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Bob The Builder: Can-Do Zoo Icon
by Sarah borgerding, USA - Nov 1st 2008

This game is very simple. It cycles through 8 short games at three levels of difficulty. Sadly it repeats the exact same puzzles at different levels, sometimes at several levels in a row. My kids who do not use a computer a lot were quickly board at they had just figured out the same puzzle a minute a go. The graphics are classic Bob the Builder so my kids loved that and the music kept them rocking while it drove me crazy with it's repetition. The game play was smooth and easy for my kids to figure out (3 and 5 years old), but again the games them selves quickly became old hat.

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Not Worth Investment
by Sarah Cavanah, USA - Nov 1st 2008

This game is very easy to beat and isn't worth the $20 to play. I would suggest looking for a more challenging title if you want to get you money's worth.

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Build-a-lot 2 Icon
Challenging and Fun Game
by Sarah Cavanah, USA - Nov 1st 2008

This game is easy to get into but difficult to beat. It will keep you entertained for quite a while and even includes bonus levels once you've achieved the main goal. Lots of fun.

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The Great International Word Search Icon
Let me know
by K.Baillie, Canada - Oct 31st 2008

I started playing the demo late at night waiting for my teen to get home (you know the feeling lol) I wanted something easy and being an avid game player I thought this would be perfect. Well it took me the whole demo and I didn't even finish the first puzzle lol. I don't know if the rest of the games is good or different. But if it is just word search it would be cheaper to buy a puzzle magazine. Anyways for the life of me I could not find LION CITY........if anyone buys the game let me know where it is and if there is more to the game. Thanks

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Venice Mystery Icon
Venice Mystery
by Bernie, USA - Oct 29th 2008

We have had this game for several years and it is always funto come back to even after finishing it. We experienced no glitches but we may have an older game. It is fun to find the pieces to fill in the paintings. The graphics are great and it is a real keeper.

Joan Bloom

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The Count of Monte Cristo Icon
Count of Monte Cristo
by Bernie, USA - Oct 29th 2008

True - there seem to be endless bugs with this game but after awhile it seems to have worked out. I play it still - off and on - because there is always a challenge with it. But, as with other reviewers - it can be frustrating. I probably would not buy it had I known the problems.

Joan Bloom

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Mahjong Forests Icon
MahJong Forest
by Bernie, USA - Oct 29th 2008

This is a thoughtful, quiet matching game which does take more strategy than one might expect. The tiles are many and varied - most are beautiful, some are a little unsettling. It is the kind of game one plays late at night when you can't sleep. The tiles are exceptionally beautiful. Not for those who want lots of action, boom and bang. Reflective and meditative.

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by Jan H. Barkhed, Sweden - Oct 25th 2008

Really fun. I play it on a Mac mini, works fine. Very stable. I have no problems with it. A lot of value for the money.

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Icon
Very good!
by John Thorpe, Canada - Oct 23rd 2008

Best game for mac yet!

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C&C Red Alert re-visited
by Frank Khoury, Australia - Oct 19th 2008

This game is a backward version of C&C Red Alert, the game is slow, complicated, and chess like moves.

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Super on a Mac!
by David B. Gibson, Canada - Oct 18th 2008

An absolute delight to play.

I'm not much of a game-player, but you really don't need to be to with "Fate". You learn by your mistakes until things start to make sense and it becomes thoroughly enjoyable. Super graphics on the Mac, the background music is delightful. Fairly sophisticated once you get into it.

Kudos to the makers!

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by David Geister, USA - Oct 18th 2008

I have just been playing the demo before buying the actual game and the character has a large, weird graphic grid pattern that follows him, on the ground, everywhere he goes. It is more than annoying- it blocks out scenery. Something is not right here . . . I am playing on a 2.4 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo.

Any ideas?

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THE GAME OF LIFE - Path to Success Icon
Just nother task-intensive twitch game
by Steve Fenwick, USA - Oct 12th 2008

Too bad this is just another time management game. Hasbro left Monopoly and Clue in their original format; too bad they couldn't have done the same with Life.

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Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble Icon
A really interesting and diverting game!
by Celeste Christie, USA - Oct 6th 2008

I've never played a game like this before, and I play a lot of games! It's a really original concept, the gameplay is innovative and always fresh. I finished the game, but I'll still play it again to see if there are other ways to finish it. I love the vintage look, and the central themes (while adult, as the first reviewer mentioned) are empowering to girls and pretty complex and deep. The ending is convoluted and a bit preachy, but it doesn't detract from the experience. Overall, a multi-layered, complex game that is rewarding, fun, and addictive!

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Clue Classic Icon
Clue Classsic
by Peter Wilkie, England - Oct 4th 2008

I have played computer versions of Clue in the past and have to say this is the best I have played by some distance.

