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Great Game but crashes
by Artistic_JC, Canada - Dec 2nd 2012

I don't know what R.N is going on about. The controlls are fine. Always clicking might be what the problem is. The curser turns into a sword icon for enemies that can be attacked, than you click ONCE, than when the sword turns in to a flame you click again and complete combos. There are different styles, strong, fast, group. If you click to quickly, you stop, if you click to late you stop. Its a timing thing. All is explained in first 20 mins of the game.

The game itsself is great, characters, voice acting, atomspher and story are all very enjoyable. And for $10 its a steal. The only issue I have, and is the reason i don't give it a full 5 star. Is the crashing. Game crashes a lot. Best way to avoid, is save often, I save every 15 mins or so, or anytime a key moment happens, or before or after i go through doors through loading screens. Seems to be the main cause of crashes. But once you log back in it seems to work just fine

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Almost has good at the first
by Artistic_JC, Canada - Nov 29th 2011

I loved the first game. It was in one of those bundle buys and didn't know what to expect but I would have paid full price easy. So when I heard a 2nd was coming I was excited. And after playing and finishing I would have to say I wasn't disappointed. Sure its not as good as the first. But far from being a bad game. Loved it almost as much. Hope to see a 3rd :)

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Good ol Duke
by Artistic_JC, Canada - Aug 20th 2011

I know people bashed this game like crazy when it came out. But I am really enjoying it. Its basically what I would have expected from a Duke Nukem game. Game doesn't push graphics or innovation but not all games need to. Game is just fun. And some of the one liners are hella funny. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to just have fun and not have a game taken to seriously.

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Torchlight Icon
Very Fun!!!
by Artistic_JC, Canada - Jul 23rd 2010

I bought this game awhile ago and must say it was a lot of fun. It's no Diablo, but helped get my fix out of the way. and for only $19.95, its well worth the price.

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Machinarium Icon
by Artistic_JC, Canada - May 9th 2010

I finally picked up this game after sometime wanting to buy it. Loved the demo. Some people might find it over priced, I don't. Game is amazing in its own way. The music, art, atmosphere, and story just make it a pleasure to play. And the puzzles can be very challenging at times. I think this is a very recommended buy. Not much out there like this.

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Hoyle Card Games 2009 Icon
Nice elements
by Artistic_JC, Canada - Feb 11th 2009

OK as in the first post I would have to agree with some. Sucks that there are less games but the new additions to backgrounds is nice and the over all feel. If you have neither 2008 or 2009 i'd go with 2008 do to the fact it has more games and options. But the really great thing about the 2009 is the online feature. I've already met some nice people have being playing card games with them on a daily bases. I'd recommend both.

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