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Needs more work
by Jessica Simmonds, Australia - Aug 19th 2008

The graphics in this game leave a lot to be desired. Something that anyone could do with cut and paste. The gameplay isn't much better, for a hidden object game it really doesn't help if the object is actually hidden behind another object. This game needs more work.

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This game rocks but...
by Carolyn Owen, USA - Aug 19th 2008

I love this game! It takes some thought and is almost like a RPG. You can build your own citadels and attack other cities while going on quests and trying to figure out who is controlling the bad guys.... but.... after playing almost continuously for a couple of days, the game will now not play. It loads and then you can play for all of 3 seconds before it just quits with no warning. Very annoying and am hoping to figure out the problem soon. Other than this very annoying problem , this is a very cool game and worth the money... if it will work!

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Sweet game - Viciously addictive
by Sheila Greenberg, USA - Aug 19th 2008

StoneLoops of Jurassica seems, at first, to be a nice little puzzle/arcade game. The graphics are crisp, colorful, and clear, and the background music is . . . well . . . pleasant, just like it's supposed to be. When you first start to play, it will probably remind you of the classic game, Zuma,. They both have little round balls snaking along a path that leads to a dragon who's just waiting to eat them. If you let even one of the balls fall into his mouth, you lose that round. And, of course, the levels get harder and harder to finish. Fortunately you can retry each round since there are no "lives" to be lost in this game. And that's what makes it addictive. Every time I failed to clear a board, I automatically hit the "retry" button because I knew I'd figure out the best strategy the next time (or maybe the time after, whatever ) and before I knew it, an hour had flown by. So, like I said, this is a sweet little game and will be fun for all ages. But I suggest you make sure the kids have finished their homework before starting a game. Oh, and don't play it at work or you'll never get that report done. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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Why isn't this game #1?
by Linda Rosenfield, USA - Aug 17th 2008

This game is seemingly simple at first...but then the real fun begins! My daughter and I had a fantastic time trying to get from level to level and trust me there were many times we were stuck! This game is as fun as it is challenging to the cerebellum. Why isn't it the top game on the list of popular games is what I'd like to know. Because unlike the endless run of sim, hidden object puzzles and the like, casual gaming has gotten rather boring. Not with Crumb. You get great challenging game play, the best personalized tech support I've ever had and many hours of challenging fun. I hope Crumb 2 comes out soon and is even harder than the first.

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by Millner, USA - Aug 15th 2008

This game blew. Total play time: 7 mins. I was bored out of my mind.

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free trial not even worth it
by Chris Babcock, USA - Aug 12th 2008

It's basically a hidden object game connected by a "story".

However, there is way too much text. I I am more inclined to read the stories than most people, but this was awful writing. Not only was it awful in that it was boring and stupid, but it looks like they didn't even run it through a basic spell/grammar check.

Don't waste your time. There are better hidden object games out there.

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Bio Film?
by Sheila Greenberg, USA - Aug 12th 2008

Ebert would give this film a thumbs down. Figuring out how to play is a trial and error process at best. There is no tutorial, the "How to Play" info takes you out of the game and onto Biofilm's website (how convenient for them!), and, without a mouse, the controls using the keyboard only are virtually (pun intended) impossible - so laptop users beware. As for the graphics, simple line drawings of circles are all you get, although I'll give them a half point for using a heavy dark line, so yeay? And the background music? Well, a New Age chorus singing "Ahhhh-ahhhhh-ahhhh" is really just background noise. All in all, someone MUST like this game, or it wouldn't still be here, but it's certainly not me.

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Worst game EVER!
by Linda Rosenfield, USA - Aug 12th 2008

I have been an avid "casual" gamer for quite sometime and probably download 1 or 2 games a week. I'm an old nerd. Anyway, this was the most repetitive, boring, waste of money. It was as if it were written and programmed for and by 8 year olds. It's not the least bit challenging if you like's plain stupid if you like Patterson's stories and it's programmed so badly that I think the programmers literally phoned this in from home. It's a very short game. Just when you clinch the killer by the way my download crashed every time. And trust me there was no way I was going to waste more time re-doing an already stupid and tedious level a THIRD time. UGH! I want my time and money back. Can you tell I hated it. I've never bothered to write a review before. I'll write some positive reviews on the good games too. Hate to just be negative!

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I love this game
by Steven Folberg, USA - Aug 12th 2008

This game runs beautifully on my Penryn MacBook Pro (2.6 ghz). The graphics are just stunnng beautiful, detailed backgrounds and 3 or 4-level parallax scrolling. If you like old-style Mario/Sonic-type side-scrolling platform games, ad if your Mac's specs are up to it (seems this game really demands an Intel processor) then you'll really like Supercow.
The difficulty level is "easy" for an experienced gamer in this genre, but the levels are deep, large, and very pretty. A fun game... both I and my 7-year-old love playing it together.

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Skip this game
by April Ward, USA - Aug 12th 2008

Poor graphics and boring game play made me wish I had just skipped the demo. I had hopes for the mini games but was equally bored. The creator needs to go back and redo the game.

