Reviews by Andres Sanchez

Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger Icon
HoI4's Great Leap Forward
by Andres Sanchez, Spain - Mar 15th 2018

Waking the Tiger is the best expansion for HoI4 (so far), and in a similar way like others (Stellaris' Utopia) it basically deepens the new features added in the free patch. Esencially, more decisions and commanders management (more options for traits and special actions). It also includes new national focuses for Chinese actors and Japan (which improve dramatically a WWII theatre which was not working well in former iterations, like Sino-Japanese war). It also includes some alternative history options for Germany, which are fun to play. In conclusion, Waking the Tiger is a great leap forward -pun intentended ;)- for Hearts of Iron 4.

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Stellaris: Apocalypse Icon
Stellaris 2.0
by Andres Sanchez, Spain - Mar 7th 2018

First thing to say about Apocalypse is that it's an optional expansion. The most important changes and improvements that Stellaris has received are for free (included in 2.0 patch). This expansion improves mid and late game, allowing you the use of massive destruction weapons (hello, Death Star) and an ultimate class of spaceships (Titans). And it adds an interesting new actor to the game (Marauders) that plays like Hordes you can interact with (bribing them to avoid their razings, or directing them against your rivals). So... not essential but quite interesting.

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Crusader Kings II: Jade Dragon Icon
A situational expansion for CKII
by Andres Sanchez, Spain - Feb 15th 2018

It's not a bad adittion to CKII but like some others only useful playing certain characters. Or, like this time, a certain location: the "far" East of the map. You've got now a powerful neighbour (Chinese Emperor), with its own agenda -more expansionist or isolationist- which, in addition to its internal/external status, will decide how you can interact with China and more importantly... How China will interact with you! (Invasions won't be easy to defeat).

Not as good as some of the last CKII expansions, fine if you want to try something different, specially in addition to other ones like Horse Lords.

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Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization Icon
A sub-par EU4 expansion
by Andres Sanchez, Spain - Dec 4th 2017

According to its general features, Cradle of Civilization is one of the weakest EU4 expansions but it improves greatly the gameplay as a muslim country.

Regarding its general features, army professionalism, though interesting, it's not as decisive as it seemed when presented; I don't think it'll make a standing army better than the extensive use of mercenaries (which I suppose it was one of the objectives). I find better the trade policies included, which boost the role of your merchants helping your spionage, your military, etc. I like also the "exploit development" feature, which allows you to save a manpower or money crisis impoverishing one of your provinces.

When Cradle of Civilization shines is when you're playing in Middle-East and/or as a muslim country. Lot of content and great government changes, specially in Ottomans, Mamluks and Timurids.

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Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn Story Pack Icon
How to make cool building a robotic empire in Stellaris
by Andres Sanchez, Spain - Oct 30th 2017

Synthetic Dawn is what you could expect from a Stellaris DLC. It's all about robots: they're now a playable species with their own features (quite distinctive), new event chains about them added and new graphics and music included. Not a revolutionary expansion but quite interesting if you want a new approach to Stellaris.

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