Reviews by daisyborat

Foreign Legion : Buckets of Blood

For specif type of gamer

Graphics 4/10
sounds 5/10
lenght of play 2/10 (beat it in 20 minutes)

Seems just like a time killer produced for ipad and then converted to desk top. I however, dont have time to kill at my desktop and thus its not that fun for me. When im out and about or waiting on a plane, then i enjoy these mindless killers. For 3-6 bucks it would be something i would really like for my ipad, or iphone, but for anything over 2 dollars i dont see the point.

Now if i had a kid age 6-13 they may find it fun to just shoot shoot shoot shoot with minimal skill, and for that i would pay 5-10 for, but honestly, just download a game like this one often for free on your ipad or iphone, not really worth it in my opinion on a desk top.

by daisyborat, USA - Jan 3rd 2014
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Two Worlds II Castle Defense


As a tower defense this is a 5/5 game. It adds some cool themes and options to the stadnard tower defense games. A bit annoying at times, being that many levels require a specific type of build or builds to make it, not a lot of freedom to complete the levels. Often, i dont even use mages and the like, just gaurdians with beefed up healers in back, sort of basic and boring, beign that mages cost the same as the warriors but have less life and do the same Damage??? seems like they didnt think some of it thres.

colors 8/10
originality 9/10
sounds and music 7/10
stability and not freezing up 8/10

by daisyborat, USA - Jan 1st 2014
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Bridge Project

Great plan, needs work

The graphics and animation 6/10
the colors 7/10
the ability to easily mouse around and select items 3/10, constant miss clicks and drags, super annoying.

Have to teach yourself the game, not only what it wants and how to use things but also how it rates things. I have a friend who is a structural engineer and he played it, found it fun, but got annoyed that often bridges would have joints fail and there was absoulutley no way to fix it. If the game says the bridge isnt perfect you have NO WAY TO make it perfect, try and try and try all sorts of ideas and you will often still get 2-10 broken joints.

Not very user friendly, would have been awesome in the late 90's but by todays standards its just ok. a good time waster, but plan to get frustrated.

by daisyborat, USA - Jan 1st 2014
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Strike Suit Zero


Ok, this thing crashes and hangs up nearly every level, often 2-3 times per level, so not really acceptable any any shape or form for any amount.

The controls are great other than in strike suit, the vertical up and down are not existent, so you have to switch back to plane mode to get control.

the "special" added parts to misson have no counter, or are highlighted in another color, the maps are huge, so much action, missles,noises and the ability to orient yourself any direction make it nearly impossible to complete the main objectives and get the bonus objectives even on normal level. I play lots of games and i found myself incredibly frustrated with this game.

the animation is really cool, the colors are great, the music is awesome, but constant fights to figure out what where when and how make it hard to enjoy, then the constant crashes and freezes, whats the point.

by daisyborat, USA - Jan 1st 2014
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Serious Sam 3: BFE

Eh, rip off, repetative

The story isnt very original, basically just a rip off of Duke nukem
Guns arent that orignal or cool
Monsters are generic
Game play is constant, run shoot, run shoot, go go gog go, not much skill once you learn the pattern.
graphics are 3/10
sounds 8/10
smooth play 6/10
music 7/10
Just a whole lot of the same, if you are looking for a time killer this is it. Lay back, shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot, the map takes you where to go, not much skill or thinking, just a mouse in a maze shooting a gun. Buy Duke Nukem, its a much better original game.

