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Scrabble Classic


I had Scrabble for my old system and played it a lot as a break or while waiting for revisions. With OSX, I got the "Deluxe" version on CD from another company and HATED it! You had to have the CD in and it took over your screen and was too flashy.

The dictionary and hint functions in this version are easy to use, intuitive and much better (and more up to date) than the high priced verson from elsewhere.

If you're looking for a flashy game with lots of (useless) bells and whistles this may not be for you. But if you're interested in just enjoying a basic game of Scrabble this is the answer.

This version is perfect for me. I play against the computer so networking doesn't interest me. I like being able to pause it, do something else and come back to play on the next break. I've already gotten well more than my money's worth in enjoyment.

by Jeanena Spencer, USA - Jul 26th 2007
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