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Endless Legend - Shadows DLC Icon
Even more fun.
by Torvanyr, Denmark - May 13th 2018

I've already gushed about how I love this game and feel that adding more can only be a good thing. Well, I personally have enjoyed this expansion even more than the Guardian expansion, which I loved, so there you go. Own Endless Legend? Get this right now.

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Home Sweet Home Icon
Potential not realized...
by LunaNik, USA - May 13th 2018

I expected more autonomy in my designs, rather than just choosing items that fit the customers' exact requests. I mean, why hire a designer when you know exactly what you want?

It became tedious paging through tons of similar items which lacked decent descriptions. And the inventory was rather unorganized. More logical categories would have helped; instead of multiple categories for decorative items, just "wall decor" and "floor decor" would be more intuitive. Also, I would have preferred to choose first the style, then the color. That would have provided more variety.

Lastly, there are a number of bugs. It froze up on me once. I couldn't click on one of my builders because he was behind a couch that hadn't yet been built. And the game kept telling me that curtains wouldn't fit over windows. Plus, it wouldn't play in fullscreen and the window was tiny.

This is definitely more of a time management game than an interior design game...and I would have liked the latter much better. As it stands, messing around with Sweet Home 3D is more fun.

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The Stroke of Midnight Collector's Edition Icon
Engaging and immersive...and different.
by LunaNik, USA - May 13th 2018

Quite engaging. It's a historical murder mystery involving a love triangle. Eva and Vlad are in love, but Vlad's parents arrange a marriage for him with Lydia. I won't mention who is murdered and how, though. That's up to you to discover.

It's technically a hidden object game with puzzles, but the game mechanics are different. There's no inventory; you collect items only as you need them. (Once you realize this, it explains why you can't pick up items you see...because it's not time to use them yet. A bit awkward. If you chance to pick up an item you don't yet need, right click to drop it.) HO scenes are basic lists that aren't difficult. Look to the mirrors for instructions on your next task; these frequently come in the form of poems or riddles that need to be figured out.

Stunning still graphics with lovely textures. There's not much animation except for when you navigate; you actually move through the environment, which is more realistic. Cutscenes are of the stop motion variety. (I had the volume down so I won't comment on the music, voiceovers, or sound effects.)

It's an extremely linear game. You have no choice regarding what to do next, but are guided from one task to the next. Even so, the challenge level is higher than most HO games being released today with their 30-second HO scenes and childish puzzles. This game requires neurons. It plays more like an old-school adventure game, really. And it's a beautifully immersive experience.

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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Platinum Icon
Just like org
by yamo, Canada - May 13th 2018

Roughly what I remember when I played it back then.

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Campfire Legends - The Hookman Icon
Short, but sweet...
by LunaNik, USA - May 11th 2018

You're off to meet your boyfriend at your family's cabin. When you arrive, he's not there...but someone else is. Excellent backstory about the origins of the Hookman legend, but I can't really say more without spoiling it.

This is more of an adventure game than a HO game. Gameplay consists of a series of logical tasks for which you generally need to find supplies. Each scene also includes at least one firefly; finding them earns you more hints. There are also some pretty good puzzles to solve.

Storyline = excellent
Gameplay = very good
Level of Challenge = good
Graphics/Animation = good
Sound/Music = very good

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RHEM 4: The Golden Fragments Icon
Mindbending puzzle adventure game...
by LunaNik, USA - May 11th 2018

You receive a black crystal and a note from Kales explaining why you must return to Rhem. When you arrive, Kales tells you your quest is to find nine golden fragments.

Fair Warning: This is game for experts in the adventure game genre. It's packed with exceedingly difficult puzzles. I recommend three things:
1. Be observant about your environment. Clues and puzzles are everywhere.
2. Take copious notes. The clues you find are frequently obscure, but the information is needed, so you have to figure out how to interpret it.
3. Make yourself a map. It's easy to get frustrated when you know where you need to go, but can't remember how to get there.

