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Awesome Twist on Traditional Shooters

I downloaded and played the demo on my iMac 17" 2.0 Core2Duo with a gig of ram, and it was awesome! Graphics are fabulous and the gameplay is great! The story line is pretty intriguing as well. Sound is great! I love the Native American twist on the music when you go into "spirit mode" during the out of body experience. In fact, I love the way the game incorporates some characteristics not previously found in FPS games. Great concept for a game.

I will warn you that the language is pretty offensive, but the nice thing is that you can turn the profanity off in the game options. That is a great bonus considering that I have a 6 year old in my home and I don't want him hearing the "F" word in every scene when I'm playing. Not to mention the fact that I hate foul language myself. All in all, if the full game is as good as the demo, then I think this could rival some of the mainline FPS games on the market. I think this will be a homerun based on what I have seen thus far.

by Martin Graham, USA - May 9th 2007
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