Originally gave this game a 2, now its a 1 after completing it. This game is pathetic, it is just hours of hours of hours and so on of shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot, its pathetic. The landscapes are not that big, you jsut fight the same area over and over as wave after wave of mosnters come from nowhere, its pathetic, only beat it so i could say i did, not because it was engaging or fun.

by daisyborat, USA - Jan 1st 2014
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Leviathan: Warships

EH, its ok

Game works fine, but has some stupid things. Cant run fleet in groups, literally have to select every ship every turn, its nice to do so in heated battles, but overall it would be nice to have a fleet movement option where you move them as a group.

length of play is 4/10, beat the game way to quickly.
weapons 5/10, not a lot of options and to many restricions, didnt feel i could build a ship how i wanted.

overall not bad, but needs some fixes to be more enjoyable. Would have gotten 4 stars had it had some more levels and took longer to beat.

by daisyborat, USA - Jan 1st 2014
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Battle Fleet

For free its great,

I played it a little, but its super slow. For me and i would say most people its not a game you would go to play. Great for a plane ride, sitting in the train station, etc etc, but not a game you come home and say you want to play.

I got it for free with the purchase of another game. I would say its worth a try and worth 5-8 dollars at most, dont pay more than that, get Leviathon war ships over this. Worth havign around, but dont spend much on it, and dont expect much. Just a good solid time killer.

by daisyborat, USA - Jan 1st 2014
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iBomber Defence Pacific

4.5, almost a 5

#1 issue, this was obviosly designed for touch screens. They didnt tone down the size of buttons and scroll areas for the computer, so trying to do finite, quick in battle changes, upgrades, turret selection, etc is a HUGE pain, gets annoying real fast when you accidently sell, or miss click, or miss upgrade, etc etc.

#2 I like how hard it is, and only getting the rewind is a cool feature, but i hate when you get to level 28/30 and screw up, rewind and try again then mayble level 29 another issue comes up and you ruin your perfect score. You now have to play all 28 levels again, wish it had an evey 10 levels, or half way threw say 15 of 30 or 12 of 24 for example save point.

Other than those two things its really fun. WAY better than the others ive played, cool options that allow you to play YOUR WAY, you can get specialized weapons and make combos for how you want to defend, makes it more personal. I like the varied levels, the guys who come out and hide in the bushes and attack your towers, lots of new and creative things, expecially the COUNTER Attack where you go back and defend a level you have played but in a different way, makes for much longer game play without monotony.

Almost a 5, just those two issues, Its basic, but they spruced it up and made it more creative than a standard tower defens.

by daisyborat, USA - Dec 31st 2013
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Nuclear Dawn

TYPICAL FAIL over lazyness

Could be so much more, but fails big time.
constant in game window freezes, constant game bugs that freeze screen, or sound or game and force you to quit entirley.

has some cool features, fairly good graphics and sound, but the constant lag, freezing, etc is just rediculous and makes this game nearly unplayable. Played for 3 hours and had to quit or game quit on me 5 times. Just a sad statment of game producers, get a game out even if it doesnt work, do some great advertising and promotional videos and pocket money from people who buy a broken product. IF this game worked it coudl easily be a 4 or 5.

by daisyborat, USA - Dec 16th 2013
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Building the Great Wall of China Collector's Edition

Few issues

Gliches out every 15 miutes or so, colors fade in, screen is blurry, pixels, etc.

Length of play 9/10, lots of levels
variety of play 6/10. Lots of the same old from start to finish
Ease of learning to play 9/10

Value, i think i paid 5 bucks for it and its well worth it. I use it to de stress at end of the day, not a real brain buster. Likely a great game for 8-15 year olds. A bit childish, and repetative, but good way to vedge. Not worth more than 7-10 dollars, and does need a few fixes. See it for less than 10 bucks i would say buy it, what you see is what you get on this one, and its not to bad.

by daisyborat, USA - Dec 6th 2013
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Spec Ops: The Line

ALMOST A 5, 4.5

Music, 9/10. Honestly, loved the sound track, old up beat music as your running and gunning, super fun

graphics 8/10. could have been cleaned up a little

guns, 8/10, mostly realistic but not enough recoil also you shouldnt be able to run full speed with a SAW as you do with a pistol

story 9/10, original and engaging, want to know what happens next

voice acting 9/10, realistic for the most part, intense, natural, not childish or cliche, done very well.

game realism, 5/10. come on, why would guys charge a machine gun turret, this isnt ww2 bonzia tactics. Or why when you open up on a roof top with a copter gun do the guys stand up and shoot, or why when you put a burts into a COBRA copter at 20 yards does it not go down, they are not heavily armored and small arms fire woudl bring it down so a door gun should turn it to swiss cheese. Or why does the squad not move in staggared formation, they just walk in a bunch, even basic grunts wouldnt do that.