The puzzles are nearly always multi-layered in that several steps are required for the solution. Your path will, at times, be blocked until you discover how to open doors and gates, rotate bridges, and the like. This is NOT a "casual game," but one you'll be playing for days, possibly weeks.

Storyline = Minimal, but enough to give your tasks context.
Gameplay = Brilliant with lots of innovation.
Level of Challenge = Extremely difficult, but easier if you are observant, take notes, and draw a map. (The clues you'll find always lead logically to the solution. There's never an, "I don't get it" moment.)
Graphics/Animation = Fairly static and not overly detailed with some procedurally generated landscaping. However, I'd rather have awesome gameplay with bare bones graphics than lousy gameplay wrapped in state-of-the-art animation.
Sound/Music = Good, nicely ambient.

I recommend this game for adventure game fanatics, folks looking for a challenge, and puzzle lovers. I loved it and wish the previous episodes would be updated for modern computers.

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The Abbey Icon
Had potential...
by LunaNik, USA - May 11th 2018

...but waiting for the characters to walk to the next location was extremely annoying. It made me lose interest. If this game were upgraded with better navigation, it would be excellent.

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Book of Legends Icon
Pretty good for an older game...
by LunaNik, USA - May 11th 2018

Similar to The DaVinci Code, follow clues from one historical site to another to find Excalibur. To fund your journey, people will send you requests for items and photos at the sites you visit (HO scenes which are much more challenging than today's pro forma games). There's quite a lot of dialogue, but you can click through it as fast as you can read.
Storyline = 5 stars
Gameplay = 4 stars
Level of Challenge = 4 stars
Graphics/Animation = 3 stars (only because it's outdated in 2018)
Sound = 3 stars (a bit repetitive)

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Little Shop - Big City Icon
Challenging HO scenes...
by LunaNik, USA - May 11th 2018

Find items for customers in a variety of locations, including coffee shop, movie theater, park, gadget store, museum, and more. If you find all fifteen items before the timer runs out, you can go for the bonus item. (Note: The timer is quite generous, IMO, so don't feel overly rushed.)

Find the question marks in each scene to earn more hints. Each scene also includes collectibles: a sock monkey and five pigeons. At the end of each week, you'll be renovating the movie theater inside and out, choosing from three styles for each feature of the building.

Storyline = Ok. Just the minimal plot required to make sense of the gameplay.
Gameplay = Good, for a straight up HO game.
Graphics/Animation = Not bad, considering this is an older game.
Sound = Mixed. I turned the music off, but the game sounds were good.
Level of Challenge = Good. More challenging than today's parochial HO games.

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The Treasures of Mystery Island 2: The Gates of Fate Icon
Bizzarro e solo per divertirsi un po'
by Roberto Guarchi, Italy - May 10th 2018

All'inizio questo gioco (qui NON disponibile in italiano) mi ha lasciato perplesso, per la sua staticità e per la storia decisamente "bizzarra". Eppure mi sono abbastanza divertito a finirlo, affrontando con pazienza (e a piccole dosi...) la ricerca delle quattro tessere dal portale magico indispensabili per far uscire i protagonisti Alex e Lisa dalla brutta situazione in cui si sono trovati. In questo game occorre muoversi di propria iniziativa e concentrarsi per determinare la "mossa" successiva da compiere percorrendo avanti ed indietro le scene dei vari capitoli. In realtà la storia è solo un "pretesto" per affrontare una lunga serie di scene con oggetti nascosti e/o oggetti frammentati e tanti mini-giochi alcune volte semplici, altre volte impegnativi (ma c'è il tasto "salta"). Non aspettatevi altro, e scordatevi l'ottima qualità del gioco successivo dal titolo "The treasures of mystery island - La nave fantasma": qui siamo indietro anni luce (leggete la mia recensione su di esso)! Lo consiglio soltanto per divertirsi un po', e unicamente se lo trovate ad un prezzo super-scontato. Tre stelle, e a voi la decisione finale. Giocato con iMac OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan.

