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The Best COD there is....
by szer, Philippines - May 8th 2016

Definitely the only Call of Duty you ever need to play in my opinion, great gunplay, a gripping and blockbuster story, that actually gives you interest. Of course, Multiplayer that is so phenemonal that even now, the original servers for this game are still up and definitely has a good online community. To tell you how good Call of Duty 4 is, Activision hasn't changed their game engine since Call of Duty, Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3, these games use the exact same engine as Cod 4 only with slight differences, this is how good this game is!!

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BioShock Infinite Icon
Shocker its to the Top with Bioshock!!
by szer, Philippines - May 8th 2016

The final game in the Bioshock Trilogy to have its story written by Ken Levin, the game wraps up the story with a great ending, summing up the entirety of the series. Having great gameplay, and of course bad guys you WANT TO KILL you will have a blast murderizing all of them with your vigors (plasmids) and guns, they are all Flyin' Racists!! Don't forget to pick up Burial at Sea Parts 1 and 2, as alongside Bioshock Infinite and the other 2 games, you need to play this DLC if you want the full story experience. Chronologically Speaking, your best experience in terms of the story would be:
1. Bioshock
2. Bioshock 2
3. Bioshock Infinite
4. Bioshock: Burial at Sea Part 1
5. Bioshock: Burial at Sea Part 2
Have fun, and hope if a sequel comes by that its story will be good.

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The Walking Dead: Season 2 Icon
The Walking Dead Season 2
by szer, Philippines - Aug 21st 2014

I actually would have to say when most games or moves make a success of a first in a series the sequel always has to be a greater improvement than the previous one. Season 2 began the series where we left off in season one, and i must honestly say that clementine has grown up so quickly, from the little girl who once cowered behind others, now stands tall, and independent. I honestly believed the series reached it's great starting point in episode one, even though it is quite slow, you should sit down and brace yourself for another great game series. I rate this game a 4/5 stars, but really I would rate season 2 an 8-9 out of 10, of course the scoring might change when the final episode comes out.

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Empire: Total War™ - Gold Edition Icon
Empire: Total War
by szer, Philippines - Jul 17th 2013

This game is something you would enjoy with realistic turn-based strategy tactics, quite realistic combat maneuvers, including a very awesome ai system that will challenging and is quite tough in the beginning, but keep playing, because it is worth it.

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