a little on the short side, about 4 hours if you really have at it, six if you take your time. The was a great added feature and the most challenging for me. I definitely forsee a 3rd version am looking forward to it, I just hope it is longer!

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