Clue Classic captures the look and feel of the game perfectly and any fans of the board game should be very happy with this game.

The user interface is very good and provides players with plenty of opportunity in which to make notes as they play and gather clues.

Atmospheric sound effects and appropriately 'haunting' music add to the games overall theme nicely. It is possible to turn off both however if they are not to your liking.

Nice little cut scenes feature throughout the game and the artwork is of a good standard and fitting with the overall look of the game.

The only downside for me is the lack of a multiplayer option. It is only possible to play the game with one human player. All other players are controlled by the computer AI.

This is a shame and if multiplayer was included this version of Clue would have been as close to perfect as you could want.

Overall this is an excellent adaptation of a classic game and at this price is a worthy addition to any mac games collection. Multiplayer would have been the icing on the cake.

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Gem in the rough
by Eric1, USA - Oct 4th 2008

Stylized like Diablo 1 with all the functional enhancements of Diablo 2, but without class restrictions and you get a customizable pet too! Definitely has its own magic style and item interaction the further down you venture. Graphics are outstanding and appropriate for almost all ages-I appreciate that you can pan and zoom. Nice choice of music as well. Plays very well on wide range of macs, such as my older Gigabit G4 1.6Ghz/GeForce FX 5200.

Also, a tip for those with wide screens or very large screen sizes: you can edit the file in /Users/[your user name]/Library/Application Support/Fate/config.dat with any text editor and change the screen size to match your unique native resolution. For example, for best visual experience on a 17" MBP, set

Hopefully, a future update will allow all supported resolutions to be detected/edited in-game. Otherwise, game is stable, polished, and easy to jump into after a long day of work. Great fun!

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Jewel Quest III Icon
New favorite
by Rita Johnstone, USA - Oct 2nd 2008

My new favorite and good games are hard to find. Bored with Mah jong and finished all levels of Nanosaurus (wish there were more, I love flying). JewelQuest III (never played the earlier ones) is hard enough to be really challenging, but not impossible. Some chance, but one can learn and get better and faster, so its not all chance. I have trouble pulling myself away. A real jewel and a steal at this price.

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Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble Icon
Very unusual and fun game
by istara, Australia - Oct 1st 2008

This is a strange yet compelling game that defies genre. It describes itself as a "vintage boardgame" but it's not a boardgame at all. It has a lot of adventure elements, some puzzle elements, and some elements from card games. There's an investigative storyline as well as minigames, with RPG elements from the way you enhance your characters' skills.

It took me a while to get into this game. By some lucky chance, the game didn't quit after the 60 minutes were up, so I played for quite a bit longer, and that got me hooked. I've now bought it. So if you don't quite get it at first, keep going at least until the end of the demo.

It's quirky, innovative and yet vintage all at once. And a little bit surreal.

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The Hidden Object Show Season 2 Icon
by Jeanne Dower, USA - Sep 29th 2008

I agree with Kathy that this is much, much better than the first version. The graphics are still kind of fuzzy and the objects are man-made looking which makes it hard to guess just what you're looking for. I had a few problems where the background music would stop during some levels but you could still play the game. It seems to happen when you pause or leave the game for a few minutes. Once I got an error message and half the screen was showing. It was actually kind of fun because you could see how the graphic artists actually put the screen together and I could get through the level. The game is nice and long which makes it worth the money.

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Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble Icon
Dangerously Fun
by RJ, USA - Sep 29th 2008

This is a really great adventure game. It combines a series of four primary investigations (one introducing each "game board") and five fun little games to play against the people encountered in the investigation. I have been playing it obsessively all weekend, am not bored with it yet, and am sure there are more storylines to discover.

It is fun to choose from the different girls for your gang and to see their various retorts in some of the situations. Also to see how choices about which skills to develop for each girl make a difference in the game. And I have been particularly happy that investigative choices really do make a difference in the later development of the story.

I would enthusiastically recommend this game to adults or mature teens. Although by the "board game" nature of the visuals there is no graphic sex or violence, however, I would caution that there are some very adult subjects addressed by the story, especially toward the end. This is more true for some of the ways that the investigation can develop than for others, but all the plots I've been through so far imply the adult themes to some extent. Parents may wish to play the game themselves and discuss the issues raised with their children.

Very good gameplay: in many hours of play on a PowerBook G4, the only technical problem at all was a single instance of the correct word - actually, not a word but a double hyphen like those in this sentence, which may have been part of the issue - not appearing in a list that should have contained six choices but that contained only five plus a blank without either a word or a link.

Please note that I have not had the sound on so my "average" rating above simply means I have no idea whether the sound is good.

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