Could have been a 5.0 game easily, if they had made it a bit more realistic. I would say all in all this is a 20-25 dollar game, i enjoyed it and i havent tried the multiplayer yet. a few hangs, and glitches, but nothing to major, i cnat wait till the next one.

Just tried the multiplayer and co-op, huge fail. 4 attempts over 2 days and noone is on for either. SUCH A HUGE LET DOWN, it looks really fun and the co-op missions seem cool, but nobody plays it apparently, super LAME. NOT A 4.5, multiplayer is a 0/5

by daisyborat, USA - Nov 23rd 2013
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Supreme Commander 2

For kids in the mid 90s

Movies 3/10
voice acting 4/10, audible but childish and corny,
actor drawings 5/10, poorly animated, cartoonish
unit definition 2/10, cant tell what the hell the unit is unless you zoom all the way in
sound 9/10
music 7/10
character development 2/10. cheesy, cliche, predictable.

Basically, great game for 10$, but dont count on being challenged or sucked in. A good time waster, would have loved this from 8-4 in the 90's, but now its a relic in my opinion. Dont spend more than 10-15$. Also, freezes and crashes often, lots of glitches, still playable but draws you out of the game

by daisyborat, USA - Nov 21st 2013
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The Few

MAN, it could be so great

It has a great theme, has the clasic strategy and amazing TOWER defense going for it. However, its just the same same same, nothing to add on, no mods, no improvments, just wave after wave of wave of planes, build planes, trian pilots fight, over and over and over. I understand it has to be difficult or whats the point, but by the time you survive to day 6-7 you are so bored with doing the same thing over and over. No improvements for planes, no improvments for bases, to easy to loose pilots, garuntee you will loos almost entire squad even if they are experienced and you auto resolve, its just not fun after that much of the same. It could have been so much more, even for ten bucks its just to repetative. not to mention silly, if i send 8 fighters against 4 bombers, how is it even possible to loose 4 fighters, its just silly, bombers with no support are sitting ducks even for crappy pilots.

Also, tons of bugs, glitches, freezes, hangs, etc. Im done with it after just 3 days and i doubt i will go back unless they have the bugs fixed and other repetative break ups installed. Dont waste your money, for the entertainment its worth 3-5 dollars.

Also, had download, update, and install errors constantly, dont pay more than 5$

by daisyborat, USA - Nov 19th 2013
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Brothers in Arms: Double Time

Great foundation, no house

It is obviosly designed by a first time strategy company. To easy to miss click and send guys running rather than to direct fire. The area at which you select fire or advance is so big that it often overlaps and you cant give finite orders. Takes more time to figure out the quirks than any thing else. Try riding a tank and givign orders and it will make you go nuts. No one runs out of bullets, they let you sight people and shoot at them, but often even at point blank range you cant kill them, forcing you to use your squad commands which are hard to use, so its a constand luck thing to advance the game. Bullets dont show on walls, explosinons dont kill enemy very easy, and a bunch of "find the crate" to kill enemy tanks, like hey germans just left huge piles of munitions laying around for you to use against the tank. I figure if an area is over run the tank would blow those crates up to survive. Lots of glitches, i did play it all the way threw but just to say i beat it, by the last 1/2 of the game it was boring. DO a whole lot of the same with a hard to use interface.

Why the hell cant you go to the map view and give commands, any commander would have some idea of the battlefield, no, you have to see the place to click to send your units, so if the glitchy commands dont work you cant do very easy flanking missions. I would say they just rushed it out, wasnt to bad but not worth more than 10 bucks, and likely a great game for 15 and younger.

by daisyborat, USA - Nov 19th 2013
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Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition


Hey, if the game has a million combinations of weapons that makes up for DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AND OVER. It just a wholel lot of the same, and playing interactive is a joke. You have to download a seperate program and good luck finding anyone to play with. It was good blast them enjoyement for a while, but nothing to write home to mom about and deffinitely not worth more than 15 bucks.

