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Excellent game but hang on recent Macbook Pro
by Michel Rousseau, France - Apr 14th 2009

I really loved this one. At least the demo.

But on 2 recents Macbook Pro (mid 2007 with nVidia 8600 and early 2009 with nVidia 9200/9600) the game hang past some point. Always the same point so it's easy to reproduce... and impossible to go further in the game.

I wrote to the author, and send him as he asked me, a screen capture of the area where the hang occurs. It was 6 month ago and no more news...

So it's impossible to buy as it. Too bad...

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Destination: Treasure Island Icon
Awesome game
by RichardIII, Canada - Apr 14th 2009

This was a really, really enjoyable game. Super graphics, terrific story line, sensible puzzles, great user interface. What more could you ask for? Just download it and enjoy - a first rate game.

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Petz Dogz 2 Icon
Virtural Pets
by Dog Paws, USA - Apr 14th 2009

A dog exspecting a treat with a trick done incorrect and a stubborn feline with a unhappy look in her eyes, what can change that? Traning! A lesson for the young dog that exspects things to much learns to be pationt with treats. Dose the lesson work? Yup! The dog learns that good things come to those who earn it. What about the stuborn cat? Toys! Take her favorite toy and throw it. Wach her dart over with excitment for the toy that she retrives to you. How can I exsperence this? Why not play Petz Catz 2 and Petz Dogz 2? It's fun to play and to wach your little virtural pet. Choose from many breeds, pick it's name, and take care of it. Teach your pet tricks, feed it, and take picturs. Those photos are stored in your Jornal were you can view those photos, take some notes about whats going on with the bond bettween you and your pet, and view your badges you earnd. There so much to do with your pet like play dress up, wach your pet take a soothing nap, and of course let your pet get some reilf. If you are not allowed have a cat or dog now you can with these two wonderfull games, Petz Catz 2 and Petz Dogz 2. It feels like your taking of a real pet. If you want a virtural dog or cat I recomend these two games. Well got to go my dog wants to play some ball.

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Laura Jones and the Gates of Good and Evil Icon
too much talking and freezing
by viart, France - Apr 14th 2009

The game has potential, but: there's way too much talking and while I was playing the trial version, it kept freezing.
I'm not going to spend $$ on it. I'm now downloading Azada ancient magic, I believe it has a lot more potential

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Subway Scramble Icon
Subway Scramble: Simple but surprisingly fun and additive.
by Kenneth Olsen, USA - Apr 11th 2009

At first this game seems very simple and too easy, but keep playing a few more levels. You'll be amazed how challenging it can be to keep all those little trains from running into dead ends and each other. While still being fast enough to keep the stations from overflowing causing you to lose.

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Hacker Evolution Untold Icon
Hacker Evolution Untold
by Kenneth Olsen, USA - Apr 11th 2009

I found Hacker Evolution Untold to be a fun and interesting game. Those with any command line experience should not have difficulty learning the command console in the game. I've only had my first Mac for six months, so most of my experience with command consoles comes from Windows and DOS, but I quickly adjusted to the UNIX style command console in the game. Best tip I can offer is to read everything carefully. Some clues are obvious and some are not. General rule: If something looks even slightly out of place, incorrect, or inconsistent investigate it, as it may be a clue.

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Annie's Millions Icon
Interesting, but way, way too short
by Mette Hedin, USA - Apr 11th 2009

For a hidden object game, it feels a lot less "arbitrary", in that the items are in context in their locations (no finding televisions at the bottom of the ocean), and the running credit card total felt fresh. It seemed from the running total I had, like there would be a lot of time left in the game, only to find out after buying it that it only lasted about 10 minutes past the one hour free trial. In the middle of what felt like the beginnng of the game, the game took a story turn that felt like it arbitrarily ended.

In essence, while I liked it, it is very short, has hardly any replay value, and does not feel like it is worth $20 for the amount of time played.

