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Superb game, work great on Intel Mac!

I really like to play strategy games especially RTS type tactical games. Thisone is not the newest (on the PC available for several years) has 2D isometrical graphics combined with some 3D models (like vehicles etc.) and you can set the resolutions to your needs. Before I forget: you can play it fullscreen or in a window.

What I really like about this game:

- highly detailed graphics
- great sound effects and music
- various backgrounds
- really amazing missions
- mod system

As soon as you run the game be sure, to play true the tutorials. With + and - keys, you can slow or speed up the gameplay, with F5 you can quicksave, with F8 you can load the last save game, there is also a Spacebar for Pause.

I am using it on a Mac mini 2009 with Geforce 9400 and 4 GB RAM. Works flawlessly.

by Peter Orban, Slovenia - Sep 8th 2009
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