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Wandering Willows

non violent adventure!

A very light game that doesn't include any timing - so you an play at your own pace. No violence or death - the game involves collecting parts of food, clothing or flower bouquet recipes; Or items such as rocks, gems or other parts for friendly folks on the island to make gadgets, or for you to repair your own hot air balloon and eventually get home. I recommend it for someone looking for a light escape without too much mental work involved, and most definately for your grade school age kids. Although it is easy, it does have various levels of tasks that build, and the game feels like it always has a little more to explore. Can keep a child entertained for many many hours.

A cute animal stays with you to help you dig things up from the ground, climb trees for fruits and nuts, or 'charm' other animals into giving you additional items. Sometimes an animal will give you an egg that you can incubate at the stable, and then switch out to that more interesting, stronger or simply cuter animal.

Click on the people on the island to find out what they want, and bring it to them to build friendship points and get something in return (more money for your adventures, recipes for more items, or parts for your balloon repair). The navigation mechanism is sometimes seems a little clumsy (the screen moves only and every time your character moves, so you can't click or move around just to look around, if that makes any sense) And the multiple clicking of the characters that is sometimes needed is a little annoying.

This game is super easy, not strategic (no "real" puzzles to solve) but somehow it was still a ton of fun just to click around, explore, collect and deliver items. I would guess over 20 hours of entertainment at least to fulfill the key "puzzles" (to repair your balloon) but you can spend additional time by taking your time and exploring around, making extra recipes and flower arrangements to up your friendship levels, etc.

Non violent gameplay - you build and create rather than destry or compete. I noticed after a while, even all the recipes you are making are vegetarian! Good for children maybe ages 6 through 11 though the younger ones might need a little hlep, or for someone like me (an adult who sometimes wants a break from shooting and from thinking too hard) Probably a perfect game to play WITH your young child - they can do all the clicking and never really mess up, and you can point out helpful ideas and you will also enjoy it for quite a while.

by ladawna howard, USA - Jun 1st 2009
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Be A King

Not quite enough...

After doing the very easy to follow tutorial the game is entertaining and easy but my main issue with it is the lack of creativity allowed by the player. The game is NOT an open board where you can create a town or city. Instead, it is a series of short scenarios where you have to meet a particular set of objectives (like to reach a certain population or money point, and build some specific buildings) There is not a lot of room for player strategy or creativity. There is just about one way to win a scenario, that's it, you are off to the next screen. I completed all scenarios in about a half day of playing and now there is nothing left to do. If you are looking for a Sim City or Ceasar type game, this is not it. If you are very new to these types of games and want a one day introduction, you might enjoy this.

by ladawna howard, USA - Apr 20th 2009
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