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Youda Farmer Icon
Beautiful to look at, but difficult and quite frustrating
by John Hunter, England - Apr 11th 2009

This has to be one of the best games visually to look at I have seen from Macgamestore/Mac Games Arcade, the graphics and animation are beautiful and very well done. My biggest problem with the game though is the level of difficulty - I am on level 8 now and am totally stuck trying to fulfil 70 orders out of 75, I keep replaying over and over and very rarely get much more than 50 or so. At this level the game is well nigh impossible using the trackpad on my MacBook Pro, so have to connect a mouse when I play. This is probably just my playing ability, rather than a problem with the game itself, so despite the difficulty I'd still recommend it.

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High-quality RPG experience
by eric t, USA - Apr 11th 2009

I was really blown away by the quality and detail of both the gameplay and the story. If you head to best buy, you will see FATE as a boxed RPG game for the PC - so this is the real deal, complete with a 50+ page manual for gameplay. It really is a steal for $20.

FATE reminds me of neverwinter nights 2 - but in a light format. There's just a single town and 42 levels of dungeon to work through, so the plot is linear: a guy in town says, "go destroy this monster on level 20, I'll give you this enchanted item." There are LOTS of items to get. The levels are actually great for me - I can finish a dungeon level and quit the game, playing for an hour at a time and not feel like I'm cutting off my experience of the world.

Battle is real-time, like in diablo and other games of its ilk. Contrary to other reviews, I found the game easy - choose the "page" difficulty when you are creating your character.

I've been playing this game for about 25 hours and I'm halfway through the dungeon levels. So there's a lot of value in the purchase!

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Sally's Spa Icon
clickable, likable time management game
by eric t, USA - Apr 11th 2009

Sally's spa is a cute, engaging time management game.

Gameplay is essentially about clicking in the right places at the right time and in the right order, within a specific time limit. You will definitely want a trackball mouse or another pointer device that you can move very quickly across the display.

I downloaded the demo, thinking I'd probably find the game simple and not very interesting. (How engaging could it be to run a spa?) But I was pleasantly surprised and decided to lay out the $ to buy the game.

What separates sally's spa from others in the time management category is the graphics and sound. These are both high-quality, with fluid animation and a rich soundtrack that doesn't annoy or get in the way of gameplay. Download the demo and see for yourself. There's a tutorial and you can be playing in about 5 minutes.

There are something like 30 levels in the game and I have not yet hit all of them, but they do become increasingly complicated and difficult to beat with an "expert" or "perfect" score. Your reward is more money to spend in the spa, upgrading items and buying new ones.

You are moving spa customers through different services in the spa. Some want the steam room, others want facials, etc. And everybody gets impatient waiting - time is of the essence. Upgrades add additional complexity to the game. Buy a second massage table, for instance, and you can handle two customers at once. But then you're clicking a lot more to move customers between two tables instead of just one. I'd say there are somewhere around 20 such upgrades to be had.

In sum, four stars. One of the better time management games. I particularly enjoyed the build-a-lot series, and while this isn't as engaging as those were - sally's spa is more of a light touch - it is still satisfying to play.

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Burger Shop Icon
What a blast!!!
by Lisa Watson, USA - Apr 11th 2009

I do not spend a lot of time playing video games, but this game is so addicting! Great way to pass the time while waiting to board your plane. Well worth the money!!

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Farm Mania Icon
by ivy dingle, USA - Apr 9th 2009

This game is no different then the an other "Dash" games but still fun to play.

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Call of Atlantis Icon
Nothing new
by ivy dingle, USA - Apr 9th 2009

I just like the information about each city before the start of each level besides that its the same as the other match games.

