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Reviews by Carina Rabelo

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED


For all those who are Nancy Drew lovers, as me, this is the biggest dissapontment of all times!!! Terrible game! There is no logic at the puzzles... they are really boring. Everything is about letters and numbers whithout any creative path. You have to guess everything. It`s caotic. Is not impossible to finish the game whithout walkthroughs. It lacks all kind of intelligent deduction, tipical from other Nancy Drew games! The graphs are really poor. Lost my time and money. I cant really understand how someone can be able to create something so stupid.

by Carina Rabelo, Brazil - Dec 29th 2017
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The Raven Remastered Deluxe


I would like to congratulate Nordic Games for such a perfect masterpiece! Wonderful script, graphs, challenges and puzzles. I would play the whole saga if available. One of the few really good games ever made!

by Carina Rabelo, Brazil - Dec 28th 2017
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Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister

Very boring!!!!

All you have to do in the whole game is to catch mices!!! No special development on he story. The characters are terribly anoying and nothing different happens. It was the worst game I ever played of Nancy Drew`s saga.

by Carina Rabelo, Brazil - Jul 30th 2016
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