Good for 8-15 year olds or people who act liek them, just no story, nothing to get into, just mindless hunt shoot, quests, shoot, run around, drive around same same same.

by daisyborat, USA - Nov 19th 2013
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Batman: Arkham Asylum

FOr the right person

Its as dumb as the comics and movies.

I wont kill him, but i will swing down and double leg kick him likely cracking his ribs and breaking his back.

I wont shoot him, i will hit him in the face with a steel toe boot.

Just completely unrealistic story line, i thought i could get use to it but it just is hard to swallow if your older than 9 years old.

Graphics 7/10
story 3/10
ease of play 8/10
enviorment/ landscape 7/10
uniqueness 3/10
voices 8/10
Dialogue 2/10

Not worth more than 10-15 bucks in my opinion. Played 1/2 and got bored and annoyyed with the childishness. Hey its batmans amazing car lets attack it, ow, it hurts us, lets attack it more. Buy it for an 8 year old

by daisyborat, USA - Nov 19th 2013
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Battlestations: Pacific

Not to bad

voice acting 8/10
water animation 7/10
sound effects 9/10
character faces 6/10
machine animation 7/10
flying realism 7/10

I didnt like the fact that the machine guns dont run out of ammo, in real life you had 10-15 seconds worth of bursts in a fighter plane and thats it. Overall the game is pretty good, would have enjoyed it more had i owned a joystick, but still playable with a mouse. I would say this game is worth 15-20 dollars no problem.

by daisyborat, USA - Jun 10th 2013
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DiRT 2


I bought this game a while back, enjoyed it quite a bit. It gets a 4/5 for two main reasons. The first is the terrible tire to ground animation, the game draws you in and is so realistic but the minute you look at the tires it looks like a crappy internet animation, the tires dont bite, or bend, or spin properly, they just look super 100% fake. The second issue is the fact you cant make the cars the way you want. You get all this kiddy stickers and body mods, but your not actually buying tires, shocks, engines, etc. I would have loved to upgrade the car, spend money, tweak it, worry about fuel consumpiton, weight, torque, etc. But instead you get stickers and paint jobs, super childish. If they had just put a little more effort into this game it would have easily been a 10/10

by daisyborat, USA - Jun 10th 2013
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Empire: Total War™ - Gold Edition

Fairly good, enjoyable.

Intro movie -8/10 Got me excited and made me want to play
Rain Animation -6/10
Drawings -7/10
Character Anim. -6/10
Battle control -8/10 Faily good but hard to get the characters where you want them when you want them there.. Only becomes issue when in a 1-1 ratio, evenly balanced fight when control becomes the key factor to winning. I feel they could have made the characters a bit more intelligent, easier to control, and easier to tell what is what on the field.

originality -7/10
Sounds -7/10 A lot of the guns, ships, etc sound the same, needs more variety
Length of play 7/10, lots of add ons and other missions, but the main game isnt that long

Buy it on sale, it isnt worth 40 bucks. 30 dollars its a solid game, under 30 you definitley need to buy it, under 20 you are nuts to not give it a try. Thanks for reading.

by daisyborat, USA - May 6th 2013
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Blades of Time Limited Edition

EH, its ok

Its ok, the animation is good, the graphics are great, the story and challenges are childish, the controls are akward, set up to much for an x-box or playstation. Whole lots of button clicking is what it seems like to me. The girl is super sexy, thats a plus. Not to bad of a game, just not up my alley, doesnt take much brains, the game just leads you threw what it wants you to do, each battle is nearly the same and you have to fight it very specifically, just not that creative or original, i give it a 3/5, i wouldt pay much more than 20 bucks for this game in my opinion.

by daisyborat, USA - Apr 6th 2013
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