Reviews by Patrica Liebe

12 Labours of Hercules VII: Fleecing the Fleece Collector's Edition Icon
The Best Yet
by Patrica Liebe, Australia - May 15th 2017

Yet another episode of 12 Labours Hercules Adventures. A few new features and all the old favourites e.g.. finding the elusive puzzle piece. Winning the 3 gold stars is somewhat difficult on some levels but if you preservere you get there in the end. Some diffrent Characters to add to the mix. Love this game. I will wait very happily for the new adventure.

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Rescue Team 7: Collector's Edition Icon
Wonderful Game
by Patrica Liebe, Australia - May 10th 2017

This 7th version of Rescue Team Games series is a delight to play. It has some new features which make is a challenge but that is what I like as I try to get the 3 Gold Stars. Love the sky lift that rescues the people and of course the rescue dogs. The Guide is a great help as well.

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Farmington Tales Icon
Farming Tales
by Patrica Liebe, Australia - Jan 26th 2014

Bought the game as I had played the secound game in the series Farmington Tales The Winter Crop. On the first run through the game I got up to the part in the game where you harvest the bell pepper and the game quit. Tried again and the same thing happened. I found the game a bit tedious and the goals for improving your farm(Quest, Puzzles etc.) boring and annoying. to improve your farm is very expensive i.e..A dog house for over 2,000aprox. I am om my third run through trying to get to the end. the game was a bit expensive not the $6.99 game that is the usual.
All I can say really is be prepared.

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Jewel Match 3 Icon
Jewel Match 3
by Patrica Liebe, Australia - Sep 6th 2011

A Beautiful Game with all the coloured gems and jewel coloured flowers. Some of the levels can seem to go on a loop if you don't follow the arrows properly but all in all a great game to keep one amused for many hours.

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