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The Secret Order: New Horizon Icon
Liked it
by schnooz, USA - Jun 15th 2013

I liked it. It isn't the most fabulous Hidden Object game of all time, but I did enjoy it.

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The Great Unknown: Houdini's Castle Icon
What an Escapade
by schnooz, USA - May 25th 2013

I really liked this game. Finally something new in the hidden object genre. The graphics were well done and I enjoyed it thoroughly. You really have to think as to where you could go next. I found myself backtracking over and over until I realized I had missed a place where I could turn and find something new. There was quite a bit of backtracking back and forth to find one tiny item that did you no good, and that was a tad frustrating, but I enjoyed it much more than I have any other in a long time. It was something NEW. Not the same old company with the same old graphics with the same old crows flying here and there. And there was not one red eyed cloaked man to be had!

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Road to India Icon
by schnooz, USA - May 9th 2013

The most horrible game I've ever encountered. I think it was made in India by a telephone tech support person while he was sitting on the street dropping customer calls! Do not waste your money! Get a top and some string. You will be more amused.

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