[At the beginning this game (here NOT available in Italian) left me perplexed, for its static and for the story decidedly "bizarre". And yet I am quite amused to finish it, patiently facing (and in small doses ...) the search for the four cards from the magic portal that are indispensable for getting the protagonists Alex and Lisa out of the bad situation in which they found themselves. In this game you need to move on your own initiative and concentrate to determine the next "move" to be made by going back and forth the scenes of the various chapters. In reality, the story is just a "pretext" to face a long series of scenes with hidden objects and / or fragmented objects and many mini-games sometimes simple, sometimes challenging (but there is the "skip" button). Do not expect anything else, and forget the excellent quality of the next game entitled "The treasures of mystery island": here we are light years back (read my review on it)! I recommend it only for a little fun, and only if you find it at a super-discounted price. Three stars, and the final decision is yours. Played with iMac OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan.]

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Crusader Kings II: Jade Dragon Icon
Minor expansion
by anabwana, Finland - May 9th 2018

Compared to the free patch, the content provided by this expansion (mainly interaction with China through a window) is not much and not necessarily worth the price.

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The Tiny Tale 2 Icon
Good simple game
by erinhoward28, Australia - May 9th 2018

I really enjoyed this game. It's not a very long one, but definitely a well spent $7.00!
I didn't have any glitches like the ones mentioned in previous reviews, game worked smoothly for me. The storyline is a bit childish, but the game mechanics are good if you like this style of game. The only thing I didn't like is that it seems to be one where you can't mess up (eg. you can't get stuck because you should have taken the other path) so it's not as puzzle-y as some.

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Kronville: Stolen Dreams Icon
Sogni, realtà e complessità
by Roberto Guarchi, Italy - May 8th 2018

Questo gioco presenta una storia complessa ed intrigante, in cui sogni e realtà si alternano in un percorso ricco di azione e sorprese. Nel ruolo di Astrid Missy, una psicologa infantile, si deve esplorare l'ambiente di Kronville e i mondi basati su diverse storie incentrate sui bambini (come Peter Pan e Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie), entrando ed uscendo dalla terra dei sogni. Durante questo viaggio si dovrà interagire con personaggi diversi, anche attraverso vere e proprie conversazioni: le risposte date potranno influenzare il flusso della trama. Immagini, filmati e colonna sonora sono di qualità, e merita di essere sottolineato il fatto che gli sviluppatori hanno proprio "giocato" con la cupezza e la luminosità delle diverse ambientazioni per trasmettere il senso complessivo dell'avventura. Le scene di oggetti nascosti sono presentate con tante azioni diverse da compiere e molte di queste scene vanno affrontare più volte, rendendo il gameplay particolarmente interessante. Puzzle e mini-giochi sono di diverso tipo e ne vengono proposti alcuni di livello decisamente impegnativo ma non impossibile. La mappa è presente ma non è di comodo accesso, mentre il diario è fin troppo ricco di annotazioni. Purtroppo il game è soltanto in inglese, ma è comunque sufficientemente giocabile in questa lingua. Certo, ci vorrebbe anche l'italiano, e per comprendere meglio la storia suggerisco di leggere prima le recensioni presenti in rete. Lo consiglio, soprattutto se lo trovate ad un prezzo scontato. Giocato con iMac OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan.

