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Battlefield 2142 Icon
Fantastic, despite the bugs
by Grant Schenk, USA - Aug 30th 2007

Very fun game! The game play is very similar to Battlefield 2, but players of Battlefield 1942 will probably be able to figure things out pretty quickly too. A few problems with freezing (and not being able to force quit out, forced restart) but the game play is about as fun as it gets. Try the new Titan game type maps, it's a lot of fun.

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Rome: Curse of the Necklace Icon
Travelogue 360 Rome: Curse of the Necklace
by Evelyn S Whitehead, USA - Aug 29th 2007

I played the game in its entirety, assigned a new "user" then had to locate the identical objects all over again. I expected unlimited play with oh so many objects to locate. Was fun the first time around. Boring the second try. I'm disappointed that I bought the game.

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Reel Deal Card Games Icon
Needs work
by Cliff Goolsby, USA - Aug 29th 2007

With Texas Hold 'em I had hold cards Q,10. At the turn card there were two more 10's on the board (i.e., I had 3 of a kind). When the betting was done I lost, because the game didn't recognize that I had 3 of a kind; it did not acknowledge my 10 hold card! Yes, it's only an inexpensive game, still what's the point? The programming is off! Sorry...

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Need for Speed Carbon Icon
Great Game
by kalpesh Patel, United Arab Emirates - Aug 29th 2007

hi all.. If you're a racing fan.. this is a must game. I have an intel mac xenon.. and I've got Windows XP installed on it.. this game rocks.. if you have installed XP as well try out NFS Most wanted too.. the previous installment. you definatley need a nvidia 7300GT on your system.

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Project Nomads Icon
Save your money
by Brian Vassar, USA - Aug 29th 2007

Interesting concept but poorly implemented. You're a first person player in what they're trying to make a RTS battlefield. The problem is this accentuates the clunkiness inherent in RTS, the inability to multitask effectively. So you wind up moving your island, then stopping and shooting. Boring.

To make it worse, you can't remap the keybindings, which should be a basic feature in any game you plan on charging people money for.

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Postal 2: Share The Pain Icon
Let your Id out to play...
by Brian Vassar, USA - Aug 29th 2007

Excellent substitute for those days when you feel like going out and doing the real thing. Postal is a lot more fun for everyone involved than actually going on a shooting spree.

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Cold War Icon
by Brian Vassar, USA - Aug 29th 2007

Awesome graphics, but the game mechanics felt awkward at best and the voice acting was really bad. Didn't hold my interest past the intro level.

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Professor Fizzwizzle Icon
The Professor is for All Ages
by James Pieper, USA - Aug 29th 2007

This may be a more brief review than you wish, but it hopefully answers any questions not taken care of by playing the demo version, which I recommend you download and play.

Professor Fizzwizzle is a game that is challenging, yet not frustrating for players of all ages, from toddlers to great grandparents. The game has four difficulty choices, from beginner to advanced. The concepts remain the same on each difficulty, yet the obstacles encountered are more mentally complex to challenge even the most skilled player. Since my grandchildren and I all enjoy the game play on both Windows and mac platforms, I have only praise for the design of the game. My only dislike is the background music, which I turn down the volume on so its repetion does not annoy my wife.

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Battlefield 2142 Icon
by Matt Bonnar, Canada - Aug 29th 2007

Excellent game! Got it at the Mac store and haven't stopped playing it!

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Prey Icon
I get that Marathon feeling at times
by Michael R. Khan, USA - Aug 29th 2007

Or what it should have evolved into.

This game is for mature gamers. If you don't like Alien, Predator, Terminator or the likes of any sci-fi/space action you might not think this game all that.

The rest of you will bond instantly to it. Blood, crude language, carnage... and with a storyline also. Walking upside down, on wall ramps, flying... it's dizzily awesome. Great concept on the spirit walking.

Even with the graphics on low, it's really amazing compared to other shooters that have the same system requirements.

The storyline does seem to get lost as you get further into the game. As usual, you get 'bigger' weapons as you go along and it can be a bit disappointing. And while the weapons look (and may feel) different from the typical shooter, it's still the same ole pistol, grenades, shotgun, BFG etc.

Also the game at times, despite the awesome graphics, suffers from the "Halo repetitiveness". Loading times can disrupt the flow of the game.

Still it's a good game. And having missed Marathon so much (and after being denied the first crack at the pre-MS Halo), it's great to have a shooter like this.

