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Elementary My Dear Majesty! Icon
Different and kind of cute
by AnneLS, USA - May 20th 2015

This is not your usual hidden object game. The graphics are more stylized, not photographs and the story is fairly tongue in cheek, with sly jabs at every stereotype cartoon you can think of. The puzzles are very easy - geared to a younger crowd, but it is a fun little game for a couple of hours of light entertainment. I would definitely look at something by this crew again.

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The Secret of Margrave Manor Icon
Better than initial appearances
by AnneLS, USA - Dec 2nd 2014

The good: the game has more variety than I initially expected and the item placement is well thought out to make this challenging. It also has generous hints and no time limits so you can choose your own limits, rather than becoming frustrated.

The not-so-good: the setting and pictures are a bit dark and depressing and the story is a bit predictable - not horribly so, but enough that you are not really surprised at the end.

Overall, I enjoyed it and found it could be played more than once, especially if you let some time lapse between games.

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Chuzzle Icon
Highly addictive
by AnneLS, USA - Nov 30th 2014

Think Lew Zealand and his muppaphone, if you are old enough to remember that. This game is fun and funny, it keeps you thinking fast and just thoroughly engages.

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The Tiny Bang Story Icon
Interesting and challenging
by AnneLS, USA - Oct 31st 2014

This is a fun one for multiple ages. In addition to the basic game of finding the jigsaw puzzle pieces and then putting them together, it has a variety of mini-puzzles you have to work your way through. These include a jigsaw puzzle, logic puzzles and a couple of games reminiscent of the old-style DOS computer games that can be frustrating at first because they demand much more patience than modern computer games. Get it for the kids, then play it yourself when they have gone to bed!

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Jewel Quest Mysteries 2: Trail of the Midnight Heart Icon
Can't even play the demo
by AnneLS, USA - Jun 9th 2014

I downloaded the demo and it immediately says I have 0 minutes when I know I have never seen these screens before. I suspect that when I previously downloaded the demo and it froze, it continued counting down the 60 minutes. Not worth the risk.

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Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star Icon
Painfully slow response
by AnneLS, USA - Jun 8th 2014

I have bought other Jewel Quest games and have to give this one a pass. The jewel matching is so slow that you wait and wait between activity. It is especially annoying when the clock is ticking down and you can't finish a board because you have been sitting clicking on the last match while the game laboriously drops jewels from the top. I want to play a game for fun, not watch in bored frustration.

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Ancient Quest of Saqqarah Icon
Loved this game but...
by AnneLS, USA - May 18th 2014

I downloaded the demo and really enjoyed playing this. The graphics were great and the games interesting. However, the system load from the game was so great that my fairly new Macbook started heating up almost immediately. After 30 minutes of the demo, I had to shut it down and let my laptop cool off. Given the loading issue, I won't be buying this game, but would love to take a look again if they solve that problem.

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Elizabeth Find M.D. Diagnosis Mystery Icon
Not that great
by AnneLS, USA - May 5th 2014

The story itself might have been good (I only did the demo), but the game had several somewhat annoying problems:

1 - the hidden object puzzles relied on slightly out of perspective and odd cut-and-paste pictures.
2 - objects to be found were sometimes described with non-standard names
3 - some objects on the list were named incorrectly when there was an actual object with the correct name in the picture, for example, the "flute" in the classroom was along a table leg, but the game did not accept that, it wanted a recorder (which is not the same thing).

If you do try it, make sure to go to the options menu and turn the music off during the audio hidden object sections. It would have been better if it was turned off automatically during that round.

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