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Azada Icon
Fun Puzzle game that has a point and click flair...
by Fred Wayne Cole Jr, USA - Apr 8th 2009

I had a good time with this puzzle/adventure game although it was short. I beat it in about 2-3 sittings. (I can definitely understand why some people would be upset by the price tag.) The graphics and sound are all spot-on. Azada has a good musical score. The controls are good although I found myself being penalized in the "puzzle rooms" for combining objects when I was merely trying to place them in the inventory screen. So when you're battling the clock that can get pretty irritating. The logic (and other) puzzles themselves are all relatively easy with a mild increase in difficulty as the game goes on. You can go back and play the puzzles you've beaten although there isn't much incentive to do so unless you truly love replaying puzzles you know the solution to. The so-called puzzle rooms are fun though, again, I found the penalty system slightly irritating. As an avid point and click gamer going back to the days of Sierra and Lucasarts it is counter-intuitive not to experiment with different objects. Thankfully the majority of the solutions are quite logical unlike some seek and find games I've played in the past. Azada is more than just a seek and find game though... I found it to be an interesting amalgam of a point and click adventure game, seek and find game, and logic puzzle game. Sort of a reductionistic version of Myst meets Mystery Case Files meets Professor Layton. All in all, I enjoyed this game and look forward to playing the sequel. I hope that the sequel will offer a little more in the point and click department.

I have noticed that some people have said that they cannot save their games. If you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player (v.10) you'll be fine. If you're not sure what version you have go to Adobe's website and check. Also, it's a free download. Make sure to install it before downloading Azada otherwise it's a touch more complicated to fix (but it is fixable). Check the Mac Game Forums online if you need more help. Keyword search: Azada Save Game Fix and click on the first hyperlink. : )

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Prince of Persia Icon
prince of persia
by kevin harwin, England - Apr 8th 2009

very good game but very very power hungry i cant get it to look as good as ps3 version on my 2.66 imac when other games i have looking for better than ps3 games.. dont think this is a very good cider port . mac games need to be ported properly not using cider

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Chocolatier 3: Decadence by Design Icon
Exciting global choc challenge
by Valentina, England - Apr 7th 2009

This game is very enjoyable simulation game. If you're a choc-a-holic or not! You get to create your own recipes (and work for them), you get to unlock different global ports and have to keep up rapports to open shops all with an underlying storyline... It challenges you on different skills and is not too difficult to take the fun away!

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Build-a-lot 2 Icon
Build and project manage
by Valentina, England - Apr 7th 2009

I enjoyed this. I haven't played the first one but thought the demo as quite addictive and 90 minutes just wasn't enough. You can kind of get the jist of the what's coming next with every level but this doesn't really take the fun away as you still have to work things out. It's not rocket science it's satisfying. Bring on version 3...

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4 Elements Icon
Enjoyed it until the end
by Christi Clogston, USA - Apr 7th 2009

This is a pretty Match-3 game. However, at the very end, there is a screen that I've found impossible to get through - the timing is such that you have to memorize a set of moves learned through dozens of trials. Not my cup of tea. I thought that sort of strategy went out with Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. Oh well. Never finished it.

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Be A King Icon
Don't bother
by David Allen, USA - Apr 7th 2009

If this game were free it might be OK. There are too many games out there like this with much better graphics, sound, and far more interesting game play.

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Emerald City Confidential Icon
Refreshingly Fun
by Fred Wayne Cole Jr, USA - Apr 7th 2009

I just finished Emerald City Confidential and I had a blast! It took me under 10 hours but I do not regret buying it at all. This game really takes me back to the heyday of point and click adventures. The puzzles are NOT overly difficult at all (there is a built in hint system for each puzzle that will ultimately reveals the answer if you get stuck) and while you won't find yourself combining items or combing over every screen looking for useful inventory pieces what you will find is well-written and executed dialog, interesting characters and a fun story with an interesting, twist ending. There is also an interesting magic system to this game that definitely adds some depth. I am not a huge fan of the Oz books or movie(s) but I still found myself getting wrapped up in the story and there were plenty of characters I recognized from my child. The funny thing is that I didnot even realize this was an Oz game... shows how little I know about the the Ozian Mythos.

If you are a fan of the old-school Sierra or Lucasarts point and click games, enjoy a funny story with some easy puzzles, or are a fan of Oz check out this game. Just do not go in expecting the depth of a Broken Sword, Monkey Island, Beneath a Steel Sky, Sam and Max, etc. (You'll still have fun!) I'm hoping for a sequel or something in the same vein.

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