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Fairies Icon
A Deliciously Addictive Arcade Game
by Amelia Overbay-Day, USA - Aug 29th 2007

At first glance, Fairies sounds as if it has a very simple premise - perhaps even too simple: drag colored rows of jars over a grid to create lines of three (or more) like colored jars, which then release the fairies trapped inside. However, Fairies is wickedly addictive despite this easy premise, because to add to this simple idea it sports wonderful graphics filled with fairy dust and beautiful art-deco-esque fairies, a relaxing sound score which doesn't get easily repetitive, and four different versions of gameplay, including a classic arcade, which is timed, a non-timed version, an "endless" version, in which jars keep replacing ad infinitum, and a sound and color matching game. Because of its inherent "arcade status" most gamers will probably not play this title for hours on end. But the game is refreshing, filled with eye-candy, and presents a good challenge to return to for many weeks of enjoyable play.

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Azada Icon
Great Fun game
by RichardIII, Canada - Aug 29th 2007

I love these puzzle games. This one is really a lot of fun, puzzles are no too difficult or too easy, and it makes no pretense to be anything other than a pure puzzle game. The only negative for me is the choice between full screen (too big) or windowed, which just a tad too small. Definitely worth the money.

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Scrabble Classic Icon
Not Perfect by a Long Shot
by David W Cooke, USA - Aug 28th 2007

As the game progresses it becomes apparent that the opposition is not playing from seven pre-selected tiles but is playing from a choice of all remaining tiles. This give the opposition the advantage of selecting whatever tiles are necessary to score better than the player. It is fun but too predictable.

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Nanny Mania Icon
Slow on Intel
by Jason Dixon, USA - Aug 15th 2007

I played the demo of this game. The global screen scrolling was deathly slow on my MacBook Pro...

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Sally's Salon Icon
Liked it, but was too short.
by Penny Sharp, USA - Aug 15th 2007

I loved this game. I am a hairstylist and I really enjoyed the gameplay. The problem was that I finished it in just a few hours. I wish there would have been more challenges and upgrades. But overall, it is a great game. Lots of fun!

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Sally's Salon Icon
by Traci Alkemade, USA - Aug 11th 2007

This game has the same objective as diner dash, so if you are a fan of that then you have to try this game! You get upgrades to help, and they actually have a purpose, there are enough game levels so that you won't bore easy and you can see how the hairstyle has changed the person!

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Virtual Villagers - The Lost Children Icon
Really cute and fun
by Heather Fonseca, USA - Aug 11th 2007

I don't have a lot of time to play on the computer so, for me, this little sim game is just time consuming enough. When I have time I can figure out puzzles and work with the villagers. When I don't have time I just check up on them. The villagers are really cute. They build huts, farm, fish and climb coconut trees. When all is going well they swim in the pond and enjoy the beach. The little kids run around playing "tag". It's cute!

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Chocolatier Icon
Would be good with more things to do
by Celeste Christie, USA - Aug 9th 2007

I agree with the previous review - this game is really fun at first, but very easy to beat, and then there's not much to do. There should be more recipes, more ingredients, more ports. It would be really cool if you could design your own recipes. And if there were other kinds of chocolate, like chocolate bunnies or other seasonal products. A weird problem I noticed is when you're done collecting all the recipes, truffle powder totally disappeared and that makes certain parts of the game inaccessible. That said, the grapics are really cute and the little chocolate factory game is fun.

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Escape From Paradise Icon
Escape from Paradise
by Susan Hanley, Australia - Aug 9th 2007

I think this game could benefit from a few additions, such as an overall map to see exactly where everyone is at a given time. Moving around the site is clumsy. Some of the games - such as Firewalk - are slow moving and appear to be aimed at children. The games are not always succint in their instructions (take Bridge Battle for instance). I found all the games slow and would have liked a bit more excitement in them.

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Halo Universal Binary Icon
Performance increase?
by Lewis, England - Aug 9th 2007

OK, so I like almost everyone, I love Halo, and own the PPC version of it. I have an Intel Dual Core MacBook 2 GHz, 1 GB RAM, etc. with the infamous Intel GMA 950 integrated graphics chip. And I know that I'm not 'supposed' to play this game as you need a good ATI/nVidia one, but that's wrong. You don't. I play the PPC one very happily (I haven't tried multiplayer yet though - will this evening) with all the settings at max! Even on the biggest environments it's smooth. Looks gorgeous. Anyway, as soon as I buy this Universal edition (luckily I kept the PPC version) and run it, all is wrong. With all settings high and the timedemo on, it unexpectedly quits. It works without the timedemo. But - sometimes - scratch that - often NPC models (Master Chief too actually) just change colour! Or sometimes, are just black! It's awful. And, if you turn all the settings down, it works... but why play would you want to play it with the settings down (so it looks *awful* - and MC's visor is still black) when you have a PPC version that works with them at max! Oh, and lastly, the PPC saves aren't compatible with the UB version, so you have to start again - it wouldn't be a chore if the graphics were any good... So, in conclusion, a word of caution: Only download this if you have a MacBook Pro. It will not give you the performance boost you are looking for on a MacBook. Stick with the PPC version. It looks great, and most importantly, works.

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