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Mac Games For Japan Relief Bundle Icon
These are good games!!!
by Karen Connelly, USA - Mar 20th 2011

This is an excellent way to donate to the ravaged Northeastern part of Japan, while receiving games that don't freeze up in the Arcade. I was not aware of some of these games, even though they are from good companies. There is something for everyone and you don't have to feel guilty about sitting in a warm room playing them, while others are homeless and freezing. Thank you MacGameStore. You are so generous when others aren't. Bravo!

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Rasputin's Curse Icon
Nothing really new here...
by Karen Connelly, USA - Jul 2nd 2010

This is your typical seek and find, puzzle game oriented towards female players. At least this game has taken some historical characters (Rasputin and the Russian royalty that he served). The game was overall very easy except for the extra small clues, which made squinting a must for me to see them. The music was dramatic and Russian sounding and the overall look was like an old, silent movie (The Battleship Potemkin?). I especially liked one of the short side games where knowing world geography was essential. Not a great hidden object game, but certainly not the worst.

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Cooking Quest Icon
Cute Game-Poor Graphics
by Karen Connelly, USA - Dec 6th 2008

This game was interesting enough for a hidden object game but, with my 1440X900 iMac display, it really looked washed out. Too bad, I was starting to like it but my eyes started hurting...hidden object games shouldn't look like a complete blur!

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Fairies Icon
Gorgeous, Relaxing Game
by Karen Connelly, USA - Nov 28th 2008

I discovered this game several years ago and found the graphics, music and sound effects to be well above average. It's a different take on matching games, as you can move both vertically and horizontally by pushing and pulling the lines of "bottled" fairies. Not much of a challenge but, nevertheless, a very soothing distraction after a stressful day.

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Diamond Detective Icon
Almost impossible to break higher levels-
by Karen Connelly, USA - Nov 8th 2008

I've had this game for several years and have not been able to break the "Chief" level. It's an engaging game with good sound effects and music. Besides making chains and scoring points, the detective side of the game is actually the most fun. By using clues, crimes are solved. I just wish I could get unstuck!

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Scrapbook Paige Icon
Fun way to de-stress
by Karen Connelly, USA - Nov 4th 2008

Although this is a relatively easy seek and find game, I give it props for having one of the most upbeat, happy, jazzy and retro music score. It's a delightful way to spend time without stress or constrained time limits. The use of riddles for clues and a magnifying glass to locate items adds to the fun. This is a game I probably will buy. The 60 minute demo left me wanting more!

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