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Real Estate Empire

Waste of Money

I thought this was a great idea for someone that likes to play games like Build-A-Lot, etc. but I was wrong. You don't move up levels, so basically all you can sell are trailer's, you are never able to sell the higher priced homes, and at some point the game just arbitrarily stops and says "You have come in 2nd" or "You have won". Apparently there is a time limit, but I wouldn't know what that limit is, and it definitely isn't long enough to allow someone to build up the capital to move out of the trailer park homes.

I also had a lot of problems with installing and playing this game. I couldn't select any of the menu's for it, such as "File", and I had problems opening it.

Generally I feel that this game was a waste of money.

by Alison Faiella, USA - May 2nd 2008
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Travelogue 360 Paris


I loved this game. This is from the same creators of Mystery Case Files, so if you love the MCF games then you will love this one. There are quite a few differences between this and MCF though.

First the places that you vist are not flat rooms. You can swivel 360 degrees around as well as up and down. It almost makes you feel like you are really in Paris, checking out the Eiffel Tower.

Second you can zoom in. This was a great feature, because the rooms have more depth and so things that are hidden in the back of the room are easier to find once you zoom in. The zoom feature also allows you to see more details in the palces that you visit, like the texture of the stone floor, or the color of the flowers in a tapestry.

Lastly the hints work differently in this game. You have to surf the room once you hit the hint button and it will let you know when you are getting closer to the object. Once you use a hint it has to recharge before you can use it again.

The only complaint I had with this game, and I have the same complaint with MCF, is that sometimes it asks you for an object and there are multiples of that object in the room but it will only let you choose the one. For instance in one of the rooms it asked for a fish, and I clicked on a fish that was mounted on a plaque. It wouldn't accept that, and it doesn't give you grace clicks like MCF so time is instantly taken off the clock. There was another fish in the room, but I think they should better clarify that.

Other than that I highly recommend this game. I really enjoyed it.

by Alison Faiella, USA - Mar 30th 2007
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Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst

Not like the others....

I loved the quirky sense of humor of both MCF: Huntsville and Prime Suspects, Ravenhearst is missing that sense of humor. Instead of finding individual suspects you are finding passages to a diary to uncover the secrets of Ravenhearst Manor. The diary passages, although entertaining, aren't nearly as fun to read as the profiles of the suspects.

I didn't find this game as challenging as the others, because I felt that I was given too many hints and too much time (but this could be that I have just become more aware of how they hide things). On average you have to find around 45 objects and have 30 mins to do so. You also get five clues.

What I did really like about this game that the other two didn't have, although we saw a brief glimpse of it in Prime Suspects, is that each level has a puzzle that is kind of like a Rube Goldberg device and you have to figure out how it works. If you can't figure it out then you can opt out and five minutes is deducted from your time limit. This is usually where I use most of my hints, because the puzzles can be very difficult to figure out. For example one of the elements might be that you have figure out the order of a combination of 3 numbers, each with a range of 0-9, so the combo could be 123 or 234, etc.

Once you have found all the clues you have to put together a jigsaw puzzle to get the diary entry. If you are into jigsaw puzzles then great. If you aren't it isn't that difficult and doesn't take too long, so it isn't completely boring.

The graphics are just as amazing as in Huntsville and Prime Suspects, and the soundtrack is pretty much the same.
I do enjoy this game, but I hope they bring back that sense of humor for the next one.

by Alison Faiella, USA - Mar 27th 2007
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Virtual Villagers


For those that want instant gratification, this is not the game for you. This game takes forever, even on 2x faster. I keep feeling like I am missing something, that I need to be doing something more, but after reading message boards I know that I am doing everything right. I am intrigued by this game and uncovering the different milestones, but I think the slow game play will diminish my interest.

by Alison Faiella, USA - Mar 19th 2007
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