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Age of Mythology

Good game, i enjoyed it, and still do

i have had this game for 2 months, and i must say, this game is amazing, it was much better then age of empires 3, and works on more computers.... microsoft did a amazing job on this game.

by Ann Deane, USA - Apr 9th 2007
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Age of Empires III

Amazing, thrilling, creative

Age of Empires 3 is a great game and has a basic story line taking you through 3 ages of fun and adventure. even when you beat the game you still can play in skirmish mode and play as the: turks, spanish, dutch, russian, england, french ect... the only bad part of this game is that it takes 64 VRAM to run and most people may have this but some people only have 32 (you should check under system profiler what your VRAM is). but if you had a chance between age of empires 3 and some other game you should chose this one!

this review was made by: carter logger

by Ann Deane, USA - Jan 20th 2007
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