Reviews by Udo Matzinger

Phantasmat: Curse of the Mist


I like the Phantasmat series but this one ist pretty short and the ending is not fulfilling at all.

by Udo Matzinger, Germany - Apr 7th 2019
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Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials Collector's Edition

Good game with technical problems

I like the game, it has a very good story and beautiful art work. But there are major problems in the code handling all actions with menus, inventory, hint system etc. (but not in the game scenes themselves, eg. the hidden object puzzles): very often I have to click 2 to 4 times on an interface element to trigger the linked action, e.g. entering the journal.

This is so annoying that in destroys the immersion in the games story completely.

by Udo Matzinger, Germany - Nov 26th 2012
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Theatre of the Absurd

Beautiful Graphics

Great Graphics but game is a little too short.

by Udo Matzinger, Germany - Sep 17th 2012
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