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7 Gates: The Path To Zamolxes Icon
No challenge
by zoomball, USA - Apr 9th 2019

Graphics are very nice, but there is relly no challenge to the game. As there is no time limit to the screens you can take as long as you want to solve them. So? You are just killing time. The hexagon nature of the game was a novel touch, but once you figured that out.... Duh.

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Atlantic Quest Icon
Way too easy
by zoomball, USA - Oct 14th 2018

Played all the way through this in a few hours. No challenge at the higher levels. Perhaps OK for people who are just starting t play match 3 games.

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Luxor HD Icon
Crash crash crash
by zoomball, USA - Mar 26th 2013

And not only does it crash a lot, but say it crashes while playing level 13-4. Even thought I have saved the game at 13-3, before proceeding to 13-4, after the crash I am back at 13-1. Tacky tacky. Also, the scorekeeping is screwed up in the "practice" mode. It does not keep track of your highest score. Finally, when you move the shooter to the far right corner, it acts like a "hot corner" and pauses the game. So if you can deal with all of these frustrations, go ahead and buy it. Otherwise, nada.

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