[This game presents a complex and intriguing story, in which dreams and reality alternate in a path full of action and surprises. In the role of Astrid Missy, a child psychologist, one must explore the Kronville environment and the worlds based on different stories centered on children (like Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland), entering and exiting the land of dreams. During this trip you will have to interact with different characters, even through real conversations: the answers given will influence the flow of the plot. Images, movies and soundtrack are of quality, and it is worth underlining the fact that the developers have just "played" with the gloom and brightness of the different settings to convey the overall sense of adventure. Hidden object scenes are presented with many different actions to be performed and many of these scenes have to be faced several times, making the gameplay particularly interesting. Puzzles and mini-games are of different types and are proposed some very challenging but not impossible. The map is present but not easily accessible, while the diary is too full of annotations. Unfortunately, the game is only in English, but is still sufficiently playable in this language. Of course, it would also take Italian, and to better understand the story I suggest you first read the reviews on the net. I recommend it, especially if you find it at a discounted price. Played with iMac OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan.]

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Borderlands 2 Complete Edition Icon
Borderlands 2 GOTY (Gamestore Version)
by radiusRAY, USA - May 8th 2018

This Game of the Year version has all what Steam Store is offering PLUS all the HEADHUNTER(s) MISSION PLUS all the ULTIMATE VAULT HUNTER(s) UPGRADE.
The only thing this Bundle is missing are the 30 PACKS (@$0.99 each) of them SKIN/STYLE/CUSTOMIZATION
GET IT NOW (of course, if this Bundle is at least on 75%off SALE...)!!

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Kathy Rain Icon
Kathy Rain!
by Walt Kerouac, Faroe Islands - May 8th 2018

Definitely one of the best adventure games I've played lately. It's set in the 90s and has a lot of heart and atmosphere with well-written characters. Not a lot of backtracking and no insanely illogical puzzles where you just have to keep trying till you happen upon some random solution. Good game, recommended.

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Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet Edition Icon
Interesting take on WWII
by João Costa, Portugal - May 6th 2018

I feel there are 2 features this game has nailed very well. Alternate history and the production of WWII.
Alternate history makes the several playthroughs unpredictable which leads to a lot of replayability. From france going comunist to WWII starting because of a civil war in india, a lot of variety to it.
The way production is handled also makes the game very satisfying since your army will only have the resources you produced in the years towards the war.

While the game is very good it has 1 mechancs that need revamping. The naval part of the game currently doesn't work very well and it is extremely unclear if your fleet is winning or losing and if it is "helping" the war effort. Due to being a paradox game i ahve the hope that paradox will update this feature in the future.

While you can play with any country in the world, the base game offers a few countries with unique mechanics: France, UK, USA, Poland, Germany, USSR, Italy and Japan.
IMO those are the most fun countries to play with however if you feel you need more content you can always look at DLC which adds further countries that while small in nature are (relatively) relevant for the war, such as Yugoslavia, Romania, RAJ, china(s),etc.

IMO this game is worth buying for anyone that likes strategy games and WWII.

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Hearts of Iron IV: Colonel Edition Icon
A good game
by CJshark, USA - May 5th 2018

This is the first installment of the Hearts Of Iron series i've played, but I can tell it's the best one.

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Hearts of Iron IV: Death or Dishonor Icon
It's alright
by Magnus H., Denmark - May 4th 2018

It's alright, you should get it if you play Hearts of Iron IV a lot already.
The amount of content can't really be justified by the price, but it's a steal on sale!

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Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Icon
Become A Jedi!
by Froggie, USA - May 4th 2018

This game is fun, you start out as a Palawan and hone in your skills. Combat can be tricky but not impossible. Various force powers to upgrade; both light and dark side skills. Lightsaber is customizable - you can choose different colors and hilt designs. Gameplay is straight forward, but there's not any official gamepad support. However, using Steam Big Picture mode I was able to map my DS4 controller to the keyboard controls. Works, but sometimes buggy. Graphics show it's age, but still it's a fun game.

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Nearly perfect
by Lexkun, Germany - May 3rd 2018

I don't regret even one cent spent on this game. The battles are fun and moderate challenging. Sometimes a lucky cockpit hit by the enemies shatters my whole confidence and breaks my formations but that's my own fault. Some minor patching would be nice but it runs well regardless.

Needs the Warhammer mech though...

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