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Fun Puzzle game that has a point and click flair...
by Fred Wayne Cole Jr, USA - Apr 8th 2009

I had a good time with this puzzle/adventure game although it was short. I beat it in about 2-3 sittings. (I can definitely understand why some people would be upset by the price tag.) The graphics and sound are all spot-on. Azada has a good musical score. The controls are good although I found myself being penalized in the "puzzle rooms" for combining objects when I was merely trying to place them in the inventory screen. So when you're battling the clock that can get pretty irritating. The logic (and other) puzzles themselves are all relatively easy with a mild increase in difficulty as the game goes on. You can go back and play the puzzles you've beaten although there isn't much incentive to do so unless you truly love replaying puzzles you know the solution to. The so-called puzzle rooms are fun though, again, I found the penalty system slightly irritating. As an avid point and click gamer going back to the days of Sierra and Lucasarts it is counter-intuitive not to experiment with different objects. Thankfully the majority of the solutions are quite logical unlike some seek and find games I've played in the past. Azada is more than just a seek and find game though... I found it to be an interesting amalgam of a point and click adventure game, seek and find game, and logic puzzle game. Sort of a reductionistic version of Myst meets Mystery Case Files meets Professor Layton. All in all, I enjoyed this game and look forward to playing the sequel. I hope that the sequel will offer a little more in the point and click department.

I have noticed that some people have said that they cannot save their games. If you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player (v.10) you'll be fine. If you're not sure what version you have go to Adobe's website and check. Also, it's a free download. Make sure to install it before downloading Azada otherwise it's a touch more complicated to fix (but it is fixable). Check the Mac Game Forums online if you need more help. Keyword search: Azada Save Game Fix and click on the first hyperlink. : )

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prince of persia
by kevin harwin, England - Apr 8th 2009

very good game but very very power hungry i cant get it to look as good as ps3 version on my 2.66 imac when other games i have looking for better than ps3 games.. dont think this is a very good cider port . mac games need to be ported properly not using cider

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Chocolatier 3: Decadence by Design Icon
Exciting global choc challenge
by Valentina, England - Apr 7th 2009

This game is very enjoyable simulation game. If you're a choc-a-holic or not! You get to create your own recipes (and work for them), you get to unlock different global ports and have to keep up rapports to open shops all with an underlying storyline... It challenges you on different skills and is not too difficult to take the fun away!

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Build and project manage
by Valentina, England - Apr 7th 2009

I enjoyed this. I haven't played the first one but thought the demo as quite addictive and 90 minutes just wasn't enough. You can kind of get the jist of the what's coming next with every level but this doesn't really take the fun away as you still have to work things out. It's not rocket science it's satisfying. Bring on version 3...

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Enjoyed it until the end
by Christi Clogston, USA - Apr 7th 2009

This is a pretty Match-3 game. However, at the very end, there is a screen that I've found impossible to get through - the timing is such that you have to memorize a set of moves learned through dozens of trials. Not my cup of tea. I thought that sort of strategy went out with Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. Oh well. Never finished it.

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Don't bother
by David Allen, USA - Apr 7th 2009

If this game were free it might be OK. There are too many games out there like this with much better graphics, sound, and far more interesting game play.

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Refreshingly Fun
by Fred Wayne Cole Jr, USA - Apr 7th 2009

I just finished Emerald City Confidential and I had a blast! It took me under 10 hours but I do not regret buying it at all. This game really takes me back to the heyday of point and click adventures. The puzzles are NOT overly difficult at all (there is a built in hint system for each puzzle that will ultimately reveals the answer if you get stuck) and while you won't find yourself combining items or combing over every screen looking for useful inventory pieces what you will find is well-written and executed dialog, interesting characters and a fun story with an interesting, twist ending. There is also an interesting magic system to this game that definitely adds some depth. I am not a huge fan of the Oz books or movie(s) but I still found myself getting wrapped up in the story and there were plenty of characters I recognized from my child. The funny thing is that I didnot even realize this was an Oz game... shows how little I know about the the Ozian Mythos.

If you are a fan of the old-school Sierra or Lucasarts point and click games, enjoy a funny story with some easy puzzles, or are a fan of Oz check out this game. Just do not go in expecting the depth of a Broken Sword, Monkey Island, Beneath a Steel Sky, Sam and Max, etc. (You'll still have fun!) I'm hoping for a sequel or something in the same vein.

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Great game!
by RichardIII, Canada - Apr 7th 2009

Just finished this game and it was awesome! Great graphics, excellent story and easy to play. Even I could figure out most of the puzzles. Well worth the money and certainly worth your time. I give a big 5 stars. i hope they put out more games just like this one.

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Just short of pure awesome.
by Frigidman™, USA - Apr 4th 2009

At first, when I looked at this, I was confused by the title. I played the original Prince of Persia many years ago on and old old Mac. It was a blast then as well.

So, what was this? A digital download of the same game with revamped graphics maybe? NO! This is an entirely new game, based on the Prince of Persia and his exploits through the lands of, er, persia.

I looked at the screenshots, and immediately though this may be kind of lame. Well, I can honestly say, the screenshots do this absolutely no justice what so ever! You have got to see this 'in action' to truly understand how incredible the graphics are. They are not only fluid, but they are actually 3D, just flat and sketched like a drawing. Its hard to describe.