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Great game worth the money
by John Clayborne, USA - Aug 12th 2008

This game at first i was skeptical about it. Yet after playing the demo i liked it, so i bought it. It has many of the elements that i have been looking for in RPG since the Baldurs Gate and Icewind Dale Series. Random Loot, Monsters and Class system. Of course I could wish for more and hope they do deliver that. The Strategy part of it is very well too, having to take over other guilds in order to be number one in the village, Yes it gets old after a while. Yet one thing that stands out is the modding you can modify the game to your taste I.E make drops appear more frequent or less, Random town attacks to fend off. I say spend 20 dollars this game will have you coming back for more and more.

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by Nathan chips, USA - Aug 12th 2008

This game was worth every cent period. If you don't have this game and are thinking about buying it- do it. I've had this game for about a week now and keep playing it over and over. I don't think I'll ever get tired of playing it. Your choices and actions directly determine everything. This game is a must have!

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Enjoyed it
by Caperica, USA - Aug 10th 2008

I really liked a lot of this game. It was not to hard to complete, but still challenging. It was refreshing to find something not full of witchcraft and magic for a change. I will not buy a game with all that stuff in it. This was about super heros and their rivals. I bought it and would let my kids play it.

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It's just bad Sudoku
by Sheila Greenberg, USA - Aug 10th 2008

I am a good Sudoku player. I easily solve Expert puzzles in books and magazines and I love the game. So when I report that this version of Sudoku is very badly implemented, I just want to assure you about the quality of my review and the lack of quality of this game. The tiles are essentially multi-colored in an attempt to make them look 3-D. They also have rounded corners and edges which, when they are close to the game borders and the inner grid lines, makes them look like clumps of colors and shapes The font of the numbers themselves give them a rounded "blobby" look which them difficult to read as the board is filled in. And then, to make the visual aspect of the game just a little more challenging, the background color matches the starting game numbers. But the most important complaint of all is the lack of unique solutions. My first game in the free demo download was in the Easy mode and last four numbers were playable in several combinations, ALL of which were correct, but the computer program would only accept one of the versions and marked the others, erroneously I might add, as wrong. Not only does this annoy the regular level player, but a starting level player would easily think that they were at fault, making the game much less fun.

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Haunted Hotel
by Anne Ugartechea, USA - Aug 10th 2008

What really dinged my purchasing this was the miserable typos, incorrect grammer, etc., etc. Some new twists, but still a rehash of the previous games, foggy images and utter frustration when the rope was untangled, nothing happened. This needs a major re-haul. And, give Ray Lynch credit for that cyber slice of his music!

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Needs work
by RobinCandace, USA - Aug 10th 2008

I think this game has potential. The mini-games were cute and kind of fun, and the hidden object portion was standard. But the story was horrible. The text interludes were WAYYY too long, tedious to read, and were full of typos and text that made no sense. Too irritating to play. If they just rework the story and clean up the text, it would be OK.

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005
by AMOS D ALLEY, USA - Aug 9th 2008

This is an amazing game, with some annoying exceptions. I am running an Apple GMAC, all aluminum frame, Leapord 10.5+, Intel dual core processing at 3+Ghz. Two Gbytes Ram.
I find that the game gets out of sync with where the gameplayer is, announcers are on previous hole, etc. Some parts of the game , everything goes silent. I picked this over the 2008 version because of the bad porting reviews. So ... no one is going to fix a three year old game after they moved on. Sad ... Tiger's name is on it. EA should do better. The game is good, but could be better after three years of fixes?

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Need Better Editors
by Jeanne Dower, USA - Aug 8th 2008

The hidden objects portion was fairly easy but repetitious and the graphics not bad. The puzzles were a nice break but CAN'T do the word game to save my soul. Is something wrong with my mouse? The text drove me crazy. #1 I want to play a game not read an unneeded story. #2 The typos were too numerous to believe. Didn't like the sound. There was a buzzing that made me think I left something on in my kitchen. I realize these games need some theme but games like Madame Fate and Dream Chronicles work...not these forced attempts. Sorry, save your money.

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Pure fun
by K.Baillie, Canada - Aug 8th 2008

I am hooked on this game! Similar to the first. Each level you get to go to a different locale and have the same type of puzzle to beat. Watch that reptile's tongue though (timer) It can retract much too quickly at times. IT is a much longer game than many which is nice. I am only halfway through but determined to finish it. Definitely worth the money in both play and time value. It can even get the blood pressure up and my son laughs when I start talking to the the the money

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I was looking for more
by K.Baillie, Canada - Aug 8th 2008

It is an ok game if all you are looking for in a game is H/0. There are no mini games which I find always break things up a little.
Names in the game can refer to more than one object and it was on the short side. The story wasn't nearly as interesting as the title suggests. Like I said if you only want the seek and find and no mini games or deep story, then you may enjoy it. Not the worst game I have played.

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