Action is fast, and fun. Various moves you can do, and acrobats. Its difficult at first, but you get used to it. Having a gamepad controller for this kind of game is beneficial over a mouse+keyboard combo.

This port to Mac OSX is also done very well. The game doesn't mess with my desktop, or other open apps/windows. It cleanly starts and quits. It runs heavy, the graphics requirements are bare minimum (8600), as this game truly does shine.

There isn't much else I can say without giving away spoilers and the like, so I will wrap this short review up here. For a digital download, 7gb (you will need 15gb total to get it installed though, 7 for the .dmg, and 8 for the installed file), and the price... this is a A+ quality game!

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Geneforge 5: Overthrow Icon
Not Very Satisfied
by Stephen Rinehart, Germany - Apr 3rd 2009

Im not really into "beautiful" graphics but this the graphics in this game are horrible. Not only are the graphics outdated, the gameplay will make you feel old very fast. In other words its a very slow game. The layout of the game is ok. I think I got grey hair from playing 45 minutes. The pricing is outrageous as well. I wouldnt even pay 10 USD for this game.

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Eschalon: Book I Icon
Great Game
by Stephen Rinehart, Germany - Apr 3rd 2009

I enjoyed playing Eschalon: Book 1 and I cant wait to play Book 2.

The graphics are a bit outdated but the gameplay is great. It is turn based and it can become fast once you get used to it. One aspect of the game that I personally enjoy are the puzzles. You dont find them that often anymore in RPGs. The replay value is high if you enjoy different character builds however everything else stays the same. First time around, I only spent 15.5 hours before completing nearly 100% of all the available quests.

Unfortunatly I can only give it 3 stars because "Book 1" is way too short for its price.

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Lugaru HD Icon
by David Howie, USA - Apr 3rd 2009

Karate bunnys attack!

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A Great Electronic Board Game
by David Littrell, USA - Apr 2nd 2009

It's all here. Great graphics, a game true to its traditions, and an easy interface to complete the deal. I've seen this on a PC, on an iPhone, and on a MAC. Worth the hours of time you'll kill with this one.

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Hoyle Card Games 2009 Icon
How bad is it?
by David Littrell, USA - Apr 2nd 2009

If you have ever seen the PC version of this game, you at least feel that it LOOKS like a card game. In the MAC version, you get a lot of lame video with very little substance. How about playing Gin and NOT getting to see you opponents hand after the hand? This junk takes over a GIG on your hard drive and delivers nothing. Bad visuals, bad environments, and little substance. Take a twenty dollar bill and light a fire with it. At least you'll get some heat.

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by KONSTANTINOS IOAKIMIDIS, Greece - Apr 2nd 2009


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Good, but too easy.
by Myvonne, USA - Apr 2nd 2009

Azada is a really good game, but far too easy! If many challanging puzzles are your thing, then this is probably not the game for you. However, this a very good game with good graphics and sound to go along with it.

Another problem I found with it is it won't let me save my game. It always sends me back to the beginning, which is very frustrating since I don't have a lot of free time on my hands, andI can't keep playing for hours (even though I'd love too). Youmight want too look into that...

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Monster Quest Icon
A Causal adventure with a story!
by Tina Robertson, USA - Apr 1st 2009

I found the game to be refreshing in that I had no annoying timer ticking away and making me rush. Also Having unlimted hints is a feature I wish more games would do. I guess if your not a fan of History Channel you may not like content that has plot and depth to it; but It was right up my alley. Grabbing evidence in the field and interviewing suspects I thought was pretty fun. The save thing was only a minor thing to me, as i knew where the stuff was on 2nd load and it dose save at the start of each sub-section of the game. I wont put any spoilers in here, but my favorite was the Mothman Case, as it had some unique puzzles that I havent seen before.

I liked the music, some of the voice was a bit echoy, but its refreshing to see a Hidden object game with as much spoken dialog as this one has. I like to read the story, but there is someting nice to be said about sitting back and listining to the interviews of the characters.

Anyhow. If you are looking for an arcade game, this isnt it! But if your looking for adventure game with puzzles this hit the mark.

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A great deal at that price.
by RichardIII, Canada - Mar 31st 2009

I really enjoyed this game. It is quite easy to play with puzzles that will not even slow you down,and if they do, the game has a built-in hint system that allows you to choose how much of a hint you need/want. The story was good (not great but good) and the graphics were also very good. It was fun to play.

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Chocolatier 3: Decadence by Design Icon
Very enjoyable if a little easy
by John Hunter, England - Mar 30th 2009

Very enjoyable game and certainly well worth the money and has given me several days worth of enjoyment. My only criticism (and this should not stop anybody buying it) is that it was quite an easy game to play. By the end I had so much money I didn't need to worry about ingredient prices or making the biggest profit, so it would have been good if the special orders had less time allowed to complete them later in the game, maybe forcing you to have to have several factories making the same product (the only time I did that was for the very last challenge and that was just to speed things up) or decide between two special orders which to ignore.

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Emerald City Confidential Icon
Lots of fun
by Jennie Morgan, USA - Mar 28th 2009

This is a great game, good dialogue and story, terrific grafics and fun to play. Loved it, hope for more from these folks